smash hit list


Andy Mientus - “Use Somebody” (Kings of Leon)

Andy Mientus – “Franklin Shepard, Inc” (from ‘Merrily We Roll Along’)

Andy Mientus, Krysta Rodriguez, Jeremy Jordan - “Under Pressure” (Queen)

Krysta Rodriguez, Jeremy Jordan, Andy Mientus - “Broadway, Here I Come!” ('Tony Awards’ Version)

Andy Mientus, Krysta Rodriguez, Jeremy Jordan - “HIT LIST Miscast Medley” (Andrew McMahon)


Krysta Rodriguez - “Anymore” (Lucie Silvas)
Jeremy Jordan - “High and Dry” (Radiohead)
Krysta Rodriguez with Jeremy Jordan - “If You Want Me” (from 'Once’)
Krysta Rodriguez, Andy Mientus, Jeremy Jordan - “Some Boys” (Death Cab for Cutie)
Andy Mientus - “Pop Goes The Universe” (Andrew McMahon)
Andy Mientus, Jeremy Jordan, Krysta Rodriguez - “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”
Krysta Rodriguez with Andy Mientus – “Telephone” (Lady Gaga/Beyonce)
Andy Mientus, Jeremy Jordan, Krysta Rodriguez - “The Way I Feel Inside/This Will Be Our Year” 
Krysta Rodriguez - “The Unsung Ana Vargas Medley” (This Will Be Our Year) 
Jeremy Jordan - “They Just Keep Moving The Line” (from 'Bombshell’) 

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Spring Awakening (dwsa or obc, dont mind)

Andy Mientus/Michael Arden


Smash (TV show, Bombshell or Hit List)



Bonnie And Clyde

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Andy is cute af in this. My poor pining baby! Also, Jeremy is perf as always😘💛💛💛

This year’s Tony Awards were like…

(PS I loved both Shuffle AND Hamilton) :)

All For The Game: The MusicalA musical playlist for the book series All for the Game by Nora Sakavic

you don’t know - next to normal / totally fucked - spring awakening / freeze you brain - heathers / safer - first date / killer instinct - bring it on / rewrite this story - hit list (smash) / you learn to live without - if/then / seasons of love - rent / moving too fast - the last five years / something to believe in - newsies / everybody wants to rule the world - american psycho / goodbye - catch me if you can

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songs from hit list//i heard your voice in a dream

i thought i could love you but you had the hunger

oh, and nothing comes easy when everyone’s rushing

i thought i could love you, i thought i could love you