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Moon Pride in a redrawn 90′s version. That’s very impressive! I can’t imagine redrawing all of those frames all by yourself, holy crap.


If there’s one thing i loved since i loved since i was a kids it’s magical girls (and of course as you can see magical boys)


Let 2016 be remembered as the gayest year in anime history.

(Click on images for titles.)

Disclaimer: I recognize some of these are much better and more sensitively written than others (some may even be considered queerbaiting depending on who you ask), but I still feel it’s important to include them as they still represent a gradual progressive change within the industry. I tried to avoid including anything too overtly offensive. Also, Gakuen Handsome is mostly there for the lolz.)

Edit: I see that a lot of people are treating this as a recommendation list, so I thought it’d be useful to provide notes and warnings on the LGBT content in each show (as some are definitely better than others). Enjoy.

Edit 9/17/2017: It did not occur to me that people were having this misconception, but the Beppu twins are there because they like a completely different character, not each other. I would not have included them at all if that were the case.