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May 9th, 2014

Enter the Dragoon!

While it was briefly shown in the last Direct, the Dragoon from Kirby Air Ride is highlighted even further today by its original creator Masahiro Sakurai. Functionally, the legendary Air Ride machine has remained the same, as players must collect 3 of its parts in order to train the Dragoon. Aesthetically, however, it has changed dramatically, especially the targeting screen which looks like the bloodshot eye of an angry, fiery dragon. Additionally, today’s post also gives us another great quote from Sakurai:

“I wanna get on it. I wanna get on and ride it.”

So do we, Sakurai. So do we.


Super Smash Review: April

They say “April brings showers” but that is a total understatement. Instead, April brought us a torrential downpour of new Smash Bros. information. We got 9 new Pokémon, 18 new items, 6 new Assist Trophies, 5 revealed stages, 4 returning characters, and 1 new frog-ninja appropriately named “Greninja.”

Needless to say, April was a great month. Keep it up, Sakurai!