Here we stand
Front row of the battle line
This is our time

front  row  of  a  BATTLELINE ★ WTNV ★

Seizure Warning!

Artist Credits: (Contains links to all art used. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE!)

lmpandora x || smashleyart x || vasheren x || ShiniVasyenka x || asutori x x || artseke x x || zenamiarts x x || qwertyprophecy x || bakalucjan x x || jenndrawsthings x || foxboros x || we-have-effing-time-traveled-yes x || folizzle x || nimsley x || nikipaprika x || monstersanosa x ||

I went to Faeriworlds over the weekend and when I heard Brian and Wendy Froud were going to be there, naturally I had to draw something for them. They’ve been a huge inspiration to me ever since I was a kid and really shaped the artist I am today, so I wanted to do something to pay tribute to them. They seemed to have liked it, and it was so lovely and fulfilling to meet them!

P.S. Labyrinth is my favorite movie.

Inktober Bonus: The Sanderson Sisters

Made this to be an exclusive holographic print for Kumoricon 2016. So if you’re going to be there, come by and snag one because I only made a limited amount! Happy Halloween, everyone!