smashed diamonds

Zircon isn’t getting the credit she deserves. It must take a really good lawyer to get saddled with an impossible case and still push to win the case anyway.

She manages to lead to a possible conclusion under credible circumstances.

She got this information from actually listening to her client, and realized none of it made sense. Knowing what we know now, it doesn’t make sense, and Zircon realized it was the reason why the Diamonds chose for a trial instead of instantly shattering Steven..

Better yet, when those circumstances led to suspected high treason from her boss/leader/judge/RULER, Zircon straights up accuses instinctively. 

She was immediately poofed for her heat of the moment action, but that takes a lot of guts for her to even think of doing it.

Zircon is a beast in the courtroom. I can’t wait to see her again.

The Zoo Thoughts - Amethysts, Rose Quartz, what they were made for, and fuzzy feelings

My Favorite scene from this entire steven bomb (not including the song) is when all the Amethysts are trying to secure and console all of the humans, more specifically this part 

(with open arms) ”just come down, lets talk about it” -Bigger Amethyst 

Followed by the cute comforting 

“I’ll never choosened again” Wy-Six

“Sure you will” Heart Amethyst (i like her gemstone placement) 

This really made me aww at the sweetness since i was pretty sure the Amethyst Would be like the Rubies or Jasper: Headstrong,only interested in fighting, Loyal, and not compassionate for organic life

this proves that wrong! well that and next episode where we see the pureness that is Famethyst

This all gave me a HUGE Rose Quartz vibe seeing them trying to make the humans feel better and to calm them down, to heal them

Which then got me thinking about what Rose was made for

we know Amethysts Jaspers and i guess Carnelians are made to be soldiers to fight wars for the Diamonds but with Rose i just always assumed she was a rare gem like Sapphire who had an ability similar to Lapis and water but with plants

SHE IS SO MUCH MORE THEN THAT! believe Rose Quartz were made by Pink Diamond for the sole purpose of maintaining and caring for humans. She can heal people with her tears, create and grow vegetation and plants that can also fight if she wanted them to help defend herself or the humans

They were originally the caretakers of the zoo before the rebellion and we know now there were a lot of them made to do the job, as seen in what i assume is Pink Diamonds Chamber

Maybe not as many compared to Rubies but a below average amount i guess you would expect from a Quartz

now they’re all Bubbled because Mamma Rose did the smashing thing with Pink Diamond, which side note if the gems were bubbled after pink diamond was shattered why are the bubbles pink? is it because of the pink room and they are actually white? or did Rose bubble ALL of the other Rose Quartz so they couldn’t be blamed for what was going to do? did rose start the rebellion before breaking pink diamond, allowing PD to bubble all the other Rose Quartz seeing them as a threat? so much going through my head

Anyway, Now the Amethyst are left to fill in at the zoo where all the rose quartz once did, but with out the magic healing power, knowing they were made with a different purpose while being constantly reminded and belittled by holly blue bigot about how unneeded they are, how much they need to prove they don’t deserve to be shattered, that they can still be of use to the diamonds

Now we don’t know when the human zoo stopped keeping humans in cages and let them run around the more spacious containment area, but i would like to think that any rose quartz would try to help calm a human down similar to the way the Beautiful Amethysts we saw helped them. 

This could all totally be wrong and rose quartz could have been existing for centuries before they even discovered humans were a thing but this is just my gem theory, HOPEFULLY soon we will learn more about all of gems origins and where they all truly began life!

I hope you enjoyed this and that it didn’t drag on for to long, i hope to see what others took away from this steven bomb, Famethyst for life!

In the recent episodes of Steven Universe, it is implied that a diamond is the only thing strong enough to shatter a diamond. This statement was a plot point in the season 2 episode of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius “Sorry, Wrong Era.” 

For those uninitiated, Jimmy’s dad sends him and his friends back to dinosaur times, and needs a diamond to fix his time remote. He eventually tricks a dinosaur to smash a gigantic diamond.


Rose didn’t shatter pink diamond

A T. Rex did.

gonna be real as soon as eyeball said she saw rose smash pink diamond i imagined this whole dang phoenix wright trial

cross examine the rubies. cross examine pearl. cross examine lion

turns out pink diamond actually shattered rose quartz and then assumed her form. the keys to winning this trial are a sock puppet, a bag of lion lickers, and steven’s knowledge that jasper is a huge fan of korean jazz