smash things up


Crow is the only one who came to comfort this crying lost Tops child. Everyone else is too busy taking part in mob mentality and smashing things up ‘cause ‘lol rebellion’ (Crow makes a very good point that this kind of thing isn’t going to help the situation between the Commons and the Tops at all. It’s just going to make the Tops resent them more.)

Roadhog, an emotionless stoic killer?

Nay son, this man giggles or laughs when his attacks pay off, he has a headbanging emote, I’m pretty sure he would be wreaking havoc humming the melody of his favourite metal songs, playing air guitar after smashing things up. And Junkrat’s dialogue confirms he tells jokes, so big pork is more like a… morbidly cheerful criminal shaped like a friend. 

Protect the big pig, love the big pig.

Things I learnt while watching Head with commentary:

  • It was just Micky and Jack Nicholson who shot Micky’s underwater/Porpoise Song scene at the beginning and they stRAPPED WEIGHTS AROUND MICKY so he’d SINK and he’d have to hold his breath until he couldn’t anymore and then he’d have to FLAIL AROUND until these scuba guys came to save him ??????!??????
  • Micky and Davy think the Ditty Diego chant was an “early rap tune” rofl
  • Micky loved the way Mike played his role when the guys were at war
  • Mike thinks Circle Sky is just a “crash burn rock n roll song”
  • Davy kept Micky’s drum head from the Circle Sky sequence
  • It was Micky’s idea to have “DRUM” written on his drum head
  • Micky loved playing drums on Circle Sky and thinks it “rocks”
  • Peter thinks the desert/Coke machine scene is one of the best of the film and says; “Micky, of course, is brilliant”
  • Micky said he really did like to smash things up that didn’t work????
  • Mike came up with the “psst” moment (AMAZING)
  • Peter tried it on with the Can You Dig It? belly dancer girls but didn’t get anywhere
  • Mike seems to put down his young self quite a lot
  • Davy thinks Micky is great in this movie
  • The dog at the violin scene was Davy’s actual dog!! His name was Sue (even though he was male)
  • Davy kept the minging sweater (from the scene with Annette Funicello) for years. “It took two sheep to make that.” - lmao
  • Peter said that it was he and Davy on one hand, and Mike and Micky on the other
  • Peter thinks Davy was the "best prepared” and most dedicated actor of the four of them
  • Mike keeps saying he didn’t understand anything that was going on at the time
  • Mike was the one who asked Victor Mature to be in the film
  • Davy and Micky make a point of saying Mike really didn’t like surprises
  • Davy claims he used to do all his own stunts
EMH closed RP

“-the Hulk has been spotted outside Los Angeles. We at the station would like to recommend everyone lock their doors-”
“Seriously? Oh my god.” Jennifer Walters is in her apartment, watching television. “Like a lock is gonna stop-” The sudden knock on the door makes Jen freeze.



MODERN LADIES: Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby)

She was careless—she smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into her money or vast carelessness, and let other people clean up the mess she had made. 

“You can’t just say that to people you don’t know.”

“Did you need me to spell it out for you?”

“Can we just agree that my job isn’t diplomacy? I’m here to smash things up until they give in.”

“I can’t believe you’d do something so recklessly impulsive.”

“There’s got to be a good reason I’m in love with you, because I refuse to let this be it.”

“You’ve tolerated my presence for ten minutes. It’s a new record.”