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the signs as 2013 hobbit fanfiction tropes
  • Aries: unreasonably angry/stubborn/misogynistic thorin
  • Taurus: ponies get lost in the river scene
  • Gemini: post-Carrock bathing scene
  • Cancer: overly detailed description of the Arkenstone
  • Leo: Dain is evil for some reason
  • Virgo: putting all the lyrics to the songs
  • Libra: the OC is conveniently short enough to walk around bag end with no problem
  • Scorpio: unnecessary comment about bombur's weight
  • Sagittarius: the OC shoots an arrow into smaug's eye
  • Capricorn: making Bilbo female just to make Bagginshield a het ship
  • Aquarius: the title contains "An Unexpected _____"
  • Pisces: constantly referring to Thorin as "the king under the mountain," "the dwarf king," "the king in exile," etc
Spelling Fights

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Word Count: 1,816

Authors: Deka & Ale

Warning: None, just fluffiness

Pairing: Benedict Cumberbatch x Wife!Reader

Summary: The little fight between an American and a British couple

Credits to this video for the awesome interview:

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Thorin x Dragonborn! Reader

Summary: As you could probably tell this is a crossover type one-shot where you are the Dragonborn from Skyrim, where there is a link between Smaug and the World Eater. This takes place when the dwarves are in Erebor trying to fight Smaug and also where you reveal your secret. This is set in an AU and I hope you enjoy it. :) 

Warnings: Little bit of violence 

Characters: Thorin, Smaug, The Company

Word Count: 1,267

“Thorin we’ll never make it.” Ballin exclaimed softly. You watched as Thorin looked over you all, regarding each of you in silence for a long minute, although it felt as if his gaze lingered on you the most before he finally spoke.

“Some of us might, we will lead him to the forges and we will kill that dammed dragon!” He proclaimed his tone showcasing both his determination and willingness to die fighting. “If this is to end in fire we will all burn together.” The others and Bilbo nodded vigorously in agreement their King’s speech renewing their strength and courage. You stepped forward before placing your hand on Thorin’s shoulder; he was the dwarf you loved even if he was unaware of it of course you were with him. He turned to you and (E/c) met blue your gazes locked for a fleeting moment before you removed your hand and spoke.

“We need to get moving so that all of us make it.”  You steeled yourself for what was to come and for the moment where you might have to reveal your secret in order for you to protect your friends. As you took after Thorin, Bilbo and Ballin you heard Smaug’s menacing voice say maliciously. “That’s right flee! Flee even though there is nowhere for you to go!” As he made his way towards the four of you climbing quickly over the bridges that lay in his path.

“Hey Dragon! Over here!” Came the voices of Ori, Dori and Bombur successfully diverting Smaug’s attention as he turned and started towards them instead. This gave Thorin, Bilbo, Ballin a chance to make a run for the hall ahead of you. You however remained on the bridge arm reaching for the sword wrapped in cloth on your back, the sword you hadn’t used since Alduin’s demise on your own continent of Tamriel. Thorin noticed your position on the bridge yelled across to you.

“(Y/n) what are you thinking! Get over here.” You could hear the worry in his voice clear as day which despite the situation made you smile a little, it showed he at least cared for you if only as friend. He made a move to come out to you but your next words stopped him in his tracks for a moment.

“Thorin get Bilbo and Ballin to the forges, I promise I’ll meet you there I need to distract Smaug from Bifur and Gloin.” You hollered back as your hand grabbed the hilt of your sword the Dragonsbane from the cloth in your back and pulled it out holding it out in front of you in your right hand at the ready in a stance you hadn’t taken up since reaching middle earth, under the impression of course that Thorin for once would listen to someone. Oh How wrong you were, Thorin bolted back down the bridge grabbing your tensed arm that had Dragonsbane raised and at the ready. The one word he spoke resounding about the treasury his strong voice and the echo making it seem all that more powerful.

“No.” you sighed and turned to him and simply said softly.

“Well then I hope you won’t hold what I’m about to do against me.” As you placed your free hand atop the one on your sword arm looking at him waiting for his reaction. He breathed deeply before he took his other hand and squeezed the one resting on his and said softly but surely “I trust you (Y/n)” your heart soared at his words as you nodded at him before opening you mouth to speak.

“Hey Slug!” You yelled mockingly. The scaly head turned to face you pausing in his bought of trying to burn Bifur and Gloin who were hiding in a large enough crevice in the mountain.

