smashing hopes and dreams

The Price of Privilege - Part 4 (A Kyungsoo Series)

Genre: Angst / Smut (18+) / Romance / Arranged Marriage / Royalty AU

Characters: Kyungsoo X You

Description: The time has come to marry the man your family has selected to take your hand. As royalty these important matters are arranged for you, but when you meet your soon to be husband, he is nothing like you expected.

The Price of Privilege : part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, Part 6

It wasn’t the weight of his body over your shoulder, or the warmth from him that rested along your side. It wasn’t the sound of his heavy breathing, or the wince of pain you saw in his pretty profile when he stepped too hard on his right foot that humanize him just a little bit in your mind.

No, the part of this that you felt the agonizing truth in, the part that told you deep down in the pit of your stomach where you kept every deep dark secret that could potentially reach up and suffocate you, the part that told you that you were doomed – completely and utterly doomed–

–was his smell.

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No but imagine the Star Wars characters' sorting at Hogwarts
  • Sorting Hat @ Rey: Gryffindor
  • Rey: Coolio
  • Sorting Hat @ Finn: Gryffindor
  • Finn: oH HELL YES MOTHAFUCKAS *aggressively fist bumps with Rey*
  • Sorting Hat @ Poe: Gryffindor
  • Poe: YES SAME HOUSE AS MY BOYFRIEND I mean what? *smoothes back hair* I'm chill *inconspicuously places jacket over Finn's head*
  • Sorting Hat @ Hux: Slytherin
  • Hux: At last! Now I can smash the hopes and dreams of everyone at this forsaken school and join forces with the evil that is our Lord Voldemort!
  • Sorting Hat @ Kylo: Hufflepuff
  • Kylo: *rips off mask and smashes it* *destroys half of dining hall and kills most people with lightsaber* *throws self out window while flipping everyone off*
  • Sorting Hat: Oops! Haha technical error there I meant Slytherin lol ope where'd he go
Confetti and...

(This couldnt be happening…) Sans thought as he ran. (He’s gone. He’s gone and its my fault!) Out of breath, he leaned over a trashcan for support and looked through the thick crowds.All he’d wanted was to share one day of happiness with his brother.

One day.

One day when he and his brother didnt have to hide from monsters and sleep in the trash heap. He’d saved up alot of money so he could take Paps to town and meet santa and stay in a hotel and unwrap presents like any other kid. He wanted his brother to have happy memories growing up but - nope! Fate had once again smashed all his plans and hopes and dreams.

“Papyrus?! ” Sans screamed through the hordes of shoppers. No answer. He stared out at the waves of monster hoping to see the red scarf his little bro wore.

Things were getting colder. Artificial snowfall had started to signal the hours when the mall santa would arrive. Later, a lightshow would fill the cavern with music and everywhere else but the stage floor would be pitch black. Sans was running out of time. His brother could be anywhere…

He spotted security sitting at a bar stool, clearly on break but Sans bit down a breath and thought it better to ask for help.

“ a'scuse me Mr. ? I loss my-”

“ oh? Kiddo, where’s your mommy and daddy huh? ” the officer scooped him up in his arms, smelling of bourbon. “ hahah, im sure theyll turn up. But what you say we wait at the front desk, kiddo? I’ll bet theres a balloon for ya~”

Sans fought against choking at the stench of his breath, despite his good intentions Sans was 12! He was not a child to be picked up and he demanded respect!

“No. I’m not loss! My broz'er is lost! Please put me down! ” hearing his own speech impediment made him flush red like a tomatoe. How was he supposed to intimidate anyone with his baby teeth falling out?

Out the corner of his eye Sans saw the striking red in the crowd. His brother. He fought against the cop to be let go and ran through the crowd to meet him. He runs out and pulls the scarf to stop him in his tracks.

“Papyrus! I said not ta leave my side! You made me worry-! ” The monster turned around, but it wasnt his brother. “ Howd you get dis scarf?!” Sans slurred. The monster tugged at the scarf and wrapped it back around their neck.

“ I won it, fair and square shorty! Go away! "and she dissapeared into the crowd of people.

Sans bit his lip. His soul splintered. ‘Won’ could mean alot of things. Kids could have been playing rock paper scissors for it or something else. Today was a holiday . No one would kill today… That was the rule. That was why police and the guard were stationed here. His brother was still around. He had to be!

He felt his soul snapping but Sans kept screaming his bros name. But the crowds were so thick it drowned out his voice. Drowned out his agony. (Hes not dead, he cant be!) he ran in circles for his brother. Asking store clerks, checking the front desk the officer wojluld habe taken him too, searhcingbthrough the little clothing islands to make sure his bro wasnt hiding… Sans checked allleyways… And stayed until the crowds started clearing and janitors began to swab up the mess left behind from the party.

