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The first time Dean pulls Castiel’s hair, it is not what you think. Cas is freshly fallen and staying at the bunker–where he now has his own room, complete with a miniature television. He lets his hair grow a little long and is learning how to bake, of all things. But he still hasn’t gotten the hang of proper sleep schedules, and he falls asleep in his bed one day while he’s binging Star Trek. It wouldn’t have been too bad except that Cas had been chewing gum, trying to teach himself how to blow bubbles. This was a very big deal, according to Dean, who had spent an entire hour the day before blowing bubbles and popping them in Sam’s face while he read.

So, when Cas wakes up, it is to find a great big glob of gum stuck to the back of his head, tangled in his matted hair, and smashed into the pillowcase. He’s confused and alarmed, of course, and after a few tense seconds of struggling and pulling to no avail, he makes his way to the bathroom.

This is where Dean finds him a few minutes later. Dean wasn’t looking or anything, he was just going to have a shower. So he casually bangs the door open just as Cas, who had decided to try washing his hair, is starting to undress. When Dean sees Cas at the sink with his shirt off, he jumps back with wide eyes and a quick “Sorry Cas” and turns to go.

But Cas is starting by now to feel a little desperate, and is not going to let his only hope of saving his hair walk out that door. “Dean!” he rumbles. It’s loud enough that Dean hesitates in the door, eyebrows raised in question. “Help,” Cas grinds out, annoyed.

So Dean does. Or tries to anyway. He stands behind Cas at the mirror, grabbing roughly at the gum with increasing impatience until he gives a particularly hard tug and Cas yelps in surprise. Stunned, Dean drops his hands like he’s been slapped. “Shit, Cas, sorry,” he says.

“That… hurt,” Cas intones quietly, and when Dean catches his eye in the mirror, it looks for a second like Cas might cry. So Dean puts a reassuring hand on his bare shoulder and says the first thing he thinks of. “It’s okay, Cas,” he says. “You’re just tender headed is all.”

As Dean looks away, he thinks about where that came from. When he was four, he cried when his mom tried to brush his hair. “It’s okay,” she had said. “You’re just tender headed is all.” And then had she promised that if he would let her brush his hair, she would let him brush hers.

But Dean doubts that offer will work on Castiel. Dean stands there for a while with his hand resting on Cas’s bare skin, thinking. “Hey Cas, why don’t I google this, see if the Internet has any tricks,” he finally comes up with. Cas just closes his eyes and shrugs, so Dean lets go of Cas’s shoulder in favor of pulling out his phone and typing the query. It doesn’t take long before he’s got some promising hits, most of them suggesting olive oil. So he heads to the kitchen to get it while Cas waits in the bathroom.

When Dean returns, it is to find Cas sitting on the edge of the tub with his head in his hands. Dean doesn’t think it, but it breaks his heart a little to see him like that. Dean sets the bottle on the ground and crouches down in front of him, hands stretched out to either side, rubbing his arms soothingly. “Hey buddy, you okay?” he asks gruffly. Cas doesn’t answer, but he looks up and catches Dean’s eye with a shuddering breath. “It’s okay,” Dean repeats, grabbing the bottle from the floor and standing. Cas still hasn’t moved, so Dean pours some oil into his hand and hesitates slightly before simply taking a step forward and reaching both hands behind Castiel’s head, searching out the tangle. “It’s okay,” he whispers, as he coats the mess in oil and gingerly rakes his fingers through it. “It’s okay,” he says as he cradles Cas’s head with one hand and palms his tender scalp with the other until the gum comes out in his hands and the hair turns slick with the oil.

When the gum is gone and Dean finally steps away, they both know something has changed between them. Dean shyly suggests that Cas take a shower and see if that helps him feel better. As Dean is leaving to give Cas some privacy, he stops in the doorway and turns. “When you’re done, feel free to stop by my room,” he says.

The next time Dean pulls Castiel’s hair, it is exactly what you think.


- @toxic-zer0

Classic Rock Mythology
  • 1) Brian is actually from the Renaissance. He invented a time machine to study in the XX century (but forgot to cut his hair to a XX century style)
  • 2) Keef is an immortal demon who sucks his doctors' life energy.
  • 3) Jimmy and Percy are actually a demon who went to Earth to plunge it into chaos and an angel sent to stop him. However, they became BFFs
  • 4) Jonesy is secretly a ninja.
  • 5) Mick is made of rubber.
  • 6) Marc is actually the Mad Hatter who escaped from the book because the March Hare stole all his glitter
  • 7) Moonie, Geo and Rick are in an eyebrow club
  • 8) Pete is scared of the ghosts of all the guitars he smashed
  • 9) Percy's hair is actually 24k gold
  • 10) Roger Taylor accidentally swallowed a fire alarm when he was little. It stuck in his vocal cords.
  • 11) Jimmy actually has glowing red eyes.
  • 12) Axl is a banshee

That’s right! I’m taking monado commissions! 

I’m offering two different types: Switchable and solid. Each are made of foam, primed, painted, and sealed. The inner circular piece is made of clear plexiglass. It comes blank, but you could paint whichever art you want on it or draw it on with a chalk marker so you can change it if you want later.

Switchable (V2):

  • Price: $375
  • Features: Can be switched between the open and closed position. (please watch this video explaining how this works before ordering!
  • Has battery operated led lights on the inner ring of the monado. You can turn them on and off at will by flipping a switch. The batteries can be easily accessed and replaced. Blue paint glows under black light.
  • Note: Is a bit more fragile than Solid monado since it has moving parts.


  • Price: $200
  • Features:  Has battery operated led lights on the inner ring of the monado. You can turn them on and off at will by flipping a switch. The batteries can be easily accessed and replaced. Blue paint glows under black light.
  • Note: Is a bit more sturdy than Switchable monado, but not as versatile.


  • Payments are done through Paypal invoices
  • Any fees from using paypal are not factored into the price. Be aware of them.
  • I will not ship your finished product until I receive full payment (this payment will include the shipping price)
  • If for some reason I’m no longer able to complete your commission, you will receive a full refund.
  • If your finished product gets lost in the mail or you never receive it for some reason, you will receive a full refund.
  • Shipping expenses are not included in prices listed here (including the hair clips) as it will differ depending on buyer’s location relative to me. (I live in Michigan, if you want to get an idea of possible shipping expenses)  

So, how long will it take?

Since I’m only one person hand crafting these things with love and care, please don’t expect me to be able to make one for you in a short period of time. I’ll do my best to get you quality work as fast as I can! That being said, I can only take so many orders. I’m also working on a first come first serve basis. Once my slots fill up, I’m not sure when they’ll be free again. I’m only making these during the summer since they’re quite a lot of work to do during the school year. Also, I can send you progress photos every so often. Just ask. :)

I want to order one or I have a question…

If you’ve got any questions or want to commision me for a monado or hair clips, send an email to with “monado commission” or “hair clip commission” in the subject line. :) Also, if you want hairclips resembling a different object or weapon, please send me a reference image or two.

I can’t commission you, but I think this is pretty neat…

That’s alright! Just help me spread the word by reblogging or sharing to other social media sites. Please and thank you! :D

Open Slots

1. [Taken] 



Oh yeah! Hair clip commissions don’t have slots at the moment since they’re a lot easier to make, so I’ll just take orders for them as they come.

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