Last day to register for Mewtwo DLC!

If you purchased both versions of Super Smash Bros., today is your last opportunity to register the games with Club Nintendo to be eligible for the free Mewtwo DLC.

Sakurai recently announced that the Psychic type would be ready soon; tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct might be the perfect time to officially show the new fighter off!


PSA: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D launches April 2 in Japan and Europe and April 10 in NA! You see all those locations? None of them are backdrops because with Xenoblade, if you see it, you can reach it, explore it, then jump off it. And that’s not even half of the areas in the game! Throw in beautiful music, likable characters, a great story, and hundreds of hours of gameplay and you pretty much have the best JRPG that’ll likely ever grace the New 3DS. Seriously, get this game! And then get hyped for Xenoblade Chronicles X!

My little sister thinks that Garnet would be best friends with Samus (from Metroid but she was specifically referring to her as from Super Smash Bros)

A little while back she told me a story where at first Garnet and Samus don’t really like each other because they both want to be the toughest but then Samus climbs a tree and gets stuck in the tree because she has that one gun arm so she can’t get a good grip to climb back down. So Garnet climbed up the tree and helped her down and after that they became the best of friends