smaug the dragon

anonymous asked:

You mentioned cosplay, can we see maybe one at least? Please :D

This is primarily an art blog, but since you asked nicely ^^ Also just URL inspiration too I suppose. If you havn’t picked it up, I REALLY love dragons.

Thus why I drew out, made and wore my own version of human Smaug, cause he is majestic as frick. Thanks to Leyla Heylen for the photo!


there and back again…

Leo: *bad Smaug impression* I am fire. I am… death. *blows fire*

Hazel: Leo! Stop. You’re going to scare Frank.

Leo: Come on… I’m just playing. *blows more fire*

Hazel: Leo, stop it! It’s not funny.

Leo: It’s just-


Leo: *laughs nervously* F-F-Frank… W-what a beautiful Smaug you make. So realistic!