smaugs eye

ok but why did the company have their instruments in the beginning of the journey anyway, were they planning on serenading smaug to death


she walks in starlight in another world

fucking misty eye of the mountain below

you had one job

to keep fucking careful watch

was it such a big deal that the sky might have been filled with fire and smoke

one job, misty eye

to keep watching over Durin’s sons

you stupid eye

one job

Zodiac Signs as Dragons
  • Aries: Purple eyes, topaz scales, specks of red on claws and mouth, friendly, skilled at hunting, cocky personality, hypnotising gaze.
  • Taurus: Orange eyes and auburn scales, feather-like scales, skilled at claiming territory, violent, 6 claws on each hand, rigid, ungraceful movements, sticks to colder climates.
  • Gemini: Grey eyes, transparent skin, very long and lanky, skilled at flying great distances, spiked horns extend from torso, hundreds of small razor sharp teeth.
  • Cancer: Small midnight blue eyes, flecks of gold in them, feathered crest, plum purple body, patches of yellow down its spine, sinister smile, deceptive personality, griffin-like.
  • Leo: Black eyes, full white body, bioluminescent, rare species, stick to the shadows and caves, can survive colder temperatures, hot weather is fatal.
  • Virgo: Large grey eyes, elongated spiked tail, obsidian black torso and head, stomach glows red when breathing fire, large wingspan, skilled at flying, rows of long teeth, sinister grin.
  • Libra: Skeletal frame, unpredictable, yellow glow in the dark eyes, variations of blue on the head, tail and torso. Long, thing, whipping tail, skilled at unseen movement.
  • Scorpio: Green dragon, red almond shape eyes, long neck and legs, thick tail shimmers in the moonlight, skilled at tracking, sticks to forests, solitary
  • Sagittarius: Slitted golden eyes, blood red body, patches of blue, red and orange on the tail, claw-like hooks on wings, skilled at graceful landings.
  • Capricorn: Round pupil-less pink eyes, grey body, flecks of blue and purple splattered on tail, long talons, spiked crest, spine and legs, rare species, skilled at ambushing.
  • Aquarius: Blind, wingless, skilled at running, has a keen sense of smell and hearing, best out of all the dragons at hunting, metallic, shimmering scales.
  • Pisces: Green eye and blue eye, Small fine thorns covering skin, skilled at defence, short muscular limbs, constantly sneers, is contemptuous.

She’s a keeper!

Had fun coloring Bog for the first time! Just a fun thing I did to pass the time today. Also I lent Strange Magic to a friend and she returned it today and I watched it again and just had to draw some Bog King.

Be careful bog, you snagged yourself a feisty one ;D

Eye study of Lee Pace’s gorgeous but bushy eyes > < This is quite similar to my Tom Hiddleston study in which I put two opposing characters together and sort of let the drawing speak for itself. I like how this one shows the complexity of the two rulers he has to play, both of which are fiercely protective of their roots and are willing to fight to preserve it. Even their eyes are dark with a hidden power behind it; they are inhuman beings of immense abilities. The only stark difference is of course Thranduil is tired by war whereas Ronin has an insatiable appetite for blood and death. I could go definitely go on and on but I thought Lee Pace did an excellent job on those two vastly different but very similar characters. And of course Lee Pace’s eye in the middle because he is a polar opposite from the characters he play; look at how relaxed his brows are > < Oh and can I please gush on how the skin around Ronan’s eyes look like stars? And I realised I spelt his name wrong T T

Because Richard Armitage

When he cheats….

When he cheats again…

When he plays like a kid…

Showing off his purple socks…

That panda hat…

That suit… (and that smile)

And that beard…

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