smashed peas and carrots


I ate like a crazy person yesterday.
I pretty literally ate almost 1k calories in brownie and then went after some Cheez it’s and Naked popcorn. I blame hormones, lol.
But I count calories good or bad and it’s pretty interesting to see what I can pack away when I’m in one of those moods. And then today! Omg today I am loaded with stamina! I honestly could’ve just walked/ran/trotted forever, but kids and stuff. Still wish I made it to 50k steps, but I’ll get there!
Side note: You can eat like a crazy person every now and then and still lose weight. It’s just important to tighten back up and get back into your better eating habits right after.

Tonight I made my favorite go to meal since the kids went with grandma to dinner and Paul had to go to bed at 5:30pm. It’s nothing special I warn you, it’s just my giant salad with chicken. There is also tomato, celery, carrots, mozzarella, green snap peas, and I smash tortilla chips on top because I want the salty crunch sometimes. 🤗

Oh yeah! Bought a thick yoga mat the other day to get back in to that. It’s been… years. But my lower body is in great need of the flexibility!