Something bright for summer. Was supposed to wear this to the neon-themed Status anniversary party last night but something came up and I had to miss it. Sucks for me! Anyway the shirt (which I turned into a tank top) was designed by AJ Dimarucot. I’m a big fan of his work! So cool that I got to wear one of his designs! Check his works here.

What I’m wearing: windup robot shirt (Googoo & Gaga), cap (SM Accessories), skull necklace (Antler Accessories), cargo pants (SM Department Store), little america rucksack (Herschel Supply & Co.), watch (Everlast), socks (Topman), khyke boots (Boxfresh). Hype this on lookbook here.

Windup robot shirt turned into a tank top from Googoo & Gaga. The “all over” look of each design is achieved by using sublimation printing technology. No two products are exactly alike. Not only is each print unique but this process also produces a super-soft piece of wearable art. How cool is that!

Skull necklace from Antler

Little America rucksack from Herschel Supply & Co

Grey matte watch from Everlast

Congratulations to the 100 #TeeCulture #TeeGram winners and to the 20 special awardees! 👌✌😄🙌🙌 Check out all the winning photos in this album: THANK YOU to all who shared their #TeeCulture style with us! We are very very happy and grateful! To all winners, please wait for our e-mail on how to claim your big big prizes! #smyouthuniversity #youthfashion #youthstyle #smbtw #thesmstore #tees

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I dont really like wearing a lot of color but since it’s summer, I tried incorporating the military trend to color blocking which is a pretty big trend right now.

Had a blast shopping at SM Boys’ Teens Wear Department cuz the clothes look super dapper and they’re really affordable! You can even buy a shirt for only 89 pesos! Thank you SM! You really got it all haha

SM Boys’ Teens Wear Department will also be launching their contest very soon! It’ll be in form of a Facebook app & one of the requirements in joining the contest is to take a photo of yourself wearing at least two (2) SM Boys’ Teens Wear merchandise purchased within the promo period. Prizes are awesome! I’ll let you guys know when the app is ready. Have fun and goodluck! 

What I’m wearing: olive tank top (P149), brown cargo pants (P1299), “M" cap (P199), black wayfarers (P149) black/brown studded leather bracelets (Php49) & blue high socks (P139),  all from SM Boys Teens Wear Department!

Follow SM Boys’ Teens Wear Department on Twitter and Facebook. Have a great summer! 

Summer Tropica

Not a big fan of shorts (especially the short-shorts for guys lol) but it’s just too damn hot in Manila right now so forgive me if I’d be posting a lot of shorts + flip-flops combo starting today haha. Hype this on here.

Anyway, the SM Boys’ Teens Wear Pose, Post, Win contest is up! The promo is open to all dapper male residents of the Philippines aged 13-24 years old. To join, customers should purchase items from the SM Boys’ Teens Wear Department. The promo period is from April 20 till’ May 25. Interested individuals must style and take a picture of themselves wearing said item(s) bought from SM Boys’ Teens Wear. Contestants must submit their pictures to the Post, Post, Win app button found in the SM Boys’ Teens Wear Department Facebook page here. Weekly winners will get Php5,000 worth of shopping at SM and the grand prize winner will get Php10,000! Make sure you keep your receipts and ask your friends to vote for your look! Goodluck!

What I’m wearing: brown tank top (SM Boys’ Teens Wear Department), green shorts (SM Boys’ Teens Wear Department), hippie bracelets (SM Accessories),flannel used as a wraparound (21 Men), aviator shades (21 Men), flip-flops (Havaianas) crossbone necklace (OS).

P.S. I’m so glad I survived finals week! Hands down the most challenging term in my college life haha. Will be on blog leave for a week ‘cause I’ll be in Boracay! Will be back on May 1! Enjoy your summer! 

Back to being a student! I have two exhibits, thesis and a paper to finish for marketing class, all due/happening this week (plus work-related meetings in between). Can’t wait for summer vacation and do nothing! Wore something chill today. What do you think?

What I’m wearing: tie-dye shirt (Coco Republic), cargo pants (SM Department Store), blue rucksack (SM Accessories), shades (Topman), feather necklace (Crave More), yellow watch (SM Accessories), yellow socks (Topman), brown boots (Forever 21 Men). Hype this on lookbook here.

Tie-dye shirt from Coco Republic.

Feather necklace from Crave More.