smash bros 4


Bought these amazing Smash tarot cards and I just wanted to share photos of some of my favorites. There are 2 decks: the Major Arcana with 75 cards (the one I currently have) and the Minor Arcana with 56 cards, which is set to release in December. The artwork is fantastic and the quality of the cards is excellent. I don’t usually buy fanmade stuff but I fell in love with these cards (OMG KIRBY IS THE INNOCENCE!!)

You can check out the other cards in the deck as well the Minor Arcana deck (and order them if you’d like) here

I think these tarot cards would make a great addition to any Nintendo or Smash fan’s collection.


すまぶら by じっ/ぽ/コミティアX14a on pixiv

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But consider this

Vriska flubs up Jake’s name by calling him Jape.

Vriska’s favorite number is eight.

There are two pages in this panel.

8 ÷ 2 = 4

There are four people who spoke in this terrible upd8: Jake, Roxy, Tavrosprite, and Vriska.

You know what else has four?

This game series.

Super Smash Bros 4 is divided into two games.

Two Games, Two Pages

The two games share some stages, but have plenty of exclusives.

You know what one of the exclusive stages is?

This stage.

Jake lived in a jungle.

Jungle Japes = Jungle Jake



When people think that they can roast me.