smashes head on table

  • Katie McGrath: I want to get a twitter. It seems so fun!
  • Katie's Agent: Katie NO!
  • Katie McGrath: Please!
  • Katie's Agent: Ugh...fine.Brandon is answering question on twitter. Help him along and if everything goes right we can talk about getting you a twitter
  • Brandon McLaren: Hey Katie they are asking me to describe you in one word. How should I respond?
  • Katie McGrath: Tell them I am completely fuckable
  • Katie's Agent: *smashes his head into a table repeatedly*
spideychelle headcanons

ok i’ve read a lot of them and yet I want to add my  two cents because i really want to talk about pining™ Michelle Jones:

> Michelle Jones has always known she had a thing for Peter ok. Like when they met in fourth grade, she find him very cute, but didn’t want to admit it. Obvisouly, their first contact ended by MJ throwing a punch in Peter’s left arm.

> now in High School, MJ is kind of resigned, because the boy is visibly head over hills for Liz, and, you know, who can blame him? If she didn’t fell so hard for this nerd, she probably woulds have a crush on Liz too, because Liz is amazing. 

> so instead, she represses it. She thinks about the future, about how she’s going to be president someday, how the world sucks, how she can work to make it a better place. She may have a seemlingly cold exterior, but MJ loves one thing, and it’s making the world better. But MJ also likes one thing, and it’s Peter.

> and let’s get something clear: MJ has never crushed that hard before, she doesn’t even remember really crushing at all, and Peter is really really nice (not particularly to her but in general) and adorable. She can’t handle it. So she’s mean to him and to ned whenever she can, because oh my god, nobody should ever know. She’s not Peter’s type of girl. She’s the antithesis of Liz. But again, it’s not like she’ll sob about this. She’s MJ, doing thing, going places, she’s an independent woman and she doesn’t have the time for a boyfriend, right????

> she may have not the time for a boyfriend, but she sure does for worrying about Peter constantly. Even though she tries really hard to not think about it, she can’t help but notice. She notices everytime Peter skips class. She notes when he’s quits marching band and robotics lab, sees when he’s very distracted in decathlon practice. She looks for him at every corner, and she sits at his table at lunch. She calls him whenever he doesn’t show up to class or to decathlon practice. Oh god does she calls. One day, she left like 3 vocals messages and Peter’s phone marked 6 missed call

> she shrugs to herself whenever she thinks she should be embarrassed, and she keeps thinking that goDDAMNIT SHE IS MICHELLE JONES, and that she shouldn’t be. Peter is the irresponsible person here. That’s why she’s very angry and she wants to cry when he doesn’t reply to a text or to her missed calls. MJ tries to not think about the day when she was waiting for him to reply, and when she threw her phone across her room when she saw his name on the screen. It happened only one time (it happened many times)

> at the decathlon competition, in Washington DC, she wasn’t expecting very much. She hated how her heart skipped a bit when Peter finally showed up. She was just happy because with him on the team, they would probably win, right ? But Peter was even more distracted than usual. He seemed tensed, stressed, making callsShe wondered if maybe he had a girlfriend no one knew about, because damn, was this guy mysterious. Her stomach flipped at the thought, and she chose to believe that he was probaby living a double-life.

> when Liz knocked at her door, in a swimsuit, whispering something about a midnight bath, her first move was to say no. But then her heartbeat started to go crazy. Midnight bath? Her brain hit one single thought Peter Parker in a swimsuit. She said yes to Liz. Like that, she could see how Peter looked in a swimsuit. For observation and scientific purposes.

> but this time again, he didn’t show up. She spent the night reading on a chair near the swimming pool, imagining if things were different. If she hadn’t a reputation. If peter actually liked her compagny. If Liz wasn’t that gorgeous.

> the next weeks, she heard that Peter finally asked Liz out. Good. That was a good thing. If she saw him with her, she’d finally move on, forget all the ridiculous things she thought about him. She decides to go to prom even if it’s against her standards, because Liz asked, and because she wants to see her and Peter, as a couple. A part of her hopes that Peter will be ridiculous and that she’ll laugh at him. Another part waits impatiently to see him, because jesus, should he be cute in a suit. And the last part of her is so freaking afraid, because, jesus, he’ll be sure really cute in a suit, holding hands with Liz.

> Liz comes inside first. She’s gorgeous. She’s so so so gorgeous. But where’s Peter ? God, Liz is so gorgeous, and MJ wants to cry a little. She stays with Ned, because this nerd makes her laugh. He’s nice. He could be her friend. Maybe once everything is finished, she could be friend with Peter. Like real friends.

> and finally, he arrives. And MJ stomach does a flip, because good god, is he cute. He looks across the room, searching for Liz, and sees Ned. After Ned, her. They share a glance, and MJ doesn’t even have the time to think that she’s already giving him the finger. Fuck, she thinks. It’s not like that that he’ll like you. And it’s so sudden that she’s a little suprised at herself. Usually, she beats herself way to hard to really articulate what she wants. She wants Peter Parker to like her. Like like her. But he rushes to Liz, and god, there’s like a stone in her stomach, and it’s horrible, she wants to cry so bad this time.

> but then he leaves Liz, like that, without what seems like any good word of explanation. The girl seems so choked, and MJ wants to be angry with her, because this goddamn nerd of Peter Parker, this freaking loser of all the losers, the as the nerve to leave a goddess like Liz ?? How dare he??? She thinks it, she really thinks it hard, but somewhere, a little MJ is doing backflip in her head. And she thinks that, maybe, just maybe, he didn’t like Liz enough to stay with her at prom. And that maybe leaves just a little place for her. After homecoming, in her room, MJ smiles to herself. She acnowledges that she’ll do nothing for it but, damn, she would really like to fit into this place. She falls asleep with a smile on her face.

> and then she’s named team captain of the decathlon team. Liz isn’t there anymore, and this nerd of Peter Parker, is there, in front of her, slowly clapping at her promotion. He has this smug look spread across his face and MJ wants to smash his head against the table (she wants to kiss him). But then he receives a call, thant unlike hers, Peter actually seems to want to answer. For once, she says what she thinks. She warns him. She’s not like Liz. She sees right through his bullshit (ok maybe not all through but….she’s working on it). She’s not the type of girl you can leave to prom like he did. But then she’s remember that she’s Michelle Jones, and she adds something to make her indifferent, because good god, now, everyone is looking at her. Looking at her like when she did those comments about Peter skipping marching band and everything. Good god, what if someone notices??

> But Peter goes, and everyone starts discussing decathlon matters. Michelle watches him go, and the sight is so good, and oh my god, he’s so dreamy, she wants to put her hands on her face and squeeze like she did when she was a little kid. But then she remembers that she is Michelle Jones, and she goes back to snapping snarky comments at her teammates.

It was highly requested so here it is ❤️

Part 1:

⚠️ Smut

“Y/N I’m sorry” he apologized
“It was just a kiss Jug, it meant nothing, I get it” you said neutrally but on the inside you were broken
“It meant nothing?” He asked in disbelief and you scoffed turning to him, he seemed hurt by your words
“Jughead, you have Betty” you sighed “She’s your girlfriend, not me” you explained and walked away, you couldn’t look at him, you couldn’t pretend everything was fine, because to you, everything came crashing down, you knew he wouldn’t follow you and maybe it was better of that way, less painful.

You should be used to it by now, you should be used to the fact that you were the one that always comes out loosing at the end, but a small part of you hoped that someday you’ll be happy, you would find peace.

But as time went by that seemed even more impossible.

