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What is your name? ida ;0

Where are you from? sweden

What is your favorite color? purple!!! and pink!! also pastel colors in general

Write something in all caps! RIGHTFUL LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS

Favorite band/artist? gosh ummmm i dont think i have any particular favorite bands or artists but i rly like dada life, crystal castles and icona pop

Favorite number? 12

Favorite drink? pepsi honestly i fuckkng love pepsi fuk yr coca cola pepsi is op

TAG 10 PEOPLE YOU WANT TO GET TO KNOW BETTER: sandguardian acehinoka peirdot yusuke-makishima smashgirls pyrojacks iwao1 hoshidofamily naglfars niceyuri (u dont have to do this if u dont want to!)

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people how many u want.

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  1. She Wolf - David Guetta
  2. Stacey’s Mom - Hot Jazz Fountains of Wayne Cover
  3. Force Of Nature - Lenka
  4. Cupid’s Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes
  5. Baby Got Back - Jonathan Coulton
  6. Angel - Shaggy
  7. Gomenasai - t.A.T.u.
  8. נועדנו - גלעד שגב (Gilad Segev)
  9. All Around Me - Flyleaf
  10. No One Lives Forever - Oingo Boingo

I’m not sure what this tells u guys about me but ill assume its terrible

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6, 11, 13 :-)

  • 6. Five facts about your best friend. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all! (this is Gay but nick is my best friend as well as my datemate sooo)

they are really ticklish pretty much everywhere but they dont like to be tickled, so i dont get to use this against them

they really love the band Say Anything

they built my computer as a birthday present! it’s their old one when they upgraded but i was using a shitty laptop so it’s SOO much better :’)

they almost never let bear give them smooches on the face, so when they do, bear gets REALLY hyped about it

they have a really nice singing voice!

  • 11. Five facts about your pet. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!

i already did this one but theres many more bear facts on shepherdsteps B) (casually self promos dog blog)

  • 13. Five facts about your favorite show.

i… i don’t watch really any TV lol. i genuinely dont like TV or movies because i am really ADHD so when i sit still just passively interacting with something, i usually need something else to do, and that most often ends up being my picking/tearing tics :T