“What did you call me!” He snarled angrily as began to furiously once more make his way towards you and Thorin.

“Durin and the nine divines help me” you mumbled quickly which did not go unheard by Thorin, his sharp intake of breath confirmed that. Closing your eyes and allowing the teachings of the Greybeards and Paarthurnax come flooding back to you and speaking words you hadn’t used in what felt like an age. “Fus Ro Dah!” The thu’um left your mouth and a powerful unrelenting force propelled Smaug backwards much to his and Thorin’s shock.

“How do you know that tongue girl?” Smaug demanded his eyes wide as realisation hit him. “You can’t be one of them!” He roared, your reply was a smirk gracing your features as he snarled in rage. “Alduin-” He began.

“Alduin is dead, slain by my hand!” You declared cutting the dragon off as you glared at the beast. “As you soon will be.” You told him defiantly any warnings Gandalf had given you regarding using your thu’um in middle earth flew out of your mind as hot white fiery determination seeped into your bones. “Wuld Nah Kest!” you shouted as your whirlwind sprint shout sent you surging forward not giving Smaug or Thorin time to react you were on Smaug’s head and plunging Dragonsbane through his head.

“But how” Smaug gargled struggling to breathe as his life force left him, “My skin is impenetrable” His disbelief evident in his tone.

“Not to the blade of the Dragonborn” You told him contempt lacing your voice. You watched as the last light finally left his eyes and the dragon Smaug was no more. You sighed in relief and waited for the familiar feeling of absorbing a dragon’s soul to envelop and just as it started you heard your name.

“(Y/n)! (Y/n)!” Thorin called your name in concern as the light of Smaug’s soul covered your body. You smiled at his concern your heart fluttering.

“It’s alright Thorin I’m Dragonborn this is a part of my job, I’m just absorbing his soul.” You responded casually as Ballin and Bilbo joined him on the bridge, you felt yourself sway slightly. “Well Gandalf wasn’t kidding when he said shouting here would drain me faster than in Tamriel.” You muttered to yourself as you felt your eyes grow heavy and the last thing you saw was Thorin’s face twisted in worry and fear as he rushed towards you and then it all went black.

You next woke to the feel of someone squeezing your left hand and a soft voice almost whimpering brokenly say. “Please (Y/n) pull through, you can’t leave me not yet I still need you… I love you.” As you slowly became more aware you recognise the voice to be that of Thorin’s.

“Thorin?” You croak. “Is what you say true.” Your voice is barely a whisper and for a moment you don’t think he’s heard you until you open your eyes and see him smiling softly down at you. He gently places a hand behind your head and raises it up to his and presses your foreheads together.

“Aye it is.” He tells you earnestly you smile back eyes twinkling.

“I’m glad” You say tearfully. “As I have loved you forever and a day” As you finally bring your lips to meet his in a soft passionate kiss. This quickly turned steamy when Thorin gently laid you back down onto floor and straddled you. Your hands went up into his hair as he parted from the kiss and began kissing down your neck. Then you heard the sound of a something clattering to the ground and the familiar voice of Nori yelling.

“Alright pay up lads I told you they’d start making out when she woke up!”  


she walks in starlight in another world

ok but why did the company have their instruments in the beginning of the journey anyway, were they planning on serenading smaug to death


Human SmaugLock drawing by brilcrist

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Human!Smaug x Reader


Word Count: 2,430 :*

Notes: Completed request for inner-storm :). Human!Smaug is so beautiful, like why is that not a thing? This is a little different from what I usually do, but I had fun writing it. :) I hope you guys enjoy it. <3

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Eye study of Lee Pace’s gorgeous but bushy eyes > < This is quite similar to my Tom Hiddleston study in which I put two opposing characters together and sort of let the drawing speak for itself. I like how this one shows the complexity of the two rulers he has to play, both of which are fiercely protective of their roots and are willing to fight to preserve it. Even their eyes are dark with a hidden power behind it; they are inhuman beings of immense abilities. The only stark difference is of course Thranduil is tired by war whereas Ronin has an insatiable appetite for blood and death. I could go definitely go on and on but I thought Lee Pace did an excellent job on those two vastly different but very similar characters. And of course Lee Pace’s eye in the middle because he is a polar opposite from the characters he play; look at how relaxed his brows are > < Oh and can I please gush on how the skin around Ronan’s eyes look like stars? And I realised I spelt his name wrong T T