I can finally say that the half a heart tattoo looked cliché and cheesy as fuck, and that I’m glad his actual tattoos with Louis have way more thought and meaning to them. Phew.

“In the most cold and inhospitable parts of the northern continent of Sqoll lives creatures known as tallos, strange otherworldly beings that feed on magic energy and whatever prey it comes by. They move so slowly across the frozen wasteland that snow gathers on it’s body and icicles form, this however does not hinder the tallos, but rather provides it with protection and cold. Requiring cold temperatures to survive, they constantly breath cold air and can be seen rolling in snow and ice before the spring and summer seasons, when the weather becomes slightly warmer.”

Inktober day twenty three!! Today’s prompt was “slow” so why not draw the creature that actually takes advantage of it’s slow speed~? This one turned out nicely, in my opinion!

hey friends! what did you all notice that was different about some of the games shown in the Nintendo Switch trailer?

Pally noticed that King Boo was shown in Mario Kart (he’s not in the Wii U MK8)

I think someone said Splatoon had new outfits? confirm bc I do not play it?

anything new anyone noticed about Skyrim? or any game??

Word of the wise: Don’t stop drawing humans, especially if you’re still practicing them

Or you may succumb to the “wow my humans suck” sickness, which can only be cured by drawing humans again, which is easier said than done