smash bros characters

Two PSI kids?! Woah! That’s right, for a limited time only, you can get TWO non-canon coloured kids who know PSI, no scam, no joke, sent right to your front door!

(Okay, it might be a joke…)

The Best

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The Signs As New Super Smash Bros Characters

Aries: Zero Suit Samus

Taurus: Olimar

Gemini: Sheik

Cancer: Zelda

Leo: Marth

Virgo: Villager

Libra: Palutena

Scorpio: Robin 

Sagittarius: Link

Capricorn: Lucario

Aquarius: Rosalina & Luma

Pisces: Lucina


Look, I’m not saying that Lucina should have a clone moveset.

But if she really needs to be a clone, just follow your own logic and make her a clone of Ike.


Been playing Smash a lot lately haha. For this I kinda made a little challenge for myself where I pick out a few of the characters and then make a new character design that has the same read of the original without being exactly like it

I like how the Olimar one turned out the most :D

He wasn’t a request, but I decided to try my hand spriting Roy as a Master Lord (his Smash Bros iteration because I sadly doubt the Roy amiibo will be implemented into Fates…) I wanted him in a different pose than all the other Smash Bros Fire Emblem characters, so he had to be designed completely from scratch. I really like how he came out - he fits right in with the rest of the Fire Emblem squad now!

Now that he’s done, you can request for Roy in other classes or other characters in the Master Lord class if you want!