It had been weeks and Jughead and you drifted apart, he seemed to go back with his friends so everything turned out for him in the end, but he was still in charge of the Serpents and you were still second in command.

So after a long day at the bar you finally arrived home, but something was different, everything was strangely quiet, so you slowly head over to the kitchen and your heartbeat stopped at the sight of your father, the same smug smirk plastered on his lips

“Hey scumbag” he said with his raspy voice
“How did you find me? Where’s Holly?” You said threateningly and he laughed
“Scared much?” He teased standing up and then pointing a gun you kept under your bed towards your head

“Pussy” you said angrily “If you want to kill me, let’s go, hand in hand” you tried your best to sound confident because you were actually scared for your life, you knew what he was capable of and yet, you challenged him.

He smiled wickedly and put the gun down “Fair enough, that way I can kill you with my own hands” he said heading over to you

He threw the first punch and you dodged it by putting your head down and pulling your body so now you were behind him, you forced his hand up trying to dislocate his shoulder but he used his weight to make you let go.

You stumbled down and as you tried to gain your balance he threw a punch across your face, you fell to the floor and when he was about to throw another punch you moved to the side and stood up.

You threw your leg up in the air hitting his head and knocked him for a few moments, you quickly held him by the head and smashed his head on the cristal table, as his head finally hit the floor you put on top on him but as you were about to throw a punch on his face, he held that hand and twisted it to the side then he scratched your face with a piece of the broken glass

He switched positions and now he was on top, a few punches were attested to your face until you managed to kick his thigh and squirm out of his grip, then you kicked his face with your knee.

He turned to you anger twisted in his face along with the blood coming out his nose and mouth, he stood up shakily and grabbed another piece of broken glass, you ran towards him and grabbed his wrist stopping the glass from your face by just an inch, you moved his hand to the sides roughly until he finally let the glass go.

He managed to kick your side with his knee, leaving your lungs out of air, then he put his weight on you making you fall to the floor, he took this as an advantage and put his hands around your throat, cutting your air flow as you began to squirm around and yelp as your sight became blurry.

Then his hold on your throat disappeared, you began coughing for air as you sat up and saw Jughead hitting him with all his strength again and again, you quickly stood up and held him down

“JUGHEAD” you screamed “JUGHEAD STOP” you held both of his arms on his chest, stopping him and you finally stood up, yet he kept squirming to break free

“ASSHOLE I’M GONNA KILL YOU! YOU SON OF A BITCH” he roared as you tried to keep him in place

“GET OUT OF HERE NOW” you shouted at your father who looked at Jughead resentfully, and yet he stood up and left, when he was out of the small house you let go of Jughead “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Jughead stared at you in disbelief

“Are you kidding me? He was gonna kill you!” He spat and yours eyes opened widely
“Oh my god… Holly” you breathed out before running to her room that was locked “Holly it’s me please open up” the fear on your voice was obvious, but not long after she opened up, luckily she was unharmed

She hugged you tightly and you let out a deep breath in relief “You’re okay” you breathed out as you pulled away “C'mon let’s put you to bed” you said nuzzling her hair, she nodded smiley as always going inside, she tugged under the covers as you walked over to her, you smiled and kissed her temple

“Goodnight” she whispered
“Goodnight Holly” you replied, then you left the room, closing the door behind you and turning to Jughead

“Now I’m gonna fucking kill you” you grumbled walking towards the living room “You could’ve got yourself killed!” You scolded him
“You were the one that was gonna die!” He exclaimed “For fuck’s sake Y/N just look at you!”
“Why do you care so much? Why were you even here?!” You asked and he groaned desperate.
“You’re impossible! Can’t you just say a simple ‘Thank you’?”
“Oh so now I’m an ungrateful bitch?”
“What the hell? I didn’t said that!”
“Just go! I don’t want you here!”

“You’re lying just as you were back at the bar”
“What are you even talking about?” You scoffed as he came closer

“When you said it meant nothing when we both know that was a straight up lie” he said as his hands went over to your waist, keeping you close “Because if I kissed you again, you wouldn’t turn me down and deep down you know it”

“If you kiss me again it would still mean nothing” he shook his head
“The only real difference would be that this time I wouldn’t let you go” he said before finally looking at you, his stare making your heart beat faster.

He slowly leaned in until his lips were back on yours, the desire was undeniable, this time he took control slipping his tongue inside your mouth, you sighed into the kiss as your hands found his hair pulling it tight, his hands sneaked down your thighs pulling you up making you squeal.

You placed your arms around his neck as he walked towards your room “You’re gonna kill us, put me down Jones” you laughed

“Never” he murmured smiling into the kiss as he opened the door of your room and closed it behind him, he pulled away take off your jacket and throwing it across the room, then he threw you on the bed making you laugh as he hovered you

“You’re an asshole” you laughed and he smiled before kissing your neck, his tongue running across the skin as he bit different spots making you gasp “We need to keep quiet, Holly’s sleeping” you reminded him breathlessly

“That’s up to you” he said as you both sit up on the bed, he took off his Serpent jacket as you took your shirt off, he admired you for a few moments before caressing your chin with his thumb and giving you a short, sweet kiss.

Then he took of his shirt, you both smiled as he placed a hand on your hip, carefully placing you down in the pillows, then he unbuttoned his jeans and you pulled them down, he kicked them off as quietly as he could and he trailed kisses on your chest and down to your stomach.

His fingers trailed over the hem of your shorts before pulling them down, you began to feel insecure, all your scars were exposed and that was your first time, you felt anxious, Jughead looked at you and smiled sweetly “Are you nervous?” He asked

You nodded “It’s that I’ve never…”
“Me either” he laughed and you opened your mouth in surprise
“You and Betty never…?” He shook his head, he stared at you and you both couldn’t help but laugh
“It’s weird, isn’t it?” You hid your face in the crook of his neck

You lifted your head up, his eyes staring back at you and this time you were the one that kissed him, it started off slow but the lust was deep within the kiss, he reached to your back and slowly unclasped your bra, you pulled it off your body and grabbed your legs on his hips.

“Wait” he said pulling away “Do you have condoms?” He asked awkwardly
“I think they’re on the drawer” he nodded before standing up and opening the drawer, he grabbed the condom and went back to your side, he pulled his boxers down and put on the condom.

He walked over to you and he pulled your panties down, you were now both naked and nervous, you really had no idea of what you were supposed to do and yet here you were.

You sat down on the bed so you were in front of him, he nuzzled your legs, feeling the scars with his fingertips, your heart beat like crazy, you were terrified, you never had to worry about your scars because you never let anyone to be close to you.

But right now, having this level of intimacy with Jughead was really scary but it was also relieving “I don’t mind them” he said as if he read your mind, you grabbed your arms around his neck, he lifted up your leg and entered you slowly.

Your walls began clenching around his member, a moan left your lips as you held tighter onto his back and he went deeper, he let you adjust the sensation and finally started moving inside you, he laid you down and grabbed both your legs around his hips and he picked up the pace

Your moans became significantly louder so you buried your face in his shoulder, now your cries of pleasure turned into muffled groans while Jughead breathed heavily, not long after that one of his trusts made you moan loudly, your toes curling.

He kept thrusting into that same spot making it hard for you to keep quiet “Jughead…” you whispered in his ear as the knot on your stomach grew. The raven boy reached in between your bodies and toyed your clit sliding a finger inside.

Your wetness filling his finger as he bumped it in and out “Fuck!” You cursed as both of you felt your releases washing you over, he pressed his sweaty forehead on top of yours as he panted against your lips before he kissed you tenderly.

