smash ink

the snake in my veins eats me,
oh treegirl, oh master of laughter, oh singer, oh actress i see you
who kissed me into music who plucked me like a violin string

i would have chewed my own heart out if it meant feeding you, 
somehow i forgot that you are war-god, that you love running,
that the more i begged you in raw mouths to stay the more 
you could not;
people are mirrors and some are very very good at it and i know
if you’d stayed, little rabbit, if you’d stayed, you’d have seen yourself
just once, and isn’t that worse;
you can’t act to glass

somehow i forgot you were born fighting, fists already formed, screaming
at the earth that you would challenge it, oh rabbit afraid of warm warrens where
home could actually work for once 

i’m glad you ran i wasn’t good enough and the blood in me is all dry already

It’s like you took a bottle of ink and you threw it at a wall. Smash! And all that ink spread. And in the middle, it’s dense, isn’t it? And as it gets out on the edge, the little droplets get finer and finer and make more complicated patterns, see? So in the same way, there was a big bang at the beginning of things and it spread. And you and I, sitting here in this room, as complicated human beings, are way, way out on the fringe of that bang. We are the complicated little patterns on the end of it. Very interesting. But so we define ourselves as being only that. If you think that you are only inside your skin, you define yourself as one very complicated little curlique, way out on the edge of that explosion. Way out in space, and way out in time. Billions of years ago, you were a big bang, but now you’re a complicated human being. And then we cut ourselves off, and don’t feel that we’re still the big bang. But you are. Depends how you define yourself. You are actually–if this is the way things started, if there was a big bang in the beginning– you’re not something that’s a result of the big bang. You’re not something that is a sort of puppet on the end of the process. You are still the process. You are the big bang, the original force of the universe, coming on as whoever you are. When I meet you, I see not just what you define yourself as–Mr so-and- so, Ms so-and-so, Mrs so-and-so–I see every one of you as the primordial energy of the universe coming on at me in this particular way. I know I’m that, too. But we’ve learned to define ourselves as separate from it.

Inktober 2017 - Day 1, “Swift”

Inktober is starting up again and once again i’m gonna try to participate! Last year i managed to get through the whole month, hopefully thanks to that i planned this year’s session better i should be able to stick through this one as well! To start things off, we got the word “swift” and i chose Nara, which i’m gonna say this now this year i’m doing my characters for all the days, just a head’s up.