Dust and confetti.

… Papyrus stepped in it, calling with a hiccup and tears for his older brother. He wandered around the empty mall for what seemed like hours. Before he too, fell like snow and past away.

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you said that you love the idea of accidental pregnancy so could you write something where Hux accidentally falls pregnant? take your time with this of course; I know you're busy!

Even when they’ve both finished, Hux stays astride Kylo, relishing in the feeling of being filled with his cock and his seed. He breathes heavily, waiting for his breath to come back to him, staring down at Kylo, who looks equally as exhausted.

“That was…” Kylo says, swallowing hard, grazing his hand up the inside of Hux’s thigh.

“I know, I thought so too,” Hux replies, brushing back his disheveled hair from his forehead, finding that it stays slicked back with sweat.

“You’ve never let me finish inside you before,” Kylo points out, moving his hand to squeeze the chubbiest part of Hux’s ass.

“Mmm. What can I say? I was feeling…generous. It’s the last time we’re going to be able to do this for a while.”

Hux watches as Kylo’s expression drops almost immediately, obviously forgetting about his upcoming four month mission with his Knights. Sensing a shift in the mood, Hux pries himself from Kylo’s cock, ignoring the loss of pressure and the knight’s soft groan, to lie down next to him, softly stroking his cheek.

“I’m going to miss you,” Kylo says. The tone of his voice is soft and warm, like the most delicious of honeys, and Hux blushes.

“You’ll be back here before you know it,” Hux replies, trying to be optimistic, but already he misses Kylo, and he’s still in the same bed as him. “You’ll be home and I’ll be irritating you again, and you’ll be wishing you’d be sent out on another mission.”

Kylo chuckles, closing the remainder of the gap between them to kiss Hux, taking his lips up into a desperate kiss that’s filled with longing. “I look forward to it.”

The first month is the hardest.

Hux tries to bury himself in his work to distract himself from Kylo’s obvious absence. He admits that it’s made even more difficult by his ill health; the nausea and the backache are the worst. At least an hour every morning is spend in the fresher, sitting on the floor and hoping that he isn’t about to see his breakfast again.

After deciding that he’s fit for his shift, Hux drags himself up off the floor and goes to fetch his uniform, though freezes when he catches his reflection in the mirror. He’s extremely pale, bags under his eyes, walking with a slight slouch as though subconsciously trying to elevate his backache.

But there’s a redness around his chest; a light pink blush around his nipples that he’s never noticed before. When he touches them, Hux hisses, finding the entire area to be incredibly sensitive.

Odd. Very odd.

Fearing he’s somehow managed to contract a deadly virus, Hux sends a quick apology message to the bridge for his absence and heads down to the medical wing, hoping his life may be spared from an early diagnosis.

Being the General of the ship has its perks, and being seen my the head medic immediately is one of them. Hux sits on the bed whilst the medic asks him questions about his problems.

“I’m sick almost every morning,” Hux explains whilst the doctor monitors his blood pressure. “I’m having trouble with my back too, especially the lower half, which I’ve never experienced before. And…my chest is sore.”

“Sore?” The doctor repeats and its helper droid beeps. “Do elaborate, General.”

Again, Hux blushes.

“I…When I touch them–my chest–they hurt. Like they’re bruised but I’ve had no such injury.”

Hux feels ridiculous. He’s got a good mind to get dressed and storm out of the room, embarrassed by his own overreaction.

The droid beeps, and the medic hums in response.

“General, I must insist on a blood test.”

Hux feels the colour drain from his cheeks. He hasn’t had a blood test since he was a boy, the fear of needles embedded in him since then.

“Doctor. You are well aware of my views on–”

“I know, sir. And I’m sorry, but I really must insist.”

The look of pity on the medic’s face only installs more fear in Hux’s pounding heart.

“And why are you unable to diagnose me now? Are you head of my medical department or not?” Hux shouts, feeling vulnerable in just his black briefs on the examination bed.

“Very well, sir,” the medic says and takes a deep breath in. “I believe…that you are not entirely human.”

Hux scoffs, hiding his anguish.

“Laughable, Doctor. My parents, both esteemed people, were entirely human, I assure you–”

But Hux pauses. His heritage is quite possibly alien. Brendol, human, in a moment of weakness succumbed to the beauty and allure of a kitchen woman, a woman who may have given birth to Armitage but did not raise him, a woman who may not have been human.

“I’m sorry, General. Truly, I am,” the medic says. “The blood tests would confirm it. That, and I…believe you’re pregnant.”

