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The Box of Props Group at Anime Matsuri! Taken by Cerberus Fotos. 
This rare Metal Mario cosplay will bring you good luck if you reblog. 

Did this for a tier list thing on the Smash Bros Reddit. Picked a character at random, and while the first char I got was Mii Brawler, I thought he was boring so I picked BJ as my first choice. He’s my favorite Mario Character too, and this is my first time ever drawing him hahaha. 


This is a character design I did for the terrible protagonist of a Super Smash Bros story I co-wrote with @plasterbrain last year called Sweaty Angle. We were making fun of bad reader-insert fanfictions, so each chapter was “READER x [INSERT FIGHTER]”. 

The game went as follows: Plaster and I would alternate writing each chapter and every chapter was for a different character on the Smash Bros Roster. The terrible flirty protagonist, Nick Name, would have to hit on a different character every chapter all while keeping some kind of consistent ongoing story. It started as a joke but we got really into some of the characterizations we came up with for the Smash cast (especially Ike, Lucina, and Little Mac). In the end it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever been involved with and we wrote about 120 pages of the stupid thing.

You can read it here!

It was kind of fun to design Nick because first I had to imagine the game she originally came from (A Japanese-Only NES title called IN THE NAME OF LOVE!) and what it would be like. The only descriptor was that Name had to go around and “prevent heartbreak” by attacking weird little demons, so there wasn’t a ton to work with. I imagine the game took place on some island like Doki Doki island or something, so I figured she’d have island garb and I went with an iridescent color scheme like you see inside seashells sometimes. Going on from that the Smash team likes redesigning NES characters with a million fucking bangles and baubles over them so I gave her some meaningless bracelets.

I think she turned out really cute! Name is actually a horrible person and a totally garbage human who sucks at flirting and everything else, so in a way making her cute was kind of a failure, haha.

Mama Akane & her Smash Babiess

 *Please read this before reblogging. The woman in the photo is my
  original character. Please either tag her as Akane, oc, or do not tag
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[ Finally finished! Akane with her smash kids! I LOVE drawing all of them
  together it makes my heart melt because you can see the smile on Akane’s
  face. They just bring her so much joy & memories of her with the orphan children
  from back then. Plus makes her more moved to have a child of her own u w u .
  These boys… blessings all arounddd . No.1 mom here. Enjoy! Art / Akane © @aakane Ness / Lucas / Villager / Kirby / Toon link © Nintendo ♡ ]


I’m a bit behind on inktober, but that’s okay because I’m having a great time making what I’ve got!

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