Bodily autonomy is a REAL thing. We need to learn mutual respect for each other’s body and understand that consent to touch and even be close is a real thing. The choices and the decisions that a person makes for their body is no body’s business but theirs. If she/he wants to have a tattoo, piercings, surgery, breast implants, a baby, an abortion etc then that is their choice. People need to stop judging each other or touching each other without consent. Just because I have a piercing or a tattoo, a sexy dress or whatever does not give you a right to touch me. 

‘I don’t need feminism because my dad got fired because a cleaning woman felt uncomfortable when he told her she did a good job.

My dad lost his job because of the power a woman has. Advantage.’

Rape Culture has been debunked and also statistics didn’t support the theory in the first place.

And yet Feminists still claim there is “rape culture”

This is not surprising at all since the wage myth has been debunked at least 20 times and yet they still claim, there is a wage gap.

Because Feminism is anti logic.

Feminism is anti science.

Feminism is ANTI equality.

Feminism is Lies.