He looked at you for a what seemed like ages, as lowered himself to your intimate zone, you didn’t understood what he was doing until he spread your legs apart and got his head inside them.

He started trailing short kisses on the inside of your thighs, slowly reaching your heat, his hands placed on your knees as he licked your center making you squirm under his touch, he started off easy, placing short, wet kisses on the bugle of nerves.

Your whimpers encouraging his ministrations, making him go faster “I swear… if Holly wakes… up I’m gonna… kill you” you hissed as you felt him smile against your core, he held you in place before devouring you mercilessly making you jolt as you gripped tighter onto his hair, pulling him even deeper.

Your abdomen began to tight under the knot of pleasure and your core ache for a release, that happened a few moments later as you bit your lip holding back all the sounds and profanities that wanted to come out desperately.

You took a deep breath, welcoming the air you were holding back, you began panting, feeling the air on the room not being enough while Jughead came back up and slipped under the duvet to cover his naked self, and you decided to do the same.

You both stared deep into each other’s eyes, a goofy smile was plastered upon Jughead’s lips making you chuckle “What?” You asked

“I’m just thinking” he said simply and you moved closer and began nuzzling his hair and face with your fingertips
“About what?” He laughed softly
“How beautiful you are” He said placing his hand on top of yours as he caressed it and placed a sweet kiss on it

“Would it be too cheesy if I said the three words?” You whispered softly
“If you let me say them first” he said playfully
“Go ahead” you chuckled
“I love you and I don’t know why but I’m deeply in love with you” he said cupping your face in his hands and kissing you and placing himself on top of you making you laugh into the kiss

“I love you too Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third” he laughed as he hid his face on the crook of your neck, his laughter tickling your sensitive skin.

“Why did I even told you my full name?” He groaned
“Because you’re an idiot”
“Am I?” He smirked and he started tickling you, you started squirming around as you laughed and tried to push him away
“Jug… stop” you said still laughing, he kissed you again but he didn’t stop tickling you

“I can’t kiss you if you keep tickling me” you reminded him, he groans into your lips before finally setting you free, he rolled to the side but when you taught he was letting you go he put his arms around you, turning you into the big spoon

“What are you doing?”
“I told you that I wasn’t going to let you go” he said placing a soft peck on the top of your shoulder making you smile

That was the time that you finally experienced happiness, that was the first time you felt complete and finally loved, it was so weird to finally feel it. You didn’t felt the emptiness deep inside your soul, instead you felt a huge peace and it everything you could’ve hoped for.

POC!James Potter is so important to me
  • Growing up his parents made sure that he recognised his privlege as a pure-blood wizard and at times should speak up for those who are discriminating against muggle-borns and muggles
  • At Hogwarts, James is very hurt by Sirius saying mudbloods etc. and spends an entire night educating him. Sirius then understands and begins going against his families views that were instilled in him from a young age
  • James Potter being very tolerant of everyone, and although a bully will NEVER bring someones heritage/blood-status into it.
  • Flips the FUCK out when someone calls calls Remus a ‘half-breed’ ends up with a detention for punching someone and making their nose bleed.
  • James Potter being so used to people being concerned over blood status that he ignores himself
  • Remus actually smashing someones head into a table after they call James a racial slur and storming out the classroom
  • James catching up with him and being confused as to why Remus would do that
  • Remus eyes widening as he explains that muggles discriminate people who aren’t white, he and James discuss for hours the hardships that non-white people have faced and still face
  • James taken aback and spends hours reading about muggle racism and slavery, he finds it so weird because he NEVER expected to be on the receiving end of prejudice
  • James Potter educating students on muggle racism and blood-status discrimination and being fully aware that his pureblood status does not protect him from everything.
  • Just James fucking Potter fighting racism in wizarding and muggle worlds
twin andrews part 7 | jughead x reader

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part 6:

warning!: the readers story line is thickening and it can be triggering as mentions of self harm, depression and suicide will be laced within these next few parts so i wanted to let you know so you’re reading at your own risk. im here for additional support if you need it my nugs.

a/n: ive decided to write this along with the episodes so apologies in advance for the timeline partially being messed with!! the next few parts will be longer as im trying to squeeze two episodes into each in order to catch up with the latest episodes!! i hope you enjoy this part as much as i do💜

and a special shout out to @natalieroseg for always sending me a message after i post a new part and constantly showering me with love and admiration for this series. readers like you that always give me feedback are why i love writing so much!! don’t be shy my loves leave me a question or some feedback in my ask box🌈🌈

“i can’t believe dad grounded me” i mumble to my brother as i adjust his tie.

“sorry about that” he apologies looking down to me as I finish up stepping back and taking in my brothers funeral attire, i tried to convince him to wear a suit jacket but he insisted that he wore his letterman jacket

“it’s fine arch, im not mad at you” i turn to face the mirror straightening out my black dress.

today was the day of jason blossoms funeral and the blossoms took it apon themselves to invite the entire town, maybe hoping jasons murderer would reveal them selves by attending.

there was no way i wanted to go, it was being held in the blossoms thorn hill mansion and just the look of that place gives me the creeps and thats not even talking about the people who vacate it

i never wanted to take a step in thorn hill every again after the party and the incident with jason. not that i was alone everyone hated going to thorn hill, it was straight up creepy

but i knew that if i didn’t go then it’d give the blossoms a reason to begin a revenge plot, already dropping murder charges on me, simply because if you don’t show up to one of these events when your invited it’s pretty damn shady.

i slip on my shoes and fix up the final bits of my hair and makeup when the door bell chimes downstairs. my brother moves off my bed and down the steps to answering whomever was at the door

i stand in front of the mirror staring blankly at my reflection barley recognising myself anymore.

“i look like a bloody sack of potatoes" i moan as my brother enters back into my room.

“not from where im standing you don't” i spin around catching myself off guard at the new voice

i come face to face with jughead, in a freaking suit. i have to stop myself from drooling as my knees feel like they’re about to give way. he looked adorable and extremely hot at the same time, if that’s even possible

“i-um where’s arch?” he shrugs “he let me in and then disappeared think he said something about going to the school to grab something”

i nod facing the mirror again watching as jughead she eyes drop checking me out “thanks by the way- even if you are lying it’s still nice of you” i mumble fiddling with the ends of my hair.

“it’s s'okay, i wasn’t lying- you look” he pauses shoving his hands into his pockets slightly revealing the suspenders hiding behind his suit jacket. god you had a weakness for his suspenders.

“you look beautiful” he talks to the ground before looking back up to you a smile playing on his lips.

you walk over to the boy playing with his tie, his hot breathe tickling your neck “you don’t look to bad yourself jones” i tease

he places his hands softly on my waist “it was the best i could do” he confesses pressing his forehead against my own. you sigh and bring your hands up to cup his cheeks.

“it’s more than enough” i lean forward and connect our lips in a soft sweet kiss pulling back and placing a quick peck to his cheek “c'mon let’s go we can’t be late”

we begin our journey over to thorn hill making sure to detach our joint hands as we neared the gates, he sighed at the action looking to me then back to the ground

“i-” he stops,sighing once more. like he’s trying to find the words to explain to me why he did it.

i stop, sliding my hand up his arm pulling him toward me “jug it’s fine okay?” i reassure glancing into his eyes.

“i was just worried. that well, you’ll be upset if i didn’t want to tell anyone about this” he looks down guilty refusing to make eye contact.

“we- we don’t know what this is yet okay? it’s okay i know. let’s just keep it between us?”

relief fills his features “im sorry (y/n)” i shake my head stepping closer to him “jughead jones i promise you im okay, im a big girl” he chuckles softly glancing up into my eyes.

