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What a Woman! // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Comedy, Fluff

Summary//Request: Your student sneaks out in the middle of the night to go to a club - you arrive to collect her and you meet Jay who becomes somewhat interested in you.

“That little bitch” you seethed behind your teeth after pulling the bed covers back on your student’s bed to reveal that she had yet again – snuck out after lights out.

“Okay! Everybody up, right now!” you shouted out, slamming your hand on the light switch and flooding the entire dorm with the bright, unforgiving light above you. All of your other medical students – already exhausted from their day, scrambled from underneath their covers to be met by you, their teacher, in your pyjama shorts and tank top with your face as red as a bull.

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CS Storybook Updated Sign-up Schedule - Changes -6/07

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Extended deadline is  Saturday, June 10.

All stories are canon and either deleted or divergent.  6000 or less. 

There are only a small amount of episodes left to select from and those are below.  We have decided that instead of having people write for a second episode, that the extra episodes will be written as collaborative stories.  (Basically 2-4 people, each person writes 200-400 words and it’s passed around - they are a lot of fun. ) 

Also because tumblr is a pill and notifications come and go, please follow (and we will follow you back Jen ( @whimsicallyenchantedrose  ), Misty ( @flslp87 ) as well as the storybook blog (@cstorybook)  because as you can see, the tags do not always link.  

Timeline - 

June 10: The first round of sign ups comes to an end.*

June 10-30: Collaborative stories will be organized to cover any remaining episodes. (Interested in collaboration?   Let us know.)

July 1 or before: Illustrators will be paired with authors.   Currently, we have over 45 authors and only 15 illustrators so we really need more artists.  Grab your friends so we don’t kill the artists ;-)

August 20: Updated date because realistically I won’t work on it any earlier than this date.   @flslp87.

Here’s the most up-to-date list of Captain Swan episodes that are still available:

  • 2x22—And Straight on ‘til Morning (Be a part of something)
  • 3x1—The Heart of the Truest Believer
  • 3x2—Lost Girl
  • 3x17—The Jolly Roger - (cursed lips)
  • 3x20—Kansas - (Killian come back to me) 
  • 4x8—Smash the Mirror - (His phone call to her about being a better man)
  • 4x9—Fall -(tearful goodbye kiss before the spell of shattered sight )
  • 4x13—Unforgiven - (Seeing the best in each 
  • 4x20—Mother - (CS talk on the about protecting her heart
  • 5x7—Nimue ;  (but will give it up if someone really wants it.)
  • 5x8—Birth
  • 6x14—Page 23 - (Captain Swan angst)
  • 6x15—A Wondrous Place - (Shell call)
  • 6x16—Mother’s Little Helper -(Hook and Blackbeard)
  • 6x19—The Black Fairy - (Operation Best man/superstition talk) 

Pick your episode today! Invite your writer/illustrator friends to pick theirs!

(To sign up for an episode or to sign up to be an illustrator, send an ask to @csstorybook or an ask or message to @whimsicallyenchantedrose.)

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the last jedi trailer highlights
  • poe looking fabulous and not fucking around
  • kylo rey smashing his helmet
  • luke “leave me alone” skywalker being relatable af
  • finn coming back looking fly af and also clearly part of the ‘not fucking around’ club with poe
  • leia organa
  • kylo not wanting to hurt leia because he still clearly cares about his mama
  • kylo offering to help rey
  • rey training to kick ass and looking good doing it
  • final show down between phasma and finn except we want both of them to win kind of?????
  • lil porg
  • everything

Story #1

“You don’t have to love me.” He whispered, standing over her with a maniacal look in his eye, reaching out to brush a lock of hair out of her face. His hand started straying lower as she visibly shrunk into herself.

She hated when he became like this. They’ve been together for a while now, and she genuinely thought he was getting better; healthier.

His neatly trimmed fingertips grazed down her neck and across her collarbones. She let out a strangled sound, attempting to reason with the shell of a person you knew, “Darling, this isn’t you. You have to fight this and come back to me-”

His fist smashed the wall to the side of her head, causing his knuckles to graze and start bleeding and effectively stopping her pleading. “Don’t you get it, sweetheart?” He hissed out, “You’ve just been disillusioned to the fact that I am a monster- your worst fucking nightmare, and nothing can change that.”

“Darling, please.” She begged quietly, trembling and on the verge of tears.

