The infantilization of women is:

-the belief that we have to get married because we “need someone to take care of us,” as if we were children
-using cute or adorable as compliments (the same terms used to describe babies)
-the standard for women’s beauty being thin & petite like a prepubescent girl
-sexualizing women with childish clothing/hairstyles/etc. such as pigtails, babydoll dresses, schoolgirl outfits, lollipops, chewing bubblegum, etc.
-women dating an older men being more socially accepted than the other way around
-fathers giving pet names to their daughters like “little girl,” “little angel,” “little princess”
-the belief that promiscuous women just have “daddy issues,” instead of being adults who can express their sexuality however they see fit
-women being required to go to counseling before getting an abortion because “they don’t really know what’s best”
-thinking of women as somebody’s daughter rather than as their own person
-society’s overall obsession with women staying young

The infantilization of women is an essential part of the patriarchy. It undermines women’s voices and opinions by equating them to naive, impressionable children who need a male authority figure to tell them what to do. With it comes the misogynistic belief that women are intellectually inferior to men, which keeps women from accessing positions of power (ie: the glass ceiling).

Women are not oversized children; they are adults. We can make our own decisions without the “help” of male authority.