“i know i just don’t want to hurt you” he admits “then don’t” i state simply pressing my lips against his own briefly before walking away from the boy and through the iron gates.

“god i hate this place” i mutter walking toward the enterance where I spot penelope and hermione talking to each other.

i approach the raven haired lady as she pulls away from the blossom woman “lodge” i call out catching her attention as she opens her arms pulling me into a warm embrace.

“hello (y/n) sweetie! and to you to jughead, you both look great” i smile blushing “thank you hermione, we better get inside everyone’s waiting for us” she smiles biding us farewell as the two of us enter the house of horrors

i spot betty and the others sitting toward the back of the room grabbing jughead arms to guide him “hey!” i whisper sitting next to veronica & kevin, leaving jughead to sit next to betty.

“how’d it go last night?” i ask veronica as i give a small smile to the boy next to me searching the room for my red headed brother.

“yeah it was um interesting to say the least” she inhales sharply fixing her necklace before setting herself forward as the crowd settles into their seats the service about to commence

i finally spot my brother moving toward the blossom woman jason’s football jersey in hand, i narrow my eyes as they endure a short conversation before he hands over the article of clothing and sits down directly in front of me

“what was that all about?” i mumble leaning forward and he just shakes his head “ill fill you in later yeah?” you roll your eyes leaning back into your seat as the music begins

“and may the odds be ever in your favour” i mumble

“why didn’t you tell me you were offered captain?” i nag my brother as we slide into our usual lunch spot, jughead giving me a soft smile as i sit down next to him

“look it doesn’t really matter-i want to focus on music and i gave it up to reggie anyways”

“really?! the coach gave extra praise to the kid that calls himself mantle the magnificent, jeez talk about fuelling a mans ego” i push my food around my plate not feeling particularly hungry.

“so are you going to try out for the variety show?” he takes a sip from his water bottle placing it back down “well i kinda blew that”

i furrow my eyebrows as kevin, ronnie & betty join us the blonde sitting down next to me “we need to talk” she turns to me eyes wide.

i tune out of my brother conversation and give my full attention to the blonde “what’s up?” i pop a piece of watermelon in my mouth as she speaks

“y'know how jughead and i went to sleuth after the funeral” i nod continuing with my fruit “we ran into cheryl’s great grandma- super horrifying but anyways polly was engaged to jason”

my eyes almost pop out of my head “what?!” i almost shout, narrowing my eyes at the blonde girl. “that’s insane betty”

“yo sis did you hear that?” i turn from my bestfriend to my red headed twin “huh?” jughead chuckles at my daze and i nudge him with my elbow earning a yelp from the jones boy.

“veronica is going to sing with my at the show, are you going to come?” i nod “yeah, dad wants me to come” a smile beams from his face, excitement evident.

the bell rings signalling the end of lunch causing me to refrain from smashing my head against the lunch table “you okay?” the brunette boy asks me leaning forward in his seat as the others gather their stuff.

i sling my bag on grabbing my lunch tray “yeah, just thinking” i sigh beginning to walk to english with the two sleuths

“did betty tell you she has a date tonight?” jughead teases the blonde as we head outside the school.

“um elizabeth cooper when were you going to tell me this” i exclaim grabbing the girls arm as the brunette laughs at the two of us

“it’s not a date!” she defends “you literally said ‘it’s a date’” the boy retorts a lazy smile hanging from his lips “who’s it with?!” eagerness coursing through me

“just trev, he was friends with jason and i wanted to see if we could get more information that’s all it is- we’re going to pops tonight” she finishes scuffing her feet as we exit the school.

“im working tonight!” i exclaim and she rolls her eyes adjusting her backpack “so i can really see if this is a date” i snicker smiling sinisterly at the blonde girl

“ive gotta go i guess ill see you later” she whines walking away from the two of us “see you later” i call after her turning to jughead a shy smile on his face

“what?” i chuckle bringing my lip between my teeth “nothing” he replies back smug a smile still beaming from his face.

i blush, turning away from the boy “you’re such a dork” he nods to himself

“ive got shift so ill see you later-” i talk fast nervous, my sight darting around the courtyard watching kids exit the school, rushing home

“mind if i walk with you?” i shake my head starting to walk away the brunette hot on my heels reaching for my hand as we hear the diner and grow further and further from school

i smile down at our joined hands feeling my cheeks heat up"

“everything okay?” he teases causing me to blush even more “oh shush” i giggle pushing through the diner door greeted by hermione and pop.

they glance at our joined hands and we spring away from each other, jughead scratching the back of his neck, embarrassment consuming the both of us.

“hey kids” hermione says sweetly a knowing smile on her features

“im going to change” i announce walking away from the three slipping into the ladies room to change into my uniform, reemerging to find jughead in his usual booth with his laptop already up and typing away

i waltz over to hermione tying my apron around my waist “H” i say warily a smirk evident on the lodge women’s face

“so you and that jones boy” my eyes widen shaking my head “you can’t tell anyone especially ronnie” i beg placing my hands on either side of her arm

“and whys that?” her eyes narrowing removing my hands and crossing her arms over her uniform

“it’s complicated” i sigh glancing back at the boy in the booth “we just want to keep it on the down low so please” she nods winking at me “go you have tables to serve”

the night was busy filled with customer after customer including betty and trev, i watched from afar squealing at the interaction of best friend with a cute boy.

i also had my eyes on another cute brunette in pops, as he sipped his chocolate milkshake his long fingers typing away at his laptop concentration clear on his face.

my attentions brought back when trev passes me giving me a smile wave goodbye full well knowing I’d been spying on them all night

i rush over to the booth sliding in next to the blonde “spill” i gush grabbing at the girls shoulder a smile beaming from my face, it’d been a long shift and i needed a good gossip sesh with my favourite girl

“what’s got you all giddy” i smile at the familiar voice as he slides into the seat opposite us.

“betty was about to tell me how her date went” i take a sip out of the blondes milkshake glass “it wasn’t a date!!” she defends.

i roll my eyes as she continues “he said that jason sold a bunch of his stuff weeks before he’s death- he was even selling drugs isn’t that crazy?”

my brows cruise concussion taking over “really-” i was cut off when hermione walks over to our booth “sorry kids but we’re closing up” they nod removing themselves from the booth

“goodnight” betty smiles hugging me before leaving the dinner, jughead hovers the raven haired woman leaving us to go back into the kitchen.

“ive got to stay back and clean jug” i yawn rubbing my eyes, exhaustion seeming to consume me “want me to wait i can walk you home?” i shake my head “ill be awhile- it’s fine”

he nods shoving his hands into his pockets “okay-ill see you tomorrow?” i nod playing with the fabric on the edge of my dress “see you tomorrow juggie”

and with that he bids me goodnight and exists the diner leaving us two girls alone to clean

i switch on the radio pulling on my rubber gloves on as we start to scrub away at the dirty dishes, dancing along to the music.

a noise from the foyer brings our attention back, i turn down the music and pull of my gloves emerging from the kitchen “sorry we’re close” i muse suddenly noticing that the diner was empty.

i move closer to the door noticing it to be unlocked, i turn to see a brown box lying on the floor, puzzled I walk up to it opening the box cautiously to find a snake curled up in the box

i let out a blood curdling scream falling to the floor as i rush myself backwards

hermione rushes out running toward me pulling me into her chest “what’s wrong honey?!” she asks worry filling her soft voice

i point to the box my heart racing beyond compare “there’s a freaking snake” she rushing to her phone dialling a number as she excuses herself into the next room.

the snake starts to crawl out of the box and toward me and i scramble from the floor climbing up onto the counter screaming “hermione!!” i yell causing the raven haired lady to run out

she grabs the box and places it over the snake trapping it from sylethring away

i squirm feeling tears pool in my eyes “you okay?” she rushes to me helping me off the counter top “yeah just a little shaken up” she gives me a hug smoothing down my hair.

