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Just ranting but I'm really mad no one addressed how scary and signaling of abuse Lyra's behavior was. She smashed a bottle and it really startled me more than anything thus episode.

Yes. Yes yes yes yes.

the penatrators: make the girls they fucked wear their hoodies like they’re some kinda objects to be Branded™ and get into fistfights smashing bottles on people’s heads.


the balloon squad: don’t stand for disrespecting women and talk about serious social issues like racism and police brutality.

some of y’all: ………. yaaaa i can’t be interested in these “loud macho straight guys who preen” they’re so basic they’re demons they can’t be trusted.

Cinderella - Jughead Jones

Request: Hi honey ! <3 I love all your imagines, you are such a good writer ! I was wondering, if you could write Juggy imagine, something like Cinderella story, where the reader is shy and clumsy girl, who doesn’t go out much often because of her stepmother and her daughters, but one night, with Veronica and Betty help (two fairygodmathers haha) she go to a school party, where she met Jughead, but when she was leaving in hurry, she left something, and Juggy is determined to find her ?

This was like, the cutest prompt I’ve ever read and I just had to do it! Let me know if you want a part 2 :)

Jughead x Reader + Beronica because I’m trash

Warnings: - Swearing / abusive step-family :c - if you deal with these kind of issues, please tell someone. Anyone. You deserve so much more <3 

Words: - 4,849

Cinderella, that was pretty much you in a nutshell.

You walked along the side of the hallway, lurking. You managed to pass through to the high school exit, unnoticed by anyone. Not that you were ever noticed. You could turn into a flying monkey and still no attention would be paid to you.

Not that you cared. You were a selfless girl, kind and virtuous. To everyone else you were the shy girl without friends, too perfect and studious to need anyone. Inside, you were longing for someone to talk too, because nothing and nobody in Riverdale is ever perfect. There’s always a layer of cracked stone hidden beneath the perfectly painted exterior.

The reason you didn’t have many friends was because you never really got out much, besides school. You weren’t used to much social interaction and all your spare time was spent in the library, doing your homework. You couldn’t do it at home, because you had to take care of your stepmother who would often come home high or drunk. Your stepsisters would blame you, and you would have to clean up all of the mess and damage that they left behind or your step-mother would beat you.

That was always another reason why you never let anyone know. You were too selfless and paranoid to make a fuss, you didn’t want people worrying over you or thinking that you were just seeking their attention. You had the bruises and the scars to prove your claims, but in your mind speaking out would just make everything worse.

Still, through all that you had bared, you wore a smile on your face and tried to stay positive. It was all for your Mother’s sake. She had died in a car accident when you were 9 and it had left you traumatised. Sadly you didn’t have much time to recover as your Father followed just 4 years later thanks to cancer. Your Mum always used to tell you to look on the bright side of life, to be kind and show love. All you wanted was to make her proud.

As you walked out into the parking lot to fetch your bike, you saw a group of people crowded around the racks engaged in conversation. You walked up to them gingerly, your body spiked with nerves. This was, as dubbed by Cheryl Blossom, the Sad Breakfast Club. You’d always admired them from afar. 

Archie Andrews was talented, in both music and sports. Betty Cooper was the typical girl next door, good grades and a strong mind. Kevin Keller was too fabulous for words, and you adored his confidence. Veronica Lodge was a powerful feminist, who stood up for herself, as well as standing up for her friends and fellow females. Then, there was Jughead Jones. You’d partnered up with him once in English class. He had a way with words, and you couldn’t help but ask him about his novel. His eyes had lit up with passion, a passion that didn’t die for the whole time the two of you conversed. His friends had been surprised at how talkative he was to you, how excited he was that you seemed to understand and respect his novel.

It felt great to finally have someone to talk to, about normal things. However, after that encounter you hadn’t really spoken to him, although he would sometimes acknowledge you with a small smile and a nod when you passed him in the hallway. You didn’t have the courage to interact with him more than you already did. Besides, you saw the look in his eyes. It was indescribable. The same look that clouded over your eyes daily, a look that nobody except those who possessed it would be able to see. The look of helplessness, that behind whatever perfect or basic exterior you had built up, was layered with secrets and scandal. You didn’t want to present yourself as another burden in his life when, without even talking to him properly, you could just tell he wasn’t going through the best of times.

