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An Angel In A Leather Jacket (ch.1)

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SUMMARY: An argument starts it all. Hell comes after for Dan Howell, the school pastel boy. He only wanted to help, but got backstabbed in the end. From safe position in the school hierarchy, Dan is up to neck in an affair he never had and starts finding threats in his locker. He needs someone on his side if he wants to make it to the end of high school. A mysterious punk boy promises him protection. The condition he needs to meet, though, is far from normal.

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P A U S E I T.  P L A Y I T.  // 1hour // 
A list of the most memorable mashups I have stumbled upon so far;

i. Royals Come Together | Lorde x The Beatles // ii. Chocolate Stars Smash Mouth x The 1975 // iii. Radioactive In The Dark | Fall Out Boy x Imagine Dragons // iv. Anything Could Change | Ellie Goulding x Michael Jackson//  v.212 Anonymous Haters | Azealia Banks x Sky Ferreira //  vi. This Charming Video Game | The Smiths x Lana Del Rey //  vii. Happy Team | Pharrell Williams x Lorde  // viii. Another One Bites Da Funk | Queen x Daft Punk //  ix. It’s Juliet | We The Kings x Imagine Dragons //  x. Shake The Scientist | Florence & The Machine x Coldplay //  xi. I Am Not Young & Beautiful | Lana Del Rey x Marina And The Diamonds //  xii. Thirteen Hearts Thirtyfive Mess | Gotye x Dillon //  xiii. Scumbody Told Me | Arctic Monkeys x The Killers //  xiv. Titanium City | David Guetta Ft. Sia x M83 //  L I S T E N //