“i called your dad, he’s on his way” i nod fishing my phone out of my dress pocket sending a quick text and then pocketing it not waiting for a reply.

the door chimes my dad rushing in to hug me moving toward hermione that look in his eyes, and thats when my stomach turned. he was looking at her the way he used to look at mum.

i scoop up my bag slipping on my denim jacket “where are you going?” she asks standing from the floor her eyes still locked on the box

“i can’t stay in here, im sorry” i blurt turning away and pushing through the exit door making my way toward the only person i knew that could comfort me right now

i find myself pick up my speed as i reach the trailer park practically running up the door slightly banging on it hoping that the boy would still be awake

tears flow from my eyes as the door swing open revealing an older man, “is jughead in?” he steps back scratching his head as he glances down at my pops uniform.

“im sorry miss-” “andrews” i finish for him wiping my cheeks “look miss andrews jugheads in bed-”

“dad what’s wrong?” i move past the man and rush into the trailer flinging myself into the arms of the brunette boy sobs racking my body

his arms tighten around my waist whispering softly into my ear in efforts to calm me “what’s wrong?” i sniffle pulling away slightly from the boy enough to see the worry in his eyes but still tight in his embrace

“god it’s so stupid” i mumble feeling embarrassed “hey tell me, please” he begs moving the hair from my face tucking it gently behind my ear.

“someone delivered a snake in a box and work and dad came-” he’s eyes grow wide looking to the older man behind him as he slips into his bedroom

“are you serious?! are you hurt are you okay” he rushes checking my body for bite marks i move away from him shaking my head as i sit myself down on the dirty couch

i run my hands through my hair “it’s not that- it’s my dad, hermione called him and i-i- I thought it was to comfort me but-” i swallow the lump in my throat

“it was to comfort her- he looked at her the way he used to look at my mum.. i think there’s something going on between them and i just can’t- i don’t know i-” i mumble my words feeling the tears rolling down

jughead sits himself down next to me pulling me into his chest “you just don’t want to see him with anyone else” he whispers stroking my hair soothingly

“im sorry” he murmurs “me too"

the sun blare through my room my eyes finding it hard to adjust to the sudden light, my eyes still puffy from last nights events. i roll over pulling the covers back up to my chin feeling myself drift back to sleep when there’s a knock at my door

i moan a ‘hello’ as the door squeaks up, squinting to reveal my father standing at the door clad in his work uniform

“afternoon sleepy head” i sit up yawning glance at the clock to see the times read 1:30pm i got home late and must’ve slept through my morning alarms.

“i know you had a rough night so i figured you earned a day off- i brought you lunch, i wanted to check up on you” he plops himself down on the edge of my bed handing me over a bag from pops

“thank you” i mumble moving my hair from my face looking down at my covers scared to look my dad in the face “where’d you go last night?”

“the jones’” i mumble and he just nods placing a hand on my shoulder “are you okay?” i nod feeling tears form in my eyes “just a little shaken up but im fine now, promise”

he pulls me forward wrapping me in a small hug before standing from my bed “i canceled your shift for tonight and bought us tickets to the show” i nod “sounds good” he nods back walking toward the door lingering in the hall

“thanks again dad, for lunch” he nods disappearing down the steps and put the front door, returning back to work i assume

i layed back down in my bed popping a few fries in my mouth as i open the lid to my laptop the screen lighting up as a picture of my family pops up; it was taken a few christmas ago when we were all together.

my mother has the biggest smile on her face as she looks up my father, totally in love. my brother and i stand infront of them, archie’s arm slung around my shoulders pulling me into him capturing us mid laugh.

it was a full length photo, you could see vegas jumping up at us her tongue hung from her mouth, her tail swishing in excitement. i didn’t know how much i missed being together until i found myself crying

i clicked into my photo album scrolling through all the old photos before i made the move to chicago with my parents there was a few with the whole gang; even the blossoms.

cheryl and i were clad in our riven vixen uniforms, it was freshmen year and it was our first ever game cheering and jason stood in the middle sporting his bulldogs uniform helmet in his hand as they are slung around the two of us girls

it was my favourite memory of freshman year, we look so innocent so young. free from heartache and loss.

“everything okay?” i jump at the voice slamming my laptop closed looking to see my two fellow river vixens standing at the door

“we let ourselves in, hope you don’t mind. you weren’t at school and we were worried” i shake my head smiling “it’s fine”

relief shows on their faces as the walk over to me sitting themselves down on my bed “god we were worried” “it’s was just a little incident at work and i couldn’t sleep so dad just let me take the day off”

“what happened at work?!” ronnie asks her brows creasing knowing full well that her mother was working shift with me last night “there was a box with a snake in it, left for us in pop’s. your mum seems to think it was a serpents doing”

“and well my dad.. and your mum they seemed weird with each other and it reminded me of my mum” i confess my eyes tearing up

“i don’t think i can handle my dad being with someone else other than my mum- i can’t i don’t even want to think about it”

she swallows her eyes darting around my room as i watch the clogs behind her eyes click “ronnie everything okay?” i place my hand over hers noticing the change in her eyes, guilt.

“i should go-” she grabs her bag leaning over and hugging me before rushing for the door “ill see you tonight right?” i nod watching her rush out of my room not bothering to say bye to the blonde next to me

“is she okay?” i question only to get a shrug in reply “im not too sure, something happened with her and arch-” i nod fiddling with my blanket

“we were worried about you” i give her a half hearted smile “i should’ve message you & v i just over slept and-” i huff guilt creeping up “it wasn’t just me and v”

“oh well yeah kev-” she giggles to herself “and juggie” my eyes widen “really?” she nods a smile growing on her face.

“he’s going to help me look into finding polly, i found where she’s staying and he offered to come with me” i smile trying not to give myself away “that’s sweet” she nods vigorously “isn’t it!”

“he’s on his way over- did you want to come with?” i sigh flopping my head back down on my pillow “i would but im going to the show tonight- i don’t think i could see your sister after the last time i saw her-”

she lets out a long sigh, grabbing hold of my hand and giving it a soft reassuring squeeze.

“its okay” she smiles brightly at me opening my laptop, the photo of myself and the blossom twins appearing on my screen.

she moves herself so she’s sitting next to me resting against my head board bringing my laptop up into her lap. “freshman year right?” i nod “sure was” i mumble in reply

“i love this one” i turn my attention to the screw a photo popping up of the five of us; betty, archie myself and the blossom twins.

we were all in our uniforms smiling from ear to ear

“i like this one better” i reach over and tap the next button to reveal a picture from last year, taken the day before i left for chicago. before i knew that my parents had taken a turn for the worst

we were all in a booth at pops; archie, betty, jughead, kevin and i all rugged up milkshakes and burgers scattered on the table and innocent smiles sketched onto our baby faces

blissfully unaware that in the next coming day their lives were about to get turned upside down.