You could hear that they were talking about Cheryl Blossom’s upcoming party. The party of the century. A masked party. Considering your status, you hadn’t received an invite so you weren’t going. The idea of taking on a whole new identity, the ability to let yourself loose without having to worry about how people saw you. It was thrilling, and sent anticipation and excitement coursing through your veins. How you would love to confidently dance at a party, socialise, do things that (Y/N) (Y/L/N) just wouldn’t do… couldn’t do. For once, after all the things you gave to the world, maybe taking something in return and having your fifteen minutes of fame was all you needed. 

Your daydreaming meant that you hadn’t been paying precise attention to where you were walking, and found yourself stumbling over a collection of bikes which had been carelessly placed in the middle of the pavement as there was no more space on the bike racks. Your felt your cheeks tint red with embarrassment as you collected the spilled contents of your bag, which you had forgotten to close. It was cliche and awkward, and what made it worse was that the SBC was right in front of you watching. They got down to help you pick stuff up and you muttered your thanks to each of them, keeping your head down. You felt someone touch your arm, and naturally you immediately leapt onto your feet away from the contact, jerking the touch away from you. Your eyes were wide and your heart was thumping. You were so skittish thanks to past trauma, and you felt your cheeks get redder as you realised it had only been a reassuring gesture from Jughead.

He was staring at you, bewildered, as he slowly walked closer and gave you your pencil case, one of the items that had fallen from your bag.

“Are you okay? -” He paused, as if trying to remember your name, not that you’d ever told him. He probably expected you to just give it to him there and then but you wanted to escape the awkward confrontation as quickly as possible. You weren’t sure why because to be honest, you would always prefer to be anywhere in the world that wasn’t home. However, if you got home late, you would just be making it worse for yourself.

“Yes, thank you. All of you,” You put on that charming smile of yours, before pulling out your vintage bike, which you had salvaged from a local junkyard. You’d manage to acquire mint green spray paint and the materials to make a small woven basket for the front, and the result wasn’t half bad. It wasn’t exactly the flashy modern bikes that lit up when they move, but you wouldn’t want it any other way. Finding the time to work for yourself was rewarding in its own sense.

You knew eyes were on you, something that you weren’t exactly used to, so you tried to get out of sight, as you rode down the street, as quickly as possible. You didn’t realise the curious spark mixed in with the helplessness in Jughead’s eyes, and you didn’t realise the suspicious glances that were exchanged between Betty and Veronica.

Home sweet home.

Home is where you feel safe, most wanted and most loved.

Your home was anything but sweet, and you felt like you were living in fear, that the hate your ‘family’ had for you was all you had going for your life.

You walked your bike up to the shed at the side of your house. It was infested with spiders and mice, and if your step-mother was in a particularly awful mood, the thickly coated, dusty floors would be your bed for the night. Lucifer, your step mother’s cat was perched on the door step. His name seemed appropriate considering his demonic demeanour and frequent attempts to claw your limbs out. His gaze followed you as you entered the house. 

Empty or smashed beer bottles clogged up the hallway, and you practically went en pointe to try and avoid the thick shards of glass that coated your path. You couldn’t hear the blaring noise of the TV, or the throwing of items coming from upstairs. This meant, it was one of those days where your stepmom went out the night before, drove to the next town over, got drunk and high and then proceeded to have a one night stand with some poor man. She wouldn’t be home until very late the following evening, and you couldn’t help but breathe out a soft sight of relief.

You had just gotten out of the shower, preparing to start on clearing up the glass when you heard the front door slam, followed by two whingey voices. Your step-sisters, Drew and Anna. Whereas your stepmom had physical abuse covered, your step-sisters preferred to hurt you verbally, to mock you and tease you, belittle you and reduce you to nothing but their own personal slave.

“(Y/N)!” You heard a screech from below your feet and you cringed inwardly, as you pulled on your comfort clothes. You knew you should have cleaned up first, but you just felt so stressed and uncomfortable from your fall earlier. Not that your own concerns were the priority in this household.

