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anonymous asked:

Ok so I read your romantic headcanons and I loved the one about Yuri's s/o falling asleep on his shoulder while he plays video games, can I possibly request a scenario of that???! thank you!!!

sorry this is so late, but i love this request! it’s a little on the shorter side, but i felt like it came together pretty well ♡ enjoy!

“Shit,” he muttered, letting the controller hit his thighs with a dull thud. 

“Language, Yura?” you hummed from next to him, unable to stop the smile on your face when he scowled in response. 

Moments like these were sometimes few and far between; being able to laze around your shared apartment (that you sometimes forgot you shared, what with how frequently Yuri had to leave it) and spend time with him. Even if he was currently going on a losing streak of Smash 4 online matches, you were more than happy to curl up into his side and watch. Even if he didn’t admit it, he loved just having you next to him (as much as he enjoys your facetime dates while he’s away).

“You’re one to talk, baka,” the word was drawn out in that smug, teasing tone that only your boyfriend can do as he started another match. You rolled your eyes and shifted your weight on his side, your head leaning onto his arm. Your legs had already wiggled their way into his lap, his arms casually draped over them as he played. 

“Shut the fuck up,” you retorted without missing a beat, yawning afterwards. He grinned, nudging your head with the arm that you were leaned against. He hid a chuckle when you groaned in response, burying your face closer to the crook of his neck. 

You two sat in comfortable silence after that, the occasional yawn from you and curse from Yuri, the only other sound being the game and Yuri pressing buttons. 

“Eat shit!” Yuri eventually yelled some time later, in victory. “Y/n, I finally did it!”

He glanced over and immediately fell quiet, as you had fallen asleep while he was busy playing. His gaze softened, and he put the controller down carefully. 

He maneuvered his arms to support your back and your legs, carrying you to your shared bed as quietly as he could manage. He tried to set you down onto the mattress, but you had shifted subconsciously, and were now clinging to his shirt. 

“Get off y/n, I’m trying to let you sleep!” he hissed, though he thanked the higher power that you were asleep and couldn’t see him blush. 

You mumbled something unintelligible, clinging tighter to his shirt. He sighed, a slight smile on his face. He managed to climb into the bed with you, his arm easily finding your waist and pulling you close.

You both laid in silence after that, and he closed his eyes as he listened to your quiet breathing. 

“Sleep well y/n, I- I love you, you know,” he whispered, touching his lips to your forehead before he slowly drifted to sleep as well, the two of you holding each other close. 

anonymous asked:

What's your final smash

going online and posting “Smash 4 is the only game in the Smash series that’s actually a fighting game. Everything before that was designed to be a party game. Smash 4 was the only game designed with actual competitive play in mind, so it’s the only proper fighting game. Brawl, Melee, and 64 aren’t fighting games.” 

Then I link to this video: 

and say “everything in this video is true. i agree with all of it. melee players are smug idiots playing a broken party game that have to cheat and exploit glitches to remain relevant in the fighting game community. if it weren’t for the fully unintentional glitches and modified hardware that melee players rely on, any child could enter a melee tournament and stand a chance against them because melee is not an actual fighting game.” 

yopizzaislife-blog  asked:

I've learned some HTML and CSS on CodeAcademy, but now I have no idea what to do. I wanna do programming, scripting or coding. What do you suggest I start out with and where to learn it online?

Hi there!

I would exhaust the free online resources as much as you can. Read web development/design magazines and blogs. Download tech podcasts. Try to immerse yourself as much as possible. Nothing you learn will be superfluous; it all helps to build up your vocabulary, which will make learning in the future exponentially faster.

First, try out Ruby. Ruby on Rails is a fairly hot full-stack framework. You’ll be able to do cool stuff like build your own Twitter or Blog or Reddit in a super short amount of time.

This short tutorial lets you try out Ruby for free:

And Codecademy has a free course —

Learn Ruby:

Another really great resource is the Flatiron School’s open source Pre-Work for their Web Dev/iOS immersives. Essentially, they ask students to complete all of this pre-work before beginning their 12-week courses. Much of it is free, but a few subjects require a Treehouse or Code School account. These are pretty inexpensive services, less than a programming book. I highly recommend them, especially Treehouse.

You can see the Pre-Work here:

If you want to try Treehouse, this link will get you 50% off your first month.

The Pre-Work is divided into Web Development or iOS Development tracks, so pick the one that interests you most, or do both!

I’d recommend learning some JavaScript since it’s essential to know if you want to be a web developer. I’d also recommend building a few sites and playing around with jQuery plugins to learn through trial and error.

I think Learning By Doing is the best way to learn, so the online resources that let you actually build things along with the instructor are SO much better than a dry programming book. Leave the dry books for when you need to delve into a topic on a deeper level. Not for starting out.

Some Fun Stuff to Read / Listen to:

Smashing Magazine:

Net Magazine:

This Tweek in Tech (TWiT) -

Lifehacker -

Gweek -

video game and instrumental music that makes you feel like you’re floating amongst the cosmos| listen here

magicant+eight melodies:super smash bros 3ds | online menu:mario kart 8| 1am: animal crossing new leaf| luma: super mario galaxy| lapis’ tower: steven universe| space junk galaxy: super mario galaxy| space k.k: animal crossing new leaf| tube town: kirby’s epic yarn| world 5: super mario galaxy 2| milky way wishes: kirby super star| moonlit battlefield: steven universe| planet- anamanaguchi| comet observatory: super mario galaxy| victory star 2: kirby super star|

mako-beatz said to tecchen:

Dude you’re art is dope as hell! Do you think you could do Shulk and Palutena? Also, do you play Smash on 3DS?

thanks!! heres shulk and palutena ready 2 party at the beach…bc summer is near …. and yea i have smash 3ds but i only play it when im not home d:


YES! Finally! My acrylic charms have arrived and I’ll be selling these babies at Smash! (and eventually online)

The cost is $6 AUD for single characters (eg Deku,Peridot,etc) and $8 AUD for doubles characters (Ladybug and Chat Noir,etc)

If you’re attending Smash! (Sydney con) this year and want to put one or more  on hold,please sign this form: link . The cutoff date will be on the 4th of August!


18•03•16 ~ 6/100

OH MY GOODNESS. I’ve missed like a whole week of posting!! I should also let you know that my posting habits this week directly reflect my recent study habits, unfortunately (。-_-。) I got sick at the start of the week, and missed a few lectures, which led to this intense spiral of drowning in lectures to catch up on!!! But there IS some good news!! I went to a plant warehouse sale and bought the cutest lil cacti and succulents (the little ones were $5 each and the big one was $15), which brightened up my otherwise crappy week (*^_^*) AND today was EXTREMELY productive - I smashed out 4 online lectures, and went to 3 real life lectures and also 2 real life workshops!! \(^o^)/

Happy Friday everyone (ft. banana and date smoothie if anyone was wondering)!! ♥︎