“i love this one too” betty mumbles quietly a tear slipping from her green eyes “aw betts please don’t cry” i moan clinging to the girl laughing softly as my eyes well up

“god i remember that day like it was yesterday” she sniffles leaning her head against mine “that was the last i ever saw of you”

the air seemed to grow thick, silence growing between us as we stare blankly at the laptop screen

“why didn’t you say goodbye?” she turns to me vulnerability in her eyes. i close mine, the memory flooded back as i tried desperately for it to stop

i cleared my throats trying to respond without falling apart “i couldn’t-” my voice cracks.

“she woke me up at god knows what time and dragged me of bed shoving everything into bags telling me that ‘we need to leave we need to leave right now” i start to cry

“dad and arch woke up from the all the commotion and they start crying archie was hurt lead to believe that i wanted to go and leave them behind”

“i didn’t want to leave them- i didn’t want to leave anyone but i- i- couldn’t i couldn’t stay” i look to the blonde shock on her face.

“my mum said i needed help and i couldn’t get it from riverdale- so i had to go betty. i had no choice”

tears stream down my cheeks as betty looks on guilt dripping from her face. we sit staring at each other, too scared to speak. that was until jughead came bounding through the door

his eyes widen his whole persona changing as he realises what has happened. i spring from my bed excusing myself from the door as i dart into the bathroom locking it before either of them had the chance to follow me

i splash my face trying to calm myself down, scrubbing off yesterday’s makeup. trying to remove the loop of my dad and hermione from my mind

there’s a few knocks at my door but i ignore them, turning the shower on and starting to strip down. i need to get ready for tonight and it was the only way i could stay in here without suspicion from the two vacated my bedroom

i shut the water off, stepping out into the bathroom to dry my body before slipping on a robe and exiting the bathroom and taking the short walk into my bedroom

and just as expected the room was empty, i sit back down on my bed letting out a breathe i didn’t know i was holding.

soft knocks at my door bring my attention back down to earth “come in” i speak softly tightening my robe around my body making sure nothing is showing.

my dad pops his head in dressed up all nice for the show tonight, it was the first time dad would ever hear archie sing so it was a big deal. he’d bought tickets for all his work friends wanting something to boast about since i wasn’t all that interesting

“you almost ready? we’ve got to leave soon” i nod “im about to get ready shouldn’t be to long” he nods biding goodbye and closing my door behind him.

i walk over to my stereo turning up my music as i start to get myself ready for the night

we walked into the school side by side searching the crowd for dad’s work friends, i fish my phone out of my clutch hoping to see a text from jughead but nothing.

i rock on the back of my hells when i spot hermione, the raven haired lady smiles over at us briskly walking toward the two of us. my dads face lights up giving the lodge women a soft smile.

the engage in small talk as i desperately search for a way out of this damn conversation only to be brought back into it with hermione shaking my shoulder

“did your dad tell you the good news” she practically squeals squeezing my arm “nooo” i drag out the ‘o’ feeling a tad out of the loop.

“your dad’s offered me a job! no more scrubbing dirty fry pans and waiting tables for this lady” she gestures to herself earning a laugh from my dad.

she places a hand of his chest the two looking sickly happy “excuse me” i mutter moving as far away as i could hoping to spot any of my friends

i spot val walking along the corridor and i practically tackle her before she walks into the drama room “woho (y/n) what’s wrong?” she exclaims, alarmed.

“have you seen my brother? it’s important” she nods “follow me he’s probably back stage” i walk behind the pussy cat as she leads me into the green room

it doesn’t take me long till i spot my red headed brother siting along guitar in his hands strumming lightly, he looked as white as a ghost

i plop down next to him “arch are you okay?” he looks up at me noticing the nervousness in my eyes. “could ask you the same” he laughs lowly setting down his guitar

“val bailed on me so now im going solo- im so nervous (y/n)” i furrow my brows at my brother “wait i thought you were singing with v?” he sighs

“it’s a long story but anyway she got all upset because she found dad and her mum kissing at work this morning so she got spooked and-” my eyes widen, shock spreading through my body like wildfire.

“um excuse me what now?!” i almost yell, “i thought you knew, ronnie went to the house to check on you i just thought-” i shake my head standing up “you just thought what? that it was just casual conversation arch?! you’re so insensitive”

i yell walking out of the dressing room bumping into ronnie on the way out “woah are you okay?” i scoff “wouldn’t you like to know, thanks by the way for telling me about my dad. you’re a real gem”

i push past the raven haired girl moving out into the foyer spotting my dad as he walks us over to our seats in the auditorium. i almost scream when i noticed we were situated right next to the lodge lady, as we settle in for the performance.

i find myself zoning out all through veronica’s & the pussycats performance that i didn’t even hear them call archie’s name till he was in the middle of the stage

i perk up watching as he starts to sing, out of the corner of my eye i watch as my fathers hand joins with hermione and i feel my eyes well up “i can’t be here” i mumble to my father rushing out of the auditorium

my eyes fill with tears as i rush out into the hall, i scream into my hands looking up to see both betty & jughead soaking wet talking to the sheriff, a serious scowl on his face.

i let out a small cry catching their attention, i smack my hand over my mouth trying to muffle the sounds. they turn the brunette boys eyes filling with worry as he glances to me.

but betty says something to the boy that makes him looking between the two of us before mouthing a ‘im sorry’ and running off down the hall and out into the pouring rain after betty & the sheriff

my heart grows heavy as i watch him out more and more distance between the two of us.

archie’s voice carries through the speakers, he sounded amazing.

i close my eyes briefly before heading out into the storm,rain pelting down on my face as i felt myself being consumed by my thoughts. i fall to my knees letting out a silent sob

i was getting worse, and no one knew.

so i picked myself up and walked right out of the parking lot, down my street, into my house & into my bathroom looking the door behind me hoping that no one would ever find me again

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Of Souls and Art

Summary: Soulmates are connected through what they write on their hands, and Phil’s soulmate does more than just write; they draw the most beautiful things Phil’s ever seen.
He is the only person with a soulmate that he knows, so how will he find his one and only?

Author’s Notes: This is a soulmate au I have been working on for a while because I absolutely love soulmate aus!
I can write more if wanted?
A huge thanks to my amazing beta @diamond0604! I couldn’t do it without her so thanks for putting up with my endless questions!!
I hope you enjoy!!

Also an extra thanks to my friends who I bugged about title ideas and summaries!
Thank you for putting up with me you guys are amazing!

AO3 Link

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Baby Project (Pt. III)

Tyler Joseph Series 

Part I  Part II

Summary: Two long life enemies, who supposedly hate each other with a burning passion are forced to spend more time than preferred together.

(A/N): I should really stop putting film references in these. Anyway, enjoy x 

Words: 1,259

“Fancy seeing you here, wifey“ a vexing voice greets, approaching the table. 

(Y/N) reluctantly looks up from her book and catches a glimpse of a fairly familiar face. “In the school cafeteria, at lunch break?“ she wonders wittily, arching an eyebrow at him.

“Geez, I‘m just trying to be nice here“, the guy says raising both of his arms in defence, “Who ate your bowl of sunshine this morning, thundercloud?“ he adds, as he plops down in the chair across from her. 

She chooses to ignore Tyler‘s presence after the question and shifts her attention back to the book.

Not satisfied with the reaction he has received, the young man decides to speak up once again. “What‘s wrong, are you on your period or something?“ he continues and casually takes a sip of her capri sun. 

“Well, I started my day by waking up in a puddle of blood. Is that how you’d like me to end yours?“ (Y/N) asks through gritted teeth with a deadly smile plastered on her face.