“(Y/N)!” Two simultaneous yells this time, sounding frustrated. The longer it took, the worse it would get, the more material they had to hurt you with. You hurriedly raced downstairs to their aid.

“Drew, Anna, how was your day?” You put on the nicest smile and sweetest voice you could muster. Anyone else would have snapped back at these sisters by this point, but you were an empathetic person and knew that deep down, these girls were suffering from their broken family just as much as you were. They just coped with it differently.

“Took you long enough, anyways, Cheryl invited us to her party and we need you to do our makeup like the… good sister that you are,” Anna gave a sickly sweet smirk. Your stepsisters had been sucking up to Cheryl for weeks in order to be invited to this party, and knew that you wouldn’t be going.

“She’s picking us up in her limo in about 2 hours, so hurry up. And don’t make further plans, you’re going to have to clean everything up before Mum gets home afterwards or she’ll kill you,” Drew snickered and Anna scoffed.

“Please Drew, we’re not that lucky.” The two sisters pushed past you, before walking up the stairs to their room. You felt your sensitivity levels topple over slightly, that remark was just a bit too far.

Somehow, you managed to slightly bond with your sisters over the makeup process. You tried things out on Drew, Anna would occasionally compliment how nice she looked and ask if you could do the same thing when it came to her. You almost felt like normal sisters. Until you were done. It could never last long could it? You just weren’t good enough.

Drew and Anna were wearing flamboyant dresses, with masks to matched. Their heels were higher than you thought was actually possible. As the two made their own final preparations, you were busy doing your own makeup and had laid out a pastel pink dress to wear. The dress was your mother’s, and you had managed to find it at the back of your closet from when you used to try and dress up in her clothes when you were younger. You wanted to go to this party. Why not? After all, you did everything for everyone else. For the first time, you deserved a little something back. Besides, you were sure Anna and Drew wouldn’t care, after all you had gotten on so well when you were doing their makeup. Well, better than usual at least. That had to mean something.

Cheryl wanted the party to be huge, so you were sure she wouldn’t mind if you tagged along with your sisters. It wasn’t as if you actually had any issues or rivalry with Cheryl, you just didn’t talk to her. You wouldn’t be surprised if your sisters had actually told people that they didn’t have any more siblings, and that you were just a loner only child.

You grabbed your ragged clutch, and made your way downstairs, after changing into the dress. You looked okay, but your mind was on the mask. You decided you were going to pick one up at the local costume shop on the way there, as you would travel on your bike rather than opting for the awkward journey in Cheryl’s limousine. 

You raced outside before Anna suddenly rushed up to you, shoving her iPhone into your hands.

“Ah! (Y/N) perfect, take a pic of me and Drew!” She exclaimed, before rushing back to Drew and posing, attempting to stick her chest out. You awkwardly tilted the camera to fit the both of them in it, before Anna raced back and snatched it off of you, flicking through the pictures you took. “Ugh this one’s blurry,” She muttered, as she paced back and forth.

“What are you wearing?” Drew bitterly scoffed as she circled you mockingly, like you were surrounded in shark infested waters. You suddenly felt intimidated as Anna’s attention snapped to you and she began to laugh and jeer at you.

“Goodness (Y/N), is that ugly piece of shit the best you could do?” She giggled uncontrollably and you felt tears crawl into your eyes.

“It was my mother’s” You whispered, not looking either of them in the eye.

“You keep dead people’s clothes? That’s weird, creepy, just like that Jughead kid,” Drew sighed, pulling on a loose lock of your hair. You jumped back from her and she rolled her eyes and scoffed at you.

“Wait… don’t tell me… that you thought you were coming to the party?” Anna stopped pacing, getting up close in your face and raising an eyebrow. You wanted the ground to swallow you whole right now.

“Well… I thought… m-maybe you would let me come with you? I just thought it was my turn to d-do something… for myself,” You stumbled clumsily, eyes trained to the ground. An awkward pause of silence skipped over you, before your stepsisters bursted into scathing hysterics. Pointing at you, taunting you. The tears freely flowed now. How could you be so stupid and naive to think somebody actually cared about you.

