I won’t be surprised if Waluigi is suddenly revealed as a playable character in Smash right before release, or if they add him as an unlockable character but stay quiet, and as soon as the first player unlocks him and posts a photo/video online everyone goes crazy. It’d be the most dramatic reveal of the game, even bigger than the first trailer or the reveal trailers for Ridley, King K. Rool, and Isabelle, because Waluigi is the one Mario series character that is missing and the satisfaction of finally completing the Mario cast would be even a bigger deal the longer they keep him from us. Sakurai loves drama and fake-outs. He might do it. I hope…

Little Mac was tied up in a chair in his pink tracksuit, surrounded by King K. Rool and a couple of Miis. He had a helmet that was trying to drain the energy from his thoughts.

Little Mac: Come on Mac…. Can’t let them win….(begins struggling) Can’t….Let…Them…Win!!

He broke free from the rope and removed the helmet from his head, then threw it. This caused an explosion knocking some Miis back.

Little Mac: No more games…No more….(He transforms into Giga Mac, ripping his pink jacket) PAJAMAS!!

King K. Rool screams in fear. Giga Mac ran to him and knocked him high up with a K.O uppercut. He then proceeded to attack the other Miis until there was an explosion behind him. Mac turned around and saw Super Sonic walk in from a hole in the wall, holding two Miis. He throws them on the ground.

Giga Mac and Super Sonic: (Run to each other and hug. Then cry.)

Sadly, this was in Mac’s imagination. he was still tied up in the chair, now whimpering, as King K. Rool rubbed his hands together menacingly.