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I do love your art style, but I'm wondering if you ever do things that are more 'serious'?

I got banned from making ‘serious’ art in the late 60s before I was born because I drew an oil painting so profound it caused people to go mad and start eating their own hands. That’s why I’m stuck making this bullshit non-serious art now that is not serious 

OVER HYPED: Smashbox Step By Step Contour Stick Trio

Thanks to likes of Kim Kardashian contouring is a massive craze at the moment and just about everyone is playing with shadows to slim down their nose and make their cheekbones look more prominent. I love a bit of contouring here and there, but only with the right product. To me the right contouring product is easy to blend, long lasting and cool toned. These sticks have high pigmentation, are creamy and very easy to use, but unfortunately aren’t very long lasting or easy to blend. After applying you need to blend these very quickly as they start to set very easily and they seem to only work well on top of luminous, dewy foundations and go streaky on anything that is the slightest bit matte. Whilst they set quickly they unfortunately aren’t very long lasting, I found the contouring and bronzing shades started to look muddy by the middle of the day. The highlighting shade was the biggest disappointment, it was incredibly chalky, had an orange-pinkish hue to it and looked very unflattering on my fair skin. It was also the most difficult shade to blend and accentuated every imperfection on my skin. The bronzing shade I didn’t find very much use for, it wasn’t awful, but I did find it difficult bronze with. The contouring shade is generally what I hope for in contouring products, it was cool toned without a hint of shimmer and looked quite natural on the skin, but I can’t see myself using it all the time. All in all I think these are very disappointing and spending $45 seems a little steep to me when I will probably only end up using one of the sticks. There is a lot more to contouring than just drawing lines on your face and these just don’t cut it.

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Rosalina: Cosmic Witch
The watcher and guardian of the of cosmos, Rosalina must protect the Star Road, which is responsible for granting the wishes of those who wish upon her stars. She has control of the powers of space and can bend them to her will.  Adopted Mother of the star children named Luma, she can summon them to fight by her side, or transform them into comets, meteors, launch pads, and even black holes.  

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