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Originally posted by imbangnzelo

  • part of the birthday request for seungcheol, thanks to the anon who asked for an assassin seungcheol
  • prefers hand to hand combat because it’s ‘funner’
  • he’s the type to leave a gigantic mess that the others have to clean up
  • seungcheol grew up in the business, he’s lived his whole life living in expensive homes paid by money that blood was spilt over
  • he grew up learning every type of martial arts, when his father placed a hand gun in his palm, seungcheol tossed it aside with boredom on his expression as he stated he loved fighting instead
  • when he was younger, seungcheol didn’t understand the business at all, why kill people that are just living like us?
  • but his father sat him down, a hand coldly pressed upon his shoulder ‘people are bad. people are selfish. our business helps people. we get rid of all those mean people in the world.’
  • and as much as seungcheol tried to wrap his head around that idea, he couldn’t grasp why humans would kill other humans
  • one day the concept clicked in his head
  • he was twelve years old when his father took him on a small trip, the excitement in his veins was flushed out when his eyes were fixated on his father’s hands repeatedly smashing the man’s head against the coffee table that cracked instantly with blood dripping to the ground
  • on the ride back home, seungcheol remained still as his father began small talk so casually but seungcheol, he was shaken, eyes dead as they stared at the rain pouring
  • and he found the reason behind killing people, it was not others that were selfish but his father who was. selfish and greedy for money is what his father was
  • selfish and greedy is what seungcheol turned out to be
  • he works for this big company, on the outside it looks like a friendly extravagant five star hotel
  • but deep on the inside, it’s a front for a giant assassin organization. each floor holds about a dozen assassins, each receiving deals and offers by a knock of a door
  • he likes the chase, he likes to play games with his victims for a long time, he captures them with his charming smile and ruins them with his sly smirk
  • takes any jobs, doesn’t matter the pay he’ll do anything
  • he has a team, well not really a team, its just twelve other individuals who help him sometimes and he helps them
  • on his floor, he lives next to twelve other assassins, some are partners and some are lone wolves
  • they’re the closest thing he could say was family, it was common for him to be tended by Joshua whenever he got wounded, or sometimes Mingyu brings over food
  • they’re guys that make his whole life feel a tiny bit normal
  • and then seungcheol meets you
  • he was so drawn to you, maybe because your laugh echoed loudly in his ear, or that in between the crowded room of people dressed in the darkest of colors, your bright yellow made you the center of everything
  • seungcheol seemed to forget the mission, he forgot to search for his next kill because you, yourself had stolen his whole attention
  • it wasn’t long that seungcheol had stolen yours, with a drink in his hand, a charming smile, seungcheol strode up to you, offering the beverage in his hand in exchange for your lovely name
  • and you couldn’t helped be charmed by this mysterious new face
  • before you knew it, seungcheol had taken you to dinner, which led to coffee and only escalated to more outings together, and suddenly seungcheol’s forgotten everything his whole life was created on: to be selfish
  • Because now, seungcheol wanted to give you everything
  • ‘are you going to let a girl ruin your life’
  • the words shot at him repeatedly, the whole building had caught wind of seungcheol and his affiliation with you, and now he was being shamed for wanting to quit, wanting to end every ties with everyone, wanting to live a normal life with your hand interlocked with his
  • and with his father’s hand pressed on his shoulder, seungcheol’s mind began to whirl as he heard the words ‘end it, or we will’
  • seungcheol clenched his fist as he sat nervously under the large umbrella showcased outside of the coffeeshop, his eyes shot at the building across the street, a sniper was placed upon the building, it’s eyesight closely focused on seungcheol
  • he watched you approach with a smile on your face, and seungcheol stood up, wrapping his arms tightly around you, when you pulled back, he held your face between his hands
  • ‘run away with me’
  • your smile faltered, ‘what are you talking about seungcheol’
  • ‘it’s hard to explain right now, we have limited time. but i love you, so much to be doing this right now. so run away with me’
  • you’re seeing the sincerity in his eyes, the way they were welling up as they held what looked like fear, and you couldn’t help but nod, ‘w-where are we going’
  • seungcheol smiles, ‘anywhere you want’
  • seungcheol glances up at the sniper, from the piece in his ear, he hears Jihoon ‘they’re coming. I’ll hold them off, the boys have everything packed, they’re waiting at the airport. You two need to leave now’
  • and hand in hand, seungcheol escapes the city with you, to start a new, to create a new meaning of life
A Real Date

Dean Winchester x Reader

1850 Words

Summary: After Dean had been gone for a hunt, he surprises you with a date. But as usual, things don’t go as planned.

Author’s Note: This is something I had written quite a while ago, and finally decided to upload. Maybe not my best writing, but…

Music echoed off the walls of the bunker, loud pop type music that usually never played in the bunker. Dean hated that type of music, so the only time you played it was when you were in the bunker, alone, doing research. The boys had left three days ago, on a routine salt and burn hunt. You had stayed back, helping them with research when they called. The rest of the time was spent cleaning (the boys weren’t the cleanest people in the world,) baking in the antique kitchen, watching movies, and dancing in your underwear.

It was the third day they had been gone, and you were really starting to miss your boyfriend of six months, Dean Winchester. He and his brother, Sam, were regulars at the diner you used to work at. That was until a Demon decided to mess with it. They killed the Demon, and offered you a chance to stay with them, learning to hunt, and giving you the opportunity to fall hard and fast for a certain green eyed hunter. It was the best decision you had ever made.

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anonymous asked:

Classical puns, eh? Those could sound a little flat if not used correctly. There are some key things to remember when using them; no rests; they have to sound natural. And you can't half-brass them. They must be sharp and in time, not a minuet too late. \(°0°)/

give me a second, gonna go smash my head into a table

Second chance for a normal life (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by thesoldierchildren

 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Summary: (AU)

Bucky is struggling with his life after he came back from the army. He is depressed and he also had a bad start with you.

Warning: cursing, blood, mentions of suicide attempt

Bucky stared at the paper for a good ten minutes. He wished that it was true that he totally gave up from his self, but there was a tiny voice in his head that was screaming at him.

˝Now or never˝ He walked to his bed he took the gun in his hand. He looked at it and then he put it back on the table, taking sleeping pills, every pill that was left in the bottle. He swallowed the pills and he lay down on the bed hoping to never wake up again.

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mellmichael  asked:

uuhh do enjolras/grantaire trying to study date but they keep getting distracted by the other bc they're gay

LAUREN U R A GOD AMONG MORTALS MUAH. (Everyone go love them, they don’t even ship this couple but they love me.)

Enjolras was dying. Up to his damn neck in books that he could have fucking swore he never read what the fukc. He had his head smashed against the table, letting out a low groan with his eye shutting without his consent. At this point, he was running on an average of two hours of sleep per night, not including the outlier night where Grantaire had expertly wrapped him in a blanket and forced him to sleep for ten hours. That, however, was five days ago and it /showed./ Piles of empty fast food boxes littered the room that he hadnt left in about a week. He should have done this before, he could hear Combeferre’s hypocritical ass telling him. The quiet humming coming from the other side of the table made Enjolras lift his head and lay eyes on the tired artist across from him. Grantaire lifted his own head and gave Enjolras a small smile, softly rubbing under his nose with a laugh.

“Did you finally decide to join the land of the living?” Grantaire quipped as he took a sip of the still warm tea sitting on the table in front of him, looking over the doodle he had been working on. Grantaire had dropped out of college the year prior, much to the Amis’s dismay. He had been getting along fine, it seemed. But the little smile that Grantaire had on his face made Enjolras sit back and furrow his eyebrows. Grantaire snorted at the face and took another sip. “Oh fuck, I’m about to get a lecture on the rights of the dead, aren’t I?”

