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Link from Melee and Soul Calibur II are based on his Ocarina of Time incarnation.

Link in Brawl/Smash 4 is based on his Twilight Princess appearance. 

In Zelda’s lore, (nearly) every Link is a distinct individual, and since Link was (obviously) not in the HD port, the GameCube port of Soul Calibur II was in fact the last apperance of OoT Link.

RIP The Hero of Time

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so I snuck out of class with a girl today and I started laughing while we were kissing cause she said something along the lines of “drink me up, daddy.” all i could think about was that drawing of DiceHoe milking Satan. she left my ass in the bathroom. So thanks for ruining my gay time- Ass Eating Anon

-Prostate Milker Jeff


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Playing With Fire Pt. 1

Jackson: Kyungsoo please be nice.

Kyungsoo: I will.

Jackson: I’m being serious Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo: Okay Jackson.

Jongin: Babe for real though be nice to her.

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Kyungsoo: Oh my fuckin god I said I would be nice to the wench did I not?

Jackson: See you’re already calling her names! Mom! 

Me: Kyungsoo when Hyuna gets here I expect you to be nice. 

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Kyungsoo: OKAY! 

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Jongin: You’ll survive this jagiyah.


*doorbell rings* 

Jackson: She’s here! 

Me: It’s almost cute how excited he is.

Kyungsoo: Key word is almost.

Jackson: Hyuna! I’m glad you could make it.

Hyuna: Of course babe, I wouldn’t bail on something as important as meeting your mom.

Kyungsoo: *mumbling* Wish you had bailed on saying yes to dating my brother…

Jongin: Stop it…

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Hyuna: Jongin! I see you’re looking as sexy as ever. How are you doing?

Jongin: Umm I’m fine Hyuna, it’s nice to see you. How are you?

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Hyuna: *giggling* I’m great, oh Kyungsoo I almost didn’t see you there. How are you?

Kyungsoo: It’s okay the ignorant are blind to many things Hyuna, but I’m doing well. 

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Jackson: Kyungsoo! 

Hyuna: It’s fine Jackson, Kyungsoo likes to think he has jokes is all. 

Kyungsoo: A whole arsenal sweetheart.

Jackson: Whatever, can y'all both chill just for tonight? For me?

Me: Dinner is ready guys. You must be Hyuna, it’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Hyuna: Hopefully only good things ma'am.

Me: For the most part, but it really depends on how you define good.


*at the dinner table* 

Me: So Hyuna, tell me, what are your plans for after high school?

Hyuna: Umm well I plan to move to New York and try out for different dance companies. I would love to dance back up for like Beyonce or someone maybe one day get into choreographing for top stars as well. 

Jackson: You’re a really good dancer, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Me: Oh how cute. 

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Kyungsoo: *snorts*

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Me: Do you have a backup plan in case dancing doesn’t work out?

Hyuna: Umm, I haven’t given it much thought. I guess go back to school?

Me: I see, well Hyuna honey, I don’t know if Jackson has told you but I take education very seriously. Even though both my boys plan to go into the arts they will still be going to college. I expect the same from their significant others.


Me: Another thing I would like to know Hyuna. If you don’t mind me asking are the two of you sexually active?

Jackson: Mom! You can’t just ask people about their sex life over a plate of chicken and rice! Do you know how messed up that sounds “Hey are you two screwing? Pass the pepper.” The hell?

Me: Jackson this is nothing new. I did this to Kyungsoo and Jongin when they first started dating, in case you forgot. 

Jackson: Yeah but it’s embarrassing. 

Me: If you can’t talk about sex maturely then you don’t need to be having it. 

Jackson: We can talk about sex, we don’t want to talk about it with you! 

Me: And if she gets knocked up who do you think is going to be paying those hospital bills? Exactly. Now shut up and answer my damn question. 

Hyuna: If you want to know Ms. Chris we haven’t had sex yet. 

Jongin: Don’t you say a damn thing. 

Kyungsoo: *whispers* You suck…

Hyuna: I know you’ve probably heard some things about me from certain people in this room, but my reputation really isn’t as bad as it’s made out to seem. 

Kyungsoo: *cough*Bullshit*coughcough* 

Hyuna: I’m sorry do you have something to say to me Kyungsoo?

Kyungsoo: No, you can continue with your soapbox.

Hyuna: Like I was sa-

Kyungsoo: However I will say that it’s good we don’t have to worry about Jackie catching anything any time soon. 

Jongin: Dammit Kyungsoo…

Hyuna: I will never understand why you insist on talking crap about me when you have the title of one of the school whores. 

Kyungsoo: Takes a whore to know a whore honey. Does Jackson know about all your past escapades?

Hyuna: Hahaha and does Jongin know about all yours? Believe me Superhead you don’t want to start with me. I have just as much dirt on you. 

Kyungsoo: Bitch boo bye. The only thing you have on me is a STD so sit down.

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Hyuna: So you mean to tell me Jongin knows about everything you’ve done?

Kyungsoo: We’ve known each other since we were little kids. I’m pretty sure he knows more about me than I do. 

Hyuna: So both Jongin AND Jackson know you blew JB in the boys locker room last year? 

Jongin: I’m sorry WHAT?!

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Kyungsoo: Awe fuck…

Hyuna: Checkmate bitch.


Me: Well shit. I better get some towels for this spilled tea…

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Jackson: Mom this isn’t funny! 

Me: You right so I’m gonna drink about two more glasses of wine then it will be. 

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