smashing apps

lesbian couple in visual story app: “I’m too short to kiss my beautiful girlfriend!”

straight couple in visual story app: “SMASH HIS PHONE!! SMASH HIS PHONE!! SMASH HIS PHONE!!!”

I finally learned this is not from in-game but from an app that EA released in 2012 and then mysteriously decided to delete for no real proper reason.
I’m glad because I was getting concerned because I wasn’t getting it in my game despite having all the DLC.

Before learning this, my brain was filling in the holes and decided he sent this message the same night that Shep has that recurring nightmare while he’s staying over after he got her back to sleep.

Because Garrus is a giant nerd who doesn’t know how to cope with feelings properly but he’s also borderline over-protective since he’s really scared Shep’s gonna get herself killed (again). Also his family life is a bit of a dumpster fire at this moment in time for like 5 different reasons all completely independent of each other. So telling her she’s pretty as an attempt to stop her having night-terrors seems like the kinda thing he’d do.

Honestly he’s the kind of idiot who sends you memes as a legit attempt to cheer you up if you’re feeling depressed.

Smash Cache on Tumblr iOS App:
When the Tumblr iOS app shows me messages I know that I answered, I smash the cache. My inbox returns to normal on the app. When the Tumblr app is taking up too much space on my iPhone, I smash the cache. The Tumblr app sheds hundreds of megabytes without having to uninstall and reinstall.

Cache is just temporary storage that Tumblr uses to speed up display of previously loaded stuff. Clearing this cache will not delete your blog, posts, drafts, queue, theme or unanswered messages. To smash the cache…

  1. In the iOS app on the lower right, tap Account (the person icon).
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Smash cache.
  4. Tap Smash it. Tumblr’s warning message is silly.
  5. No special effects occur. Your Tumblr app cache is now cleared.

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Yes, please it would help me so much❤️

I really hope this helps! ❤️

During the day:

  • Stress can be a major factor if you’re having a hard time falling asleep. If it’s schoolwork for example, keep it far away from your bed, even outside of your room, if possible.
  • Coffee, sugary beverages, nicotine, and alcohol can also affect your sleep, so avoid those
  • Avoid naps unless it’s absolutely necessary
  • Be active! Exercise, go outside for a walk, or a bike ride

Before/in bed: 

  • Only go to bed when you’re sleepy, because lying in bed awake for an extended amount of time (even during the day) can make your body start to associate your bed with alertness and make it even harder for you to fall asleep, so if you haven’t fallen asleep within half an hour or so of lying in bed at night - get up, do something that is relaxing until you get tired and get back in bed
  • Have a relaxing routine that you follow every night before going to bed (e.g. brush your teeth, stretch)
  • Make sure your room is cool, dark, and quiet
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day - don’t sleep in on weekends, maybe an hour or so if you wake up at, say, 4am on weekdays, but recognise that it affects your circadian rhythms
  • You can keep a notebook next to your bed and make a list of everything that causes you to stress and/or things you need to remember for the next day as writing these things down can take your mind off them
  • Put your phone away! Screens emit blue light that prevents the release of melatonin (a hormone that, when released, prepares your body for sleep) in your brain. Some phones have a night shift mode that allows you to change your phone light so that it emits a halogen glow. Apple’s mobile products that can be updated past ios 9.3 have that function, and this app for android users seems legit to me, but I have personally never used it so I don’t know if it works well. Experts actually advice you to avoid all screens (regardless of the screen’s colour temperature) for two hours before bed.     
  • You can also do a relaxation exercise, e.g. mindfulness, yoga
  • Headspace is a free app that has really helped me get relaxed in bed, app store google play The free version has several audio clips (and even videos), and they’re a great introduction to mindfulness. It was developed to help people relax during the day, but I find that it works just as well when you’re in bed
  • Another free app that I absolutely love is Rain, Rain. It has a wide collection of sounds, including many types of rain (ranging from dripping rain to thunderstorms), appliances, transportation, nature, and water. I don’t know about android phones, but this app lets me play my own music while the rain sounds play on iphone. app store google play
  • Sleep Time is also a free app, and it helps you keep track of your sleep patterns by calculating how long you’re sleeping, and it analyses your body movements during the night. It also has a cool alarm system; it lets you set an alarm for a certain time, and it can wake you up earlier than that (within a range of your choice - i recommend half an hour) if it recognises that you are rested. app store google play

In the morning:

  • Most people that have a hard time falling asleep at night also have a hard time waking up during the day - some spend several hours in bed after waking up
  • To prevent this, you can keep your alarm device, or several alarm devices, out of your reach so that you have to get up in order to shut that damn thing down
  • I used to just go back to bed after that, so I upgraded by essentially turning my room into an obstacle course using chairs and exercise balls
  • Use a calm alarm tone (unless you’re a deep sleeper and it’s impossible to wake you up with light noise) because it can be scary to wake up to extemely loud and annoyings sounds, and even cause panic attacks
  • DO NOT SNOOZE! Snoozing means you feel safe knowing that another alarm will wake you, but waking up and falling asleep multiple times in the morning interferes with your circadian rhythm. 
  • Make your room bright - turn on the lights and open your curtains/window shades
  • Make commitments for the morning. If you know you have somewhere you absolutely need to be, staying in bed is not an option
  • I am extremely sleepy in the morning and this app called Smash Hit has really helped me wake up because it induces a false fight-or-flight response, so your heart rate goes up and you become alert, because the game requires concentration and attention. It’s also really fun (yes, I bought the full version, but the free one is great too). app store google play 
  • Another app that will force you out of bed is Walk Me Up. It requires you to walk around with your phone for a certain number of steps of your choice in order to turn off your alarm. app store google play 
  • Once you’ve gotten up, make your bed. That little activity can rid you of that morning sleepiness.


My lucky socks should help. Also I could try that thing women do at bride parties where they wrap themselves with toilet paper. Then I can put my hands in my lucky socks, same as my mom did for me when I was little and had the chicken pox. I think that as long as it doesnt rain, nothing sharp can harm me or the planet.


Its at this point i realize that

I need to stop playing that

App called Smash,

Anyway I already reached

legendary status in Mayhem.

Theres no point dodging shards of

glass and giant hammers now.


Poet tries to rewrap the bridal toilet paper on to the cardboard roll so the boyfriend wont notice.

Admittedly, she does have a tinge of regret given the way the bride dress made her feel.


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You thought Denki and Kyoka would end up as a couple?

Sorry for taking so long to respond! (Btw there are spoilers listed at the very bottom, you have been warned.) 

I’m not sure if I posted something that caused a misunderstanding, but I still ship Kamijirou. It’s not just because I love the two characters and their interactions, but it’s because I believe that Kaminari Denki and Jirou Kyouka have major potential in becoming a canon couple. They remind me a lot of Soul x Maka from Soul Eater and Taiga x Ryuuji from Toradora. They’re two characters that don’t seem like they would get along, but through a series of events and some character development, they could become each other’s source of constant support.  

~Why I think it will become canon~

For starters, it’s a popular ship in Japan (based off the amount of artwork on pixiv). The ship has become popular enough there that even the official bnha merch has been advertising Kaminari and Jirou together for a charm giveaway, the smash tap gaming app, the trading cards, and school supplies. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence anymore, especially when there are so many characters in this series.

 A pairing won’t become canon just because it’s popular, but there were ships in other fandoms that became canon simply because the manga artist began to like a ship along with the fans (or because they felt extreme pressured by fans, but let’s hope it doesn’t happen that way). 

Also, there has been a decent amount of Kamijirou fan service throughout the manga, smash, and the light novels that teases the idea of these two together. (Someone actually went through and made a compilation of all the Kamijirou moments in bnha smash, but it hasn’t been translated yet T-T google translate can only do so much).        

Since I mentioned teasing, I honestly feel as though all of the teasing between the two is a set up for something bigger in a later arc. We all know that Horikoshi is great at foreshadowing so I’ll admit that the Kaminari traitor theory is becoming more convincing with each new chapter. But what does that have to do with Jirou? 


There have been many moments in the series where one character has been rescued by the other thus being a crucial point for the two characters’ relationship, Ochako and Deku helping each other before and during the entrance exam, Todoroki making Momo believe in herself once again during the final exams, and Kirishima being the focal point of Bakugo’s rescue. 

If something along the lines of the Kaminari traitor theory were to actually occur, then I think it’s going to be Jirou’s turn to finally have the spotlight and possibly rationalize that all of her teasing was a way to hide her true feelings while trying to reach out to Kaminari.     

I have a lot more to say about this ship, but this is probably already too long. Feel free to message me or send in more asks if you want me to go into more detail about anything in particular. I’m always willing to talk about bnha, not just Kamijirou.