Enjolras shot him a glare that could have melted an ice cap. Although technically those were already disappearing at an alarming rate, perhaps he should find a new saying. As he let himself get distracted, Grantaire let out a snort and slid off the flannel he had on over a tank top, stretching out as he stood up to take his plate to the kitchen. Enjolras realized the time for a response was gone and just let himself be distracted by the slight bit of stomach Grantaire had exposed when he stretched upwards, frowning slightly. “I don’t see why a political science major has to take a class on geography. It makes no sense.” He spoke for the first time since Grantaire got there, he supposed. He saw the other man start slightly but the smile that he saw made it worth it.

“I think it’s time to stop for a while.” He said it quietly, setting his plates back down and moving to Enjolras’s side, softly reaching down to rest his hands on his shoulders. Enjolras let out a soft moan as he realized just how stupidly touch starved he was. He let his head rest back into Grantaire’s arms and he slumped into the chair. Grantaire started to gently rub his shoulders and Enjolras could feel the warmth that seemed to always radiate off of Grantaire seep into his skin. He quietly stood up and turned around to look at him. Grantaire let his hands trail up his shoulders to cup his cheeks. Enjolras smiled and stepped forward into his arms, letting his head lock into his neck.

“I hate it when you’re right.” The muffled voice that came from him sounded whiny to his own ears but a laugh radiated from Grantaire. He reached up and buried his fingers into Grantaire’s shirt, taking in the smell of oil paints and cigarette smoke. The familiar smell of Grantaire seemed to surround him and he couldn’t help but smile. This was what made the late night studying worth it, he supposed. The after studying care. Enjolras let his hands trail down Grantaire’s back and shoved his ice cold hands up Grantaire’s shirt, hearing the man yell and push him back with a glare that quickly turned into a snort.

“You can’t ever have a soft moment, can you?”

“Fuck that.”

Haikyuu Band Au

• Kuroo, Kenma, Tsukishima, and Hinata are in a pop punk band together. 

• Hinata is the lead singer, Kuroo is on drums, Kenma on bass guitar, and Kei is lead guitar and backup vocals. 

• Bokuto, Akaashi, Iwaizumi, and Ushijima have a heavy metal band. 

• Bokuto is on drums, Akaashi is the lead singer, Iwaizumi is the bassist, and Ushijima is the lead guitarist. 

• Yamaguchi, Daichi, Nishinoya, and Asahi sometimes collab to make  digital/electronic music used for stoner raves. Mostly remixes, but some original club music. They’re internet famous but they mostly try to keep anonymous.

• Matsukawa and Hanamaki are amateur rappers with a joint YouTube account. 

• Oikawa, Kageyama, and Sugawara are in a boy band. 

• Each has a specific personality type that makes them more appealing to their fans.

• Oikawa is the super ~~charming~~ and flirtatious one. He likes to play around with the fans a lot, especially when performing, like going down to the edge of the stage to grab their hands or take pictures with them or give them kisses on their hands (though he has to generally be pulled back by the other two before he’s mauled; you can hear Kags call him a complete dumbass, even if he moved his mic away some). Sometimes during music breaks, he likes to pose around to give his fans a chance at some choice pics. Sometimes he gets a bit “frisky” with the microphone stand to rile the girls in the front up or strip layers of his sparkly clothes off.

• Kageyama is the “tall, dark, and handsome” one of the group. He’s kinda seen as a bad boy, of sorts. Maybe even a sad, broody type. His voice is gentle and melodic so he mainly sings the love songs. One time, he brought a fan up on stage and sang happy birthday to her. He lost his favorite lip ring that night. She had to be escorted out of the arena and he had to be carried away with a towel over his face.

• Sugawara is the funny, playful, and fashionable one of the three. And quite honestly the most sensible. He knows to play and interact with his fans to keep them interested, but he also knows that they’re like feeding piranhas and to keep his distance. He’s usually the one to answer fan messages on their joined social media sites or posts about upcoming tour dates and changes to schedules. He has the pretty/innocent boy complex about him. He also has the most male fans!

• Kiyoko and Yachi as idols. Kiyoko influenced Yachi to join her, despite her being nervous (Yachi has the sweetest voice ever and can hit some serious high notes) and helped her push past it and made her discover how much she loved performing. The screams from the audience make her feel more confident. 

•Kiyoko is the gorgeous, sexy one and is super social because of how popular she is. She is effortlessly talented, but she doesn’t rely on her natural ability. Yachi admires how hardworking she is and that is one of the main reasons she joined Kiyoko in the first place.

•A lot of fans ship Kiyoyachi ;)

• Kuroo and Bokuto have completely opposite musical visions. Kuroo is into alternative, scene kid, pop punk, “get out of this town” fun music and Bokuto likes classic rock and heavy metal, especially old British bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Metallica. Because of their varying artistic visions they clash… a lot. And their fans eat this shit up. They start off with a lowkey rivalry that turns into social media wars (tagging each other in shit posts about the other’s band), then they move to actual verbal arguments, until it escalates even more.

• Kuroo (about Bo’s band): “this shit isn’t even music, he’s just gutturally roaring in a microphone and smashing his head on a table” 

• Bokuto (about Kuroo’s band): “lol look at these fucking pussies. their music is about as real as those clip-on piercings”. 

• Their war escalated to an on-stage fight. It started out with a typical concert. Bokuto was ending a song and taking a quick break to get some water and ask the fans if they want one more song. Then Kuroo struts out with a microphone and says “to the dumbass owl who talked pure shit all last week behind his twitter handle, Bokuto what’s good son?!” They end the entire performance with a fist fight, which involves security separating them and sending everyone home. Right before they get all cleaned up (and stitched, in Kuroo’s case - right above his left eye), they take a picture together and laugh it off. It’s posted on Bokuto’s instagram with the caption “homie for life tho. #Tetsubro” 

• Oikawa’s group gets involved with them too because their label wants them to take on more of a bad boy persona; Oikawa gets distracted by Hajime’s arms though and they’re both annoyed that Ushijima falls for him.

• Sugawara, Yamaguchi, Tsukishima, and Daichi all sit back and watch the chaos unfold. 

• Yamaguchi supplies the drugs and they pass it around. Tadashi and Kei shotgun it.

• Daichi barks out for Tsukishima to cut it out and save that shit for the hotel, to which Kei replies with a middle finger behind Tadashi’s head. 

• Kageyama and Hinata figure out that their voices sound angelic together. 

•Kenma convincing Kei to dye his hair with him. Kenma goes with soft pink hair and Tsukishima with punk-blue tips. Suga and Oikawa get matching mint highlights. Nishinoya changes the color of his fringe.

• Tsukishima has lots of piercings. Literally everywhere. Tongue, nipples, lip, hips, ears, and bridge. Hinata has piercings all up one of his ears. Kageyama has a lip ring. Bokuto has an eyebrow ring. Kuroo has a little stud in his nose. Akaashi has a bellybutton piercing, as well as a tongue ring.

• His fans found out about his nipple rings, because Kenma is a literal troll. He loves pranking the others cause they’re so easy. He especially loves messing with Kei and riling him up. He just makes it so easy! He managed to catch a picture of Kei coming out of the shower and zoomed in hella close and posted it to his insta, with the caption “nice nipple rods bro #whysocoldlmao” and RIP Kei.

• Akaashi likes to torture his fans and take pics with Kenma (close friends, sometimes have been known to collab on softer songs together) with his tongue always out to show off the new tongue piercings he buys. 

• Kuroo has a dick piercing. enough said.

– Punk and Pastel