Hey, remember that time I drew a whole graphic novel about swing-dancing lesbian vampires?  As part of my master’s thesis, no less?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately asking where to find Smbitten (the book I drew before As the Crow Flies.)  It’s been out of print and off-and-on various websites for a while now, making it a tough li'l book to track down in its entirety.  I’m happy to announce, though, it’s now available as a pdf for anybody who wants to read it!

What you’ll get: all 105 full-color pages, plus a fancy new cover I drew for it, as a readable pdf.

What you’ll pay: whatever you want!  This is an older work of mine, and I decided I wanted to keep it accessible to as many folks as possible.  So: if you’re a person of few means and just want to read it, awesome!  You can download it for free.  Alternately, if you have means to spare and want to donate a couple bucks to my colored pencil fund as a thank you, also awesome!  The amount you enter is entirely up to you.

Here’s the Gumroad link!  Happy reading, you queer babes you!

[image description: a page from a graphic novel that looks like it is drawn in amazing detail with pencil crayons. It has four panels. The first panel shows a person with light skin wearing a dress and pearls. They are sitting at a table with their head resting on arm, looking dejected. The next panel shows a person with dark skin wearing a short black dress sitting next to them. This person says “Now here’s a girl who wants to be out on the dance floor, if I’ve ever seen one. Why you sitting here lookin’ all lonesome?” The first person looks surprised. The third panel shows them responding sadly “My fiance doesn’t like to lead. In the last panel, the second person says "You musta misheard me. I asked why you ain’t dancing.” End description.]

A page from Smbitten: a graphic novel/webcomic about lesbians, and swing dancing, and vampires, and fancy hats by Melanie Gillman. Check it out here.

Happy 2013!  Here’s Lacey and Violet from my old swing-dancing lesbian vampire comic to ring in the new year for you.

2013 is shaping up to be an awesome year!  I’m going to have comics published in Queerotica and Sleep of Reason, both of which I am crazyexcited about, I’m going to start teaching my first-ever class as an adjunct professor in the illustration department at RMCAD, and assuming I don’t keel over before then, I’m gonna knock out another 100 pages of As the Crow FliesAnd a gay ol’ time will be had by all.

Best wishes, tumblfriends!