Hux remembers the hyperventilation sneaking up on him with the panic, and soon his vision turns black as he passes out.

When Hux wakes, he hopes that his most recent memories are that of a dream, but those hopes are smashed when the same medic enters, carrying his datapad in his hand and confirms Hux’s alien biology and his pregnancy.

“I understand you’ll need time to process this, sir, but you’re extremely malnourished and underweight. For the child’s sake, it would be best if you remained in the medical wing for aid,” the medic says, though Hux only picks up on the word ‘child’.

His child. Kylo’s child.

“Is there a father you wish me to fetch?”

“No!” Hux shouts. “No. I’ll sort that myself. For now, this news is between us and us only, doctor. I trust you understand that.”

The medic nods, smiles. “Of course, sir.”

Hux sags back against the mound of pillows behind him, hand moving towards his flat stomach, imagining the bump he’s going to have, imaging himself with his baby in months to come, cradling it in his arms, having it latch on to his tender breasts and suckling for food.

Only hours ago that would’ve seemed an impossibility. But now, as Hux softly caresses the underside of his belly, he finds he’s already fallen in love with his child.

But Kylo. What will his lover say? They’ve never once discussed children, believing that it was biologically out of their control, but now…it’s real. Very real.

‘Oh, Ren,’ Hux thinks. ‘I’m so sorry. You’ll think I’m mad, that I’ve lost my mind. But I have to do this. I’m keeping it.’

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Morty, i think now might be a good time you and rick throw down, wouldn't you agree? He did smash your only hope and he does destroy your dreams, and your gonna let him do that?

“Sorry dear, Mortys not taking any messages right now. But you can always talk to me;*”


Welcome to the Awful Bit conspiracy corner: 

This is today’s entry into the Smash Bros pic of the day series. It can’t be a coincidence that the first letter of each option spells out E-Shop, right? It also can’t be a coincidence that there’s a 3DS-centric Nintendo Direct scheduled for tomorrow, right?

Smash Bros 3DS demo coming to E-Shop tomorrow?

One can only hope, wish and dream.

Rube Goldberged

So I’m getting dressed to go to this party and I’m struggling to put this stupid pomade in my hair in a sad attempt to look slightly less like Guy Fieri when the light in my bathroom goes out and I still have to take a shit before I leave the house because I don’t want to go to this party with one in the chamber so I go to my kitchen and go in the cabinet above the fridge to get this one weird kind of lightbulb that my bathroom only takes because my apartment sucks and is old so I’m in the kitchen on a chair leaning over the top of my fridge digging around in the back of this dumb cabinet cursing the gods and not paying attention and I knock over a huge 5 gallon plastic jug of white vinegar that falls out of the cabinet and hits the fridge majestically spinning in the air ever so gracefully like a cartoon hippo ballerina on the way down bursting open gushing all over my kitchen floor spraying vinegar everywhere the irony being I originally bought the stupid goddamn vinegar in the fucking first place to use as a homeopathic cleaning agent when my nephew was born in case he ever came over but I’ve never actually ever used it which is fine because he’s never actually ever come over and I curse the gods again but this time I really mean it and go to get down off the chair that I was standing on but fall off of course because I’m in my bare feet and everything is wet and as I’m falling I’m flailing and reach out and happen to knock over my ironing board which I had set up in the kitchen earlier because it’s the only place in my tiny shithole apartment that I can actually fit it to iron things but more importantly because I needed to press my pants for the party tonight where I am hoping there might be some hot girls who might want to talk to me so I wanted to look like I was an adult for once in my stupid life instead of a stalled man-child in his late 30s whose pants didn’t look like they sat in the dryer for 40 extra minutes after they were done drying because he forgot they were in there and instead went to the grocery store to stock up on protein bars because he ate his last one this morning and he knows that his favorite ones always sell out by Sunday night and as I land on my side in a pool of cold wet stink the ironing board falls over onto the counter with a screech like the rusty gates of hell swinging open and I look on in horror as it knocks a bright eyed innocent platoon of empty glass iced tea bottles that I had been saving to recycle (because our apartment building finally got a recycling plan going but I haven’t had a chance to get a separate container to sort them out yet so in the meantime I’ve been stacking them all up at the end of the counter like some sort of 3rd grade art project) onto the floor where they smash like all the hopes and dreams I once had of tonight going well shooting nasty invisible shards of glass everywhere and as I’m lying on the filthy floor of my destroyed kitchen in my vinegar soaked underwear surrounded by a sparkling moat of deadly broken glass looking like Guy Fieri’s younger brother I think to myself, “next time I’ll just shit in the dark.”