“Please what?” With a voice meant to be an imitation of her, he went on, “Please darling you’re too much, please darling you’re scaring me, please darling this, please darling that.”

“I’m sick of it!” He roared out, pushing himself away from her cornered form. His hands grabbed at his hair and with a shaky voice and bloodshot eyes, he asked desperately, “You won’t leave though, will you?”

Composing and cursing at himself for slipping out of role, he hurriedly covered up his insecurities as he put on a maniacal grin, “No, you won’t leave, cause nobody else loves you. Not like I do.” He started to advance towards you once again, this time like a predator stalking his prey. “Because I’m the only one who knows you, inside and out. The only one who knows,” He spat out, slamming his bloody fist against the wall once more, “how fucked up you are.”

She slumped down the wall, curling up into a ball with her head between your knees, making the target as small as possible.

Towering over her, he yanked her hair backwards as she let out a yelp; bringing her gaze up to him as he knelt in front of her, speaking in a soft, mocking tone.“I’m the only one who knows about your history. How you ended up alone. About the car crash with your mother dying and your father going mad. How you went home one night after therapy and suddenly he took it out on you.” Bringing his head closer to your ear, ignoring her watery eyes, he continued, “And how in the end, your father couldn’t control it your dear daddy attacked you with a knife in hand.” He pulled her hair up and lowered his face to her neck and nibbled at it with a gentleness unfitting the circumstances the pair were situated in.

Eyes darkening, he bit harder drawing blood as she let out a yelp and flinched. The noise and movement made him draw back and look uncertain once again, and he seemed to be having an internal conflict upon seeing the blood trickling from her neck; as if he woke from a daze.

She gingerly lifted a hand out to reach for his face, as if reaching out for the darling she knew and loved. But the side she was afraid of took over, as the conflicting emotions stopped playing on his face, and settled on the maniacal grin she was oh so very scared of.

Smiling that smile with a touch of mock gentleness, he reached out to stroke her hair. She couldn’t help but wince once again, but this time, he didn’t seem to notice. “It’s alright though, because we both break everything we touch.”

He brought his other hand to her face, and cupped it before bringing her head forwards to meet his forehead.

“You’ve done horrible things.” He chided in a singsong voice with eyes staring relentlessly at her tearful self.

She couldn’t speak. Her sobs were choking her in the most vivid of all flashbacks she’s had since it’s happened. Since she killed your father with a slit to his throat and the blood came pouring out like a fountain. And how the blood wouldn’t come out of her stained hands, no matter what she did.

“Nobody will ever love you like I will. I know what it’s like, not being strong.” He swept another strand of hair out of her face.

“I will teach you to be perfect.” He purred, letting go of her face and opening his arms out inviting her in.

She couldn’t control herself and launched into his arms, sobbing hysterically against his shoulder.

She hated him, but then he loved her.

So she loved him back.

Happy Birthday Skate!

2 days late I know, but I just saw the post from @fandomwhoreex that she wanted some Nate bday smut.

I took one of my requests and decided to make it smutty.


can you write nate smut where you are bestfriends and you sit on his lap and it turns him on?


“This is gonna be great (Y/N), he’s gonna be so surprised to see you.” John smiles from his FaceTime.

The only reason was coming for the party was because Kehlani invited me, and John was too fucking lazy to get Nate an actual gift, so I was his ‘gift’.

I was in New York for the New Year, haha, and I wasn’t coming back til before Johnson’s birthday, but…I guess I was coming home early.

“So what was the plan again?” I ask, walking down an abandoned L.A street, looking for John’s car. I had a small suitcase trailing behind me, so someone could easily mistake me for a tourist. Which, to just my luck, someone did.

“Excuse me pretty lady, do you need some help?” A guy dressed in very old school clothes asked me. Maybe he was one of Nate’s friends, since the party was 90’s themed, but I wasn’t risking it.

“Uh, no.” I keep walking, hoping he doesn’t follow me.

“Wait, who was that?” John asks, and I shrug.

“I don’t fucking know.”

“But anyway, I see you walking up.” He honks his horn, and I jump.

“What if that wasn’t me?”

“You’re dragging a suitcase.”


“You’re phone is practically in your face right now.”

“Fine.” I jog to his car, tossing my bag in the back.

“Again, what is your plan now that I’m here Mr. Swift?” I ask, turning down the radio.

“Nate and Derek haven’t gotten to the party yet, so I’m taking you to Nate’s house to get ready or whatever.” I nod, “Then you’ll show up when we give out the presents, giving Nate a lap dance.”

Wait, what?

“I didn’t agree to that.”

“That’s why I didn’t tell you.” He smartly remarks and I huff. “Come on (Y/N), it’s just Nate. He doesn’t bite. Unless you want him to.” He smirks at me, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Shut the fuck up John.”

He pulls up to Nate’s place, and we get out. Going into the unlocked door, we are instantly greeted by Sam and Kehlani.

“(Y/N)! Aye, I didn’t expect you to be here!” Sam smiled, engulfing me in a hug.

“Where’s the nineties vibe, girl? John did tell you it was nineties right?” Kehlani questions, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, he told me. I just didn’t want to get on the plane looking like DJ from Full House.”

“You’d pull that off nicely though.”

“Yeah, didn’t want to risk it. That’s the second time I’ve said that tonight, really cautious tonight. That needs to stop.

-Later That Night-

"Alright! Bring them presents in bitches!” I can hear Nate yell, and John comes in.

I was wearing a black and white flannel with a white shirt and black torn jeans with a pair of combat boots and my hair down for the first time in who knows how long.

“Damn, looking good. Nate is gonna be one lucky dude.” He grabs my hand, pulling me downstairs, he makes me stop around the corner so he can cue me to come in the living room.

“John! There you are! Whatchu get me this year?” Nate was clearly drunk, and it didn’t surprise me one bit.

“Welp, come on in!” I walk over to Nate and his jaw drops.

“Damn baby girl! What is your name beauty?” I wasn’t surprised he didn’t recognize me, hell, I barely recognized myself.

“(Y/N), Nate. You know me.” I giggle and his jaw dropped even further, if possible.

“(Y/N)?! Holy shit, you’re looking fine as hell.”

“Thank you.” He slinks his arm around mine, pulling me to him.

“Thats not all Nate.” He looks toward Sam, who turned on Booty Me Down by Kylis. God all of his male friends are here, like I’m not giving him a public lap dance. A private one, sure, I’m all for it.

“I’m not doing this publicly.” I shout, hearing groans from everyone.

“Private show?” I feel Nate’s strong arm wrap around my waist, his heavy breath on my neck.

“Later, I promise.” I whisper back. I walk away from Nate, going to find Sam.

“Hey! Where are the Jacks?”

“Australia! They set some shows up down there.” He smiled, “You look beautiful by the way.”

“Ah, nope Sam. I’m Nate’s girl tonight.”

“I know. Doesn’t mean we can’t dance.”

“Mmhmm, let’s go.” He took my hand, and we quickly started grinding on one another, even made out a bit on the dance floor.

It was going on four, I was hammered. Drunk and high. When Nate said he had the best, he wasn’t kidding.

“(Y/N)! He stopped drinking after two, saying he wanted to be sober enough to remember his lap dance.

I was sobering up a little as well, but I was still slurring my words.

"I-I’m not ready to go give you that lap dance. I need to s-sober up.”

“Yeah, everyone is clearing out, I’m ready.”

“Just give me five minutes.” I sit down, grabbing a bottle of water.

Five minutes pass, everyone is gone, and here me and Nate are, making out in his recliner.

His hands rest firmly on my hips, grinding them back and forth. Moans and groans escape our lips, the two of us fighting for dominance over the other.

I slowly pulled back, getting up and sitting down on Nate’s lap in the opposite direction. I grab my phone, playing Songs on 12 Play by Chris Brown and Trey Songz.

“Shit,” He whispers as my hips swirl on top of him. His hands graze my ass for a second, harshly slapping afterward.

I slowly start to stand from my position on his lap, turning around to lock lips with him again.

“God, why haven’t we done this before?” He groans under his breath as I slide down his pants.

“Hmm, we’ll have to fix that huh?” I ask, taking off my jeans.

“Wait, hol’ up. I know you don’t think we fucking on this recliner?”

“We aren’t. ” I pull him off the recliner, pushing his leather jacket off of his shoulders. He takes off his shirt and lifts me off of the ground.

“You’re so hot, I can’t keep my hands off of you.” His hands are holding my by my ass, taking me to his bedroom.

He lays me down on his bed, turning around to grab a pack of condoms, setting them down by the nightstand.

“Why a pack?”

“Cause we’re not just having one round here baby girl.” He slides on a condom, quickly shoving himself in before I can adjust, causing a loud moan to escape my lips.

I can feel my orgasm creep up on me, and this is way too good for me to give out now.

My legs start to shake from the immense amount of pleasure Nate is giving me right now. I sit up a little, trying to prolong the feeling by pushing Nate back a little so he wasn’t hitting my spot with every stroke. But as soon as my hands applied force to his chest, his hands
removed themselves from my waist, and pinned my hands above my head.

Realizing he had too much of an advantage over me, I tried to wiggle away from him, but he grabbed my hips, yanking them forward, slamming me into his relentless thrusting.

“Nate, please, stop I’m gonna cum…” I stutter.

“Nope, I’m gonna make you fucking cum.” He growls at me, pushing my waist down and going faster, making me cum in seconds.

By now, Kehlani’s song The Way is playing, and it feels awkward to fuck my best friend to my best friends song, but Nate didn’t seemed fazed by it.

“Shit,” he groans as he cums into the condom.


“That was amazing, damn we need to fuck more often.” He finishes my thought for me, plopping down next to me. His arm is draped over my waist, his lips lingering at my jawline.

Soon we fell asleep, and we’re woken up by hoots and hollers.

We woke up in the same position, but Nate must’ve put his head in my neck to avoid pictures. And his hand between my legs.

I look over to see John, Derek, Sam, and Kehlani taking snapchats.

“Fuck all of you.” He groans, snuggling closer to me.

“Nate you finally smashed man!” Sam cheers, coming around to slap Nate on the back.

“Stop. Save me lil mama.” He groans.

“Guys, just get the fuck out and leave us to our sleep.” I ask politely, and they all slowly file out of his room.

“Love you, ma.” He whispers.

“Love you too, Nate.” I kiss his forehead, “Happy Birthday.”

“Cas, I brought dinner.” The angel didn’t move from the bed, still sitting down with his back to the door. It was the only sign he moved. Every day, Dean sat him down with his face to the door. Every day, Dean came back to him facing away from him. It was as if he couldn’t bear to look at the door anymore, waiting forever. Maybe he just couldn’t look at Dean.

“I brought cobbler too for dessert.” Dean lifted the bag in the air, smiling at the angel’s back. “Bobby said his girlfriend next door made it for him. Some sort of peach or something. She’s tightlipped about her recipes.” Dean shrugged, looking towards his companion for any sort of response.

Cas didn’t move.

“You’re gonna waste away if you don’t chow down, Cas…” Dean was met by silence, though he was far from unused to it. “Don’t make me get the IV again. I know you hate it…even if you won’t tell me,” Dean trailed off uncertainly, looking towards the angel for some sort of response.

He got none.

Abandoning the food to the table, Dean stepped towards Castiel. He went to his knees, right in front of the angel. He looked up, eyes cast as if towards Heaven. He looked for any sign of recognition, any sign of cognizance, any sign of anything.

He got none.

“Cas, it’s been weeks.”

Dean knew he was losing it, talking to a man everyone said would never respond. But Cas was Cas and he’d always been there so how could Dean just give up on him? He couldn’t. Dean was just as catatonic as Cas, stuck on the thought that Cas would move again, that things would be okay. But things were going to hell outside and that was the only truth he had left.

“Come on, man,” Dean began, grabbing at Cas’s hand. It was cold and pliant, fingers settling between his easily. “You’ve gotta work with me. I’m trying everything here. I know, everything is different and nothing’s exactly okay, but it’s what we’ve got, so I need you to work with me.”

Dean stared into the angel’s eyes and saw nothing. “Come on, Cas! I know you’re in there! Please! I’m sorry that Michael and Lucifer are gone. I’m sorry that Gabriel is dead. I’m sorry that Raphael wants to start the apocalypse again. I can say I’m sorry a million times, but that isn’t gonna change a damn thing!” he shouted, regretting it because Cas didn’t move, but he seemed to curl in on himself ever so slightly.

“Damn it, Cas! I need you!” Dean shouted, rising into more of a crouch so he could look Cas in the eyes. No matter how blank, how lifeless, they were still the best chance he had at getting to the angel. “I am begging you, Cas. I am praying to you! Come back! Come back to me!”

Dean leaned forward abruptly, smashing his lips into Castiel’s. It was the only way he could make himself feel like Cas wasn’t gone and he wasn’t taking care of a corpse. He reached forward, putting a hand against Cas’s cheek, moving the other to that spot between his shoulder blades where his wings should have been. They’d burned away long ago.


Castiel kissed back.