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Fountain of Dreams
Fountain of Dreams

Famed creator of the Super Smash Bros. series, Masahiro Sakurai, got his start in the video game industry when he directed Kirby’s Dream Land at age 19. He continued working on the Kirby games until Kirby Air Ride, after which he resigned to focus on Smash Bros.

This music comes from CD distributed to Nintendo Power Magazine subscribers. It features live orchestrated music from Super Smash Bros. Melee.

This makes 300 unique pieces of music posted on this blog so far! Thanks to you all for listening!

riki is one of the best and worst things about xenoblade chronicles because it’s canonically confirmed that this potato-looking bastard

not only fucks, but he fucks a lot

i wonder if people who haven’t played xenoblade see riki in smash bros and realize that this rejected pokemon is canonically the most virile pussy obliterator ever to appear in the super smash bros series

Doodled some Smash Bros guys during class today :v along with some “later season” designs nyeh. By that I mean they get older or recieve an upgrade later in my “story” (what story lol i haven’t written one), with new outfit to boot! Why it goes right to left…. egh flip my life

-I already explained mom Robin earlier in some of my previous posts

-Meta Knight’s second armor is partially based off his prototype design

-Toon Link’s getup takes parts of Ravio and runs with it