smash it up!

  • Ethan: Lighten up, yeah? It's just like being back at youth club, minus robbing from the tuck shop and smashing the pool table up.
  • Aaron: Never really liked the youth club.
  • Ethan: Come on, you have to meet my crew. - Jase. This is my new pad-mate.
  • Aaron: Aaron.
  • Jase: How long have we got the pleasure?
  • Aaron: A year, but I'm appealing.
  • Jase: Of course you are. We're all innocent in here, aren't we?
  • Aaron: I never said that.
  • Jase: You talking back? That's a very bad idea. You wanna learn some manners.
  • Aaron: You don't need to give me this hard-man routine, mate. I'm a Dingle, I'll do it in my sleep.
  • Jase: Do you know Cain?
  • Aaron: Pretty well, yeah, he's my uncle.
  • Jase: Well, I'll have to tell my old man. They go way back.

Definitely broken.
Smashed glass, boarded up windows that didn’t stand a chance against the cruel winter breeze. Cracked flagstones that mellowed into crushed pebbles, rickety wooden doors hanging on by one final nail. Surrounded by woodland and nature; bare trees creating a border against the sunken pond past the back row of four empty stables. Few ponies remained here now, just the few that dear Mrs Appleby couldn’t part with. Cupid, back in his glory days was a formidable dressage mount, Gunsmoke one of the best show-jumpers in the Devon county

Alright nerds, today we are going to discuss headphone etiquette.

You walk into your favorite hang out joint and you see a dear friend. How grand! However, you see their headphones are in use and you have not the slightest clue how to approach them. Here is a helpful guide on how to decipher the code.

Both headphones on/earbuds in: Leave them alone, especially if they are hunched over a laptop, a book or their phone. This means they do not want to be disturbed. It is okay to give a small wave, head tilt or smile as acknowledgement.

One earbud is out: This means said person is listening out for something and not fully engaged with what is being listened to. You may approach, but watch for body language that says ‘leave me alone’. Examples are: crossed arms, little to no eye contact, short one word answers.

Headphones/earbuds out: You may approach! This one is not enjoying music/audio books on their device currently, and it is deemed okay to talk to said person.

Note: If someone sees you, and takes off their music delivering device from their head, that means they desire to talk to you! Smile, and enjoy a lovely conversation.

You taking off my headphones/earbuds: Run. Because no jury will convict me.

Susan Hayward, 1948

Hayward labored for 10 years in Hollywood before her standout performance In Smash-Up which brought her the first of her 5 Academy Award nominations. (She finally won in 1958 for her searing performance as a woman on death row in I Want to Live!)