“You thought wrong you little bitch,” Anna’s voice sent chills down your spine as her tone turned menacing. She walked up to you, grabbed the frills of your dress and ripped them in two. You let out a strangled cry as Anna stepped back to admire her handy work. You fell to the ground, picking up the pieces that had come off of the dress and holding them close to your heart. You felt like Anna and Drew were destroying your whole world, taking it down brick by brick. When they learnt a weakness or a potential threat, they would eliminate it immediately.

You heard the clanging of metal, and turned your head to the left to see your bike which was being vandalised by Drew, who was madly hitting it with a large metal hammer. You crawled towards her, screaming at her to stop but Drew wouldn’t comply, not until the bike was damaged beyond repair.

One of the only things you’d ever been proud of, your spare time flushed down the drain in a matter of seconds. You stood up and bravely faced your two stepsisters in the eye, who were observing the surrounding chaos with satisfied looks on their faces. A black limo pulled up on your driveway, and the two walked off, only stopping when they heard you yell.

“Why me? Please! What did I ever do to you? All I’ve ever done is be nice to you, why do you hate me?!” Your voice was raw from the crying. The stepsisters looked back at each other, trying to come up with a response.

“Because you ruined our lives,” Anna spat at you, before grabbing Drew’s hand and pulling her away, leaving you to stand there and sob. Your knees collapsed beneath you with grief.

You sat in your bedroom, trying to collect yourself. Your mothers dress was placed under your sewing machine which you would have to fix later. You had managed to clean up the rest of the house which had helped in taking your mind off of the party momentarily. However, you now sat on the edge of your bed, reflecting on what could have been.

Maybe you should have reached out to someone, anyone who would listen. Like Jughead…

You just wished you had your own fairy godmother right now.

Suddenly, you heard a knock at your front door. This was strange, as nobody ever came to this house except the milkman and the postman. Your sisters were too embarrassed to share their address or invite anyone round, as you would likely be there. If it was your stepmom, she wouldn’t knock. She would barge in the door, yelling and shouting. 

Cautiously, you opened the front door, peeking out into the night. You were surprised to see two girls, two girls you recognised. Veronica Lodge and Betty  Cooper, who were both wearing matching black and white dresses, with perfect makeup and sympathetic smiles on their gorgeous faces. 

“We saw the bike, saw your sisters and put two and two together,” Veronica sighed. You bit your lip, not sure what to say, but Veronica had practically invited herself in and enveloped you in a hug, followed by Betty. 

“You don’t have to tell us anything, but we won’t sit here and let them get away with ruining your night,” Betty smiled, brandishing a box. Inside the box was a makeup bag, a pair of white embellished platform shoes, a black and white halter neck dress with black lace on the top, and the best parts, the accessories. A split down the middle, black and white mask. The white side was embezzled in sequins and feathers, whereas the black side was decorated with white swirls and fake flowers. Intricate floral patterns danced around the edges of both sides of the mask. On top of this all was the most beautiful necklace you had ever seen. A silver chain attached to what looked like a jewel encrusted ring, lined with a gold rim. More tears appeared in your eyes.

“Sorry if none of it’s really you, it’s all we had,” Veronica laughed nervously but you jumped on the two girls with another hug, except tighter.

“You didn’t have to do this, it’s all so beautiful….” You felt yourself choke on your words. 

“Honestly it’s-” Veronica began,

“Nothing” Betty finished, linking her arm with Veronica affectionately as they giggled at one another. 

“Don’t let these people ruin your fun, you gotta go out there and get your man!” Veronica beamed, resting her head on Betty’s shoulder as Betty nodded encouragingly. 

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and Betty and Veronica simultaneously rolled their eyes with a ‘tut tut’, exchanging glances.

“Jughead silly!” Betty spelt it out for you and you felt your face turn red all over again. “Yes! I knew it!” Betty exclaimed excitedly.

“I ship it!” Veronica and Betty squealed in a sing-song voice. You buried your face in your hands, but tried to laugh it off.

“I don’t even know if I can pull this stuff off guys. Honestly, it’s all so beautiful but it would probably look nicer on yo-” You began but the girls help up a finger in unison.

“Don’t even start with that crap. You are such a pretty, strong woman! You’ve been through all of this by yourself and you never even had to! You are going to own this party whether Cheryl Blossom gives a fuck or not,” Veronica retorted, and you grinned excitedly. 

The girls helped you redo your makeup, as you confided with them about your situation. It felt so good to get everything off your chest. They were so much more relatable than you expected and you honestly hoped that this wouldn’t be a one-off friendship. 

You were ready and dressed, hair done in a lace braid, necklace secured, feet comfy. All you needed now was to put your mask on. As you slipped it over your head, you felt a surge of confidence and power. This was finally your night, and you were going to earn it. 

“Look at what we’ve created Ronnie,” Betty danced around your room with Veronica excitedly. Your sisters had left to help set up the party earlier, so it’s not like you guys were even late yet, and the others were very excited. Suddenly, you felt the nerves rush back. What if they couldn’t get you in? If Anna and Drew knew you were there they would personally skin you alive. Veronica noticed you tense and she crouched beside you, resting her chin on your shoulder and sighing.

“In this mirror, I see a beautiful, young, independent woman who is currently discovering herself. You deserve this night (Y/N), it’s not enough just to dream these kind of things, you gotta finally step out of your comfort zone and live it up!” She shook you playfully and you laughed. This was your chance.

The ride had been fun, Ronnie had her own limo which she had managed to secure for the evening and you had picked up Kevin Keller on the way there, who played a huge part in settling your nerves with his gay humour. 

Veronica, being an influential person had also managed to get you into the party and you hadn’t even seen Anna and Drew so far.

Turns out that being anti-social for so long wasn’t a good trait to have in massive social events like parties where everyone knew each other and had plans for the evening. You felt out of place, and everything you dreamt of had faded. It was intimidating, all these masks practically trying to outshine each other. You lost your new friends in the sea of people and hadn’t found them since. You had managed to gain a lot of attention during the night though, which you were not used to. 

You currently stood pressed against the wall, drinking the non-spiked punch and avoiding the dance floor. Suddenly, you made eye contact with someone else pressed agains the wall. Probably someone that you would recognise in a festival crowd. No matter where you were you could pick him out. His crystal blue eyes and distinctive grey beanie which would not go off for any event. His raven haired curly locks which stood up at the back of his neck.

Your night (Y/N)

Feeling a surge of confidence, you kicked off of the wall and stood by him instead.

“Do I know you?” He asked almost instantly. Obviously everyone knew it was him from the beanie, and nobody would voluntarily come stand by him, it just wasn’t a thing people did.

“Not yet,” You let out a small chuckle, surprised at yourself. Your voice was deeper, perhaps even seductive. You sounded powerful but your stomach was whirling with butterflies as the boy gave a moment of silence to take you in.

“How mysterious,” He smirked back. Jughead’s mask covered a very thin surface area around his eyes, and was simply pitch black and made out of card.  He clearly tried very hard. “Student at Riverdale?”

“Are we playing a guessing game now?” 

“I guess,” You couldn’t really tell from the flashing strobe lights and intense atmosphere but you swore you could have saw him blushing.

“Yes, I am a student at Riverdale,” your heart thumped. There were obviously tons of students at Riverdale but you couldn’t help but get this overwhelming feeling that he knew it was you. Maybe Jughead felt the same way? You bit your lip, thinking about how you just wanted to be at a comfortable home with this boy right now. Like his house, because your house was simply hell.

This boy practically was your home, he made you feel safe and wanted. Although he didn’t even know this was you right now, you were just there for entertainment as he had nobody to speak to. If he knew who you really were, he would have left a long time ago. 

No (Y/N), your night! Have some faith in yourself!

“Have we talked before?” Jughead asked again, you paused deciding how you wanted to word this so that it was truthful but not too obvious.

“I expect so,” You played it off and you heard him grunt, causing you to let out another hearty chuckle.

God he loved that chuckle. It reminded him of (Y/N)

Hmm.. (Y/N)

Jughead looked up at the mysterious, elegant beauty behind the mask. He thought of (Y/N) and how suddenly an idea popped into his head. But she was so shy… it was just his biased mind because he had a cr- no, it was worth the ask.

Suddenly a slow song played over the speaker, and people paired off onto the dance floor. The two of you stayed against the wall until you were the only two left. You’d love