smashed diamonds

I was going to make a joke about how Tenryu was making up for his future treatment in WWF, but, here is a list of American wrestlers he defeated within the next couple of years (in WWF, SWS, and WAR):

Tito Santana
Randy Savage IN AJPW, SWS AND WWF!
Demolition Crush & Smash
Paul Diamond
Greg Valentine
Davey Boy Smith
Kerry Von Erich
Ric Flair
Jim Duggan
Stan Lane

(AJPW April 1990)

Haven’t we learned by know that we can’t expect ANYTHING from an episode.

Hit the diamond? A lore heavy diamond smashing homeworld wrecking episode?!!!!! ! Nope just baseball

Mindful Education? Steven and Connie learn how to fuse better and be cute??? Emotional damaging episode full of fusion information and a heart wrenching song

Sia is on Woman’s Hour’s 2015 Power List! The list features 10 influential women.

Sia: singer, songwriter and music video director.

“Sia Furler is a singer-songwriter who has penned hits for the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé. She’s also gained popularity as a performer of her own work, despite shunning publicity.Raised in Australia, Sia rose to fame after moving to the U.K. where she worked as a prominent guest vocalist and released her own solo albums.She withdrew from the spotlight in 2010 and became a backroom songwriter for names including Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Celine Dion, and Rihanna, for whom she wrote the worldwide number one smash hit Diamonds.In 2013 she started on a new album and negotiated a near-unprecedented contract with RCA which stipulated that she would not have to tour or do press; her first public appearance to promote the album on US show saw her perform her new single Chandelier with her back to the audience. The album, entitled 1000 Forms of Fear, arrived in July 2014. It promptly hit number one in several countries, including the U.S. and Australia.”

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Random Steven Universe theory I thought up:

What if Rose/Pink Diamond forced her pink pearl to do something that got her into a lot of trouble and made White Diamond smash her, making Rose/Pink Diamond super pissed and white diamonds pearl (the pearl we know) to hate White Diamond for killing a gem of her kind so that’s how Rose/pink diamond “stole her”. Because Pearl wanted to join the rebellion with Rose/Pink Diamond. My friend sent me this picture and it helped back up my theory. Their gem placements coordinate with each other. Where the diamond’s gem is located is also where the pearl’s gem is located. Maybe the Pearl we know went with Rose (Pink Diamond) to join her in the rebellion

That was horribly worded but I tried.

gonna be real as soon as eyeball said she saw rose smash pink diamond i imagined this whole dang phoenix wright trial

cross examine the rubies. cross examine pearl. cross examine lion

turns out pink diamond actually shattered rose quartz and then assumed her form. the keys to winning this trial are a sock puppet, a bag of lion lickers, and steven’s knowledge that jasper is a huge fan of korean jazz

We’re about to leave for a walk but a few thoughts on Bismuth:

- I thought in the first part she was reacting to the whole ‘it’s been 5000 years, our friends are dead, and our war leader is a 14 year old’ situation unusually well. But then it started getting p obvious that something went down.

- It’s interesting how fast people revert to insisting Steven must be Rose - she really made an impression.

- Sorta sketchy Rose continues. I mean,  mutiny is dealt with harshly in wartime, but locking someone away voiceless and helpless for thousands of years?

- They mentioned the battle of the ziggurat. I wonder if that’s referencing the pyramid housing the gem that might be white diamond, and whether Rose and Bismuth argued whether they should smash a diamond, given the opportunity. 

- Final confirmation that Rose Quartz is not Pink Diamond

Steven Universe Theory

So in the episode where Pearl teaches Connie how to use a sword the arena where ‘battles for earth were fought’ I noticed something.

So this, right in the middle there are 4 diamonds making a huge diamond. So we have a white diamond, blue diamond, pink diamond and yellow diamond. 

These four diamonds also appear again in other places like here:

Twice in this picture. But I noticed that the pink diamond was smashed up in both pictures at least once. So I thought it was kind of symbolic since maybe the Pink Diamond is dead.

And then I remembered.

Lots of people think Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond.

And since Jasper new Rose Quartz name but not the names of the other gems probably shows Rose was really important. 

So what if there are actually 4 rulers of Homeworld? 

((You know what I want?

I want Peridot to warm up to the gems and stuff. Become friends with Steven. Have a sad backstory and stuff.