smash confessions


My favourite thing about Amy Lee is that she was the touchstone that connected everything I love about music together. All the artists I love now are ones that I know about because they influenced her or can connect back to her. Everything from trip hop artists like Bjork or Portishead to grunge/90s alt rock bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, and Hole to piano singer-songwriters like Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, and Amanda Palmer, even to all the artists on this blog. I can connect them all back to her and her music. I feel like I owe my musical identity to her.

I’m the most physically attracted to Willow in Season 6 episodes 8 and 9. But I want her personality to be as it was when she was her nerdy, adorable, rambling self. If she had had her old personality and her looks from season 6 (episodes 8 & 9); I’d be in love with Willow completely. But in season 6 (episodes 8 & 9) I’m just only physically extremely attracted to her. I wish Willow was my girlfriend when she looked like that but with her nerdy personality.

Apparently since “Smashed” I associate dilapidated houses with sexathons on a subconscious level. I discovered this when was walking along the street, not even thinking about Spuffy, and saw a section of wall with plaster peeling off and my brain just went, NIICE. And then I noticed that and for a minute I was super confused. (What, brain? Why am I checking this wall out? Walls are not sex- oooohhhh.)