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At last! A new drawing is complete! This one took forever and I’m not entirely sure what compelled me to make it, as I started it on a whim.

This is a follow up to the Megaman Smash idea I posted a long while ago, basically, a fan-game where you fight the third party characters (Roll taking the place of megaman to represent his own series as a stage) and Mario (because flagship Nintendo franchise, can’t forgo that) in place of the Robot Masters.

Coupled to that, my brain started to wonder about how it would be like if such a game had a “Powered Up” equivalent, and here we are, mock screens of such a thing.

I would really like to make this game a reality someday, I just need a capable team (specifically, a programmer and a composer, as I fulfill the role of the spriter) to do so, sadly.

Also, I guess these counts for that one request that asked for a drawing of sonic and megaman? I’m not sure, but hey, I hope you guys find this cute, now to see how long it takes me to complete another set of drawings, HO BOY.

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ok so since its safe to send a thing in, how about ranpo with a baker s/o? like she specifically bakes pastries and they are super good and just. where's the fluff

just going to straight into it! i’ll just put them into bullet-points so i can just keep myself organized.

  • baking has been your passion, ever since that one year in high school when you became unfortunate friends with a fellow classmate allergic to chocolate. chocolate, as in the flavor - and you’re not even sure if it’s a real allergy, because you had seen them walk through a chocolate store without so much of a reaction. of course, allergies are different for every person, so it might have just been the whole “i can smell, touch, and look at this, but if i eat it i die” issue
  • whatever the case, you took it upon yourself to give them a better alternative
  • so you came up with even better
  • ….you don’t actually remember much about it, exactly, but it was what you told people, when they walked into your bakery, took one look at you, and let their jaws drop because of your young age.
  • okay, so maybe you decided to forgo attending a college in favor of chasing your dream
  • and okay, maybe your job comes with the bonus of being involved with the Armed Detective Agency
  • and definitely okay, it’s a choice you would never change, even if you found a time machine that promised to return to moments in your life that you would change in order to alter your entire path
  • but the best part?
  • Edogawa Ranpo, your boyfriend.
  • Edogawa Ranpo, master of the “look over there” trick when you’re pulling pastries out of the oven - he doesn’t even care if he’ll get burnt; either that, or he doesn’t remember that he’ll get burnt - your first customer of the day and the last customer of the evening who insists on opening his wallet and dumping all of his change into your tip jar
  • never mind that the two of you practically draw from the same bank account anyway
  • he steals your money to buy sweets, you use his to take care of your business as revenge
  • once, he tried to help you out, but you ended up laughing more than getting any work done. he tries to stuff food in your mouth while you’re baking in the back and is very vocal in his opinions and look so passionate about keeping carrot cake around when you told him you were considering removing it from your menu because some of the ingredients were so troublesome to purchase.
  • your coworkers can’t help but agree that the two of you would a) be the cutest couple and b) would probably argue over how many strawberries you could put in a tart
  • well
  • the two of you have done that
  • but that’s not even the most important part
  • ever had an asshole customer come in? all you have to do is step back and he’ll absolutely wreck the person standing on the other side of the counter and leave them crying like a baby
  • but only if you want him to
  • while it would be nice to set him on every little annoyance you have, you’d lose business
  • Final Weapon Edogawa Ranpo, your assistant manager likes to joke
  • Final Weapon Edogawa Ranpo?
  • more like Edogawa “[Naaaaaame], I burnt myself, come kiss it better” Ranpo

[ oda sakunosuke x reader ] (+ a side of dazai osamu)

notes: happy birthday to @yeahmom! the best wife. i hope i don’t break any hearts.

to my dear friend odasaku; i write to you today of what i think you should know, for i have kept my promise and i will hold her world together if i must.

零 ; a question.

The paper in Odasaku’s hand tore, and there was something urgent in his stare, a fire burning so intensely that it etched itself permanently into Dazai’s memory.

“Will you protect her?”

Dazai remembers laughing and setting down his drink and replying, “Of course I will.”

一 ; first letter.

Odasaku —

How is the afterlife suiting you?

It’s been a while, I know, but I hadn’t been ready.

Now I am, and I think I’m ready to start to tell you what I have chosen not to for all this time. It might be a little abrupt, but if I do not begin now then when will I?

Please, be patient, as you always have been.

I used to wonder, and I think you know well that it was often on my mind, what drove you to seek a relationship with a civilian like her. [Surname] [Name]. I don’t believe I will ever forget the day that the two of you met in the bookstore, you, with that old text in your hands, and her, so lazily completing a college paper behind the counter like she was about to fall asleep from boredom.

Don’t worry. Her life now is far from boring.

It never crossed my mind that you would click together so quickly - after all, who would expect it? Your backgrounds were completely different. You wouldn’t have even met, if I hadn’t set fire to your book on accident. I suppose one thing leads to another, just like one question will inevitably shift into a new one as it has with me.



What did she offer you that gave her such a closeness to your heart? What made you do what you did, all of it, that you always could tie back to her and give it meaning?

Sometimes, I feel like I did not understand you. I don’t quite understand myself either, writing this letter, but she insists.

It is nearing April, she says. I have an idea.

It has been so many years, Odasaku. So much time has passed since I last saw you, since I heard your voice. Everything has changed now for me, and I think I should tell you, because in the end, it all comes back to you. My entire life, my work, my dreams - it’s been uprooted and altered now, to something completely different, and I hope you find it satisfying to have made such an impact.

But … I should start first with what I began this letter with. All of the other things, they have not yet fallen perfectly into place.

I can see now, as you had once seen.

That girl, she’s graduated early, like the two of you had planned out, before. She is brilliant, but I should not have expected anything less from her. She, the person you gave your love to, has grown. I think you’ll like the places she has ended up.

So many, and it is only —

I’ve run out of time, for now.

Did you notice? I’m stalling.

Sorry, Odasaku. I do not have the courage yet to tell you this. You’ll have to wait just a bit longer.

二 ; second letter.

Odasaku —

The Agency is a wonderful place, and it would have treated you well. Here, we can use our abilities to save people, as you wanted me to do. I am listening to you, even now. I am keeping my promises, and I do not intend to break them.
Ango … I don’t know if he still will act on it, but it no longer matters, not anymore.

He wasn’t there when it happened.

She was in a terrible state, after you left us. I wish I had gotten to her sooner, for I had known, from you, of how easily she could crack. The pressure, I have learned, and need for an escape would not have let her go with you no longer there to save her.

I should have figured it out earlier.

But I caught her, the moment before she fell, and I suppose that is all that matters in the end.

That is when I realized that perhaps the two of us are not as different as I thought we were - to balance out it all, the expectations and the plans other have pushed onto us, and you.

It was the first step.

I don’t want to worry you. You should be free now, to do as you please and to write the ending you wanted to do and to not tie yourself down to the troubles of the living. 

Am I starting to sound like [Name]?

I guess I am. I’m biased when I say this, though you must have been as well when you first said that to me, but - she has a faith, albeit a loose one, hardly defined and such a special way of looking at the world.

Like you. And like me.

What a group we must have made, back in the days where we had so little to care about other than what the immediate future had in store for us and whether or not you were going to explain the ring you gave her. It never made sense to me, exchanging such trivial things with each other, but perhaps it had been because I had not experienced a relationship like that.

She keeps it still, you know.

I don’t think she has ever taken it off, and sometimes she stares at it, on slow Saturday mornings, reminiscing the past with a cup of tea. I join her, occasionally.

They are becoming infrequent, these moments. I suppose we are moving on, but I doubt we will ever forget.

How can we? It’s impossible.

This coming weekend in April, it is for you.

We are coming to visit, [Name] and I.

And by then, maybe - a night before, the morning before, an hour before, or even minutes before - I will be able to admit to you what I have learned.

三 ; third letter.

Odasaku —

You fell in love. It is as simple as that, but please, allow me to elaborate. I must say this to you now - if I could not before, then I will not be able to later.

You fell in love, not just with the idea of [Surname] [Name]. There had been so much more to it.

You fell in love with her smile, the way one side would twitch before it spreads and the way it lights up your world, like it should belong there.

You fell in love with the way your name sounded, rolling so easily off of her tongue.

You fell in love, you were enraptured, in the laugh she has, and with her voice as she reads her favorite passages from the books you would recommend her every weekend you stopped by to pay her a visit.

She caught you unintentionally, and she loved you back, in a relationship so bright it could make your time with the mafia seem insignificant in the scale of things.

It was wonderful, and I could not understand it because I, who wanted to surround myself with the rawest emotions there are in order to feel human, forgot to count that what grew between the two of you was one of these such emotions.

Different in so many ways, but also the same nonetheless.

It makes you feel alive, doesn’t it? Healed, a million times over, and better than ever.

I can see now, Odasaku.

It has been years, and I hope you understand. We have grown, [Name] and I, together, relying on each other to fill the empty space you once occupied.
I’m not sure how to put it. It’s strange, isn’t it? I wish you were still here, to witness all that has happened, and to hold her hand.

No matter what, you will always come first when it comes to [Surname] [Name].

Don’t forget it. I won’t, and she will not. You are what has driven everything, though I doubt you thought that it would carry us this far.

When it all falls into place, I’ll tell you about it.

But for now … I’m hoping. That you get these messages, that you know it is alright to move on, that we still remember you and always will, and that we will try our best to be happy. That I have kept my promise.

I will protect [Name] for you. And for me … I will save people, and I have found a way to be human, with her.

四 ; we burn.

His fingers wrap around the matches she had handed to him, watching as the one in her hand slips free and falls into the small tin bucket. The newspapers inside catch on fire, and Dazai finds himself unconsciously moving to crouch next to her. [Name] does not move away, instead leaning her weight against him as she lights the incense.

“Do you have everything?” she asks, voice soft and barely louder than both the flames and the waves below.

“I do,” comes his detached response. Dazai tucks the matches away, moving the bundle of letters towards her. The seaside air is cool against his skin, the slight breeze enough to carry the scent to his nose the second she pokes the incense in the fire.

The familiarity of it makes his breath catch, and he sees her eyes flick in his direction. A soft smile spreads across her face, and her gaze is solemn.

It is their tradition, one [Name] has always kept, with family members and friends that passed too early, yet one she had never considered would include Odasaku’s grave in front of her. But she faces it with a quiet strength, and she takes Dazai with her, the two closest to him visiting every year to tell him their stories and to remember again just how much he meant.

Nudging three sticks into his hand, she gestures at the raised ground in front of the tombstone. “Let’s pay our respects together.”

With a nod, Dazai stands pulls [Name] to her feet next to him. Incense in hand, they make their way closer, and, gaze tracing over the words, Dazai is the first to bow. His eyes close slowly to push back the tears threatening to spill, movement quick as if to hide it from her - though she knows, but says nothing.

A moment passes before he straightens, sticking the incense to burn away in the ground by the grave.

They will be nothing but stumps by the time the two of them leave.

[Name] does the same, but instead of stepping way like Dazai she lingers, eyes fixed on Odasaku’s picture, and the man next to her sees the emotion flickering across her features.

“[Name],” he says, hand coming to rest on her shoulder. “He wouldn’t want us to feel so much sorrow.”

It opens old pains, their visits, but they do it anyway to face the past, to always remember, and each time it gets a little bit easier.

One day, it will not hurt at all.

She inhales, shuddering and slow, then nods. “You’re right.”

One day.

One day, I will be able to look back, and I will find happiness in the days we spent.

“Do you want to burn it?” she is asking, drawing Dazai’s attention back, and he realizes her fingers have slipped between his. There is a sense of comfort in it, knowing that she is here with him. The corners of his lips curl into a smile, and he nods.

There are no words exchanged as the flames devour the paper, only his grip tightening and her head resting against his shoulder as they watch in silence.

Her faith says that the dead will receive what has been burned for them.

Dazai is not sure if it is true, and neither is she, but it hardly matters.

The fact that they are here, hand in hand, and that they will forever honor his memory no matter how much time has passed -

It will be enough.


The Red Warriors, Paris, late 1980s. 

“The Red Warriors used violent force to remove Neo Nazi gangs from France and provide safe spaces for immigrants during the rise of white nationalism and an outbreak of violent crime against people of colour. They formed a squat called “L.U.S.I.N.E” and were considered the most effect gang to counter nazi violence, working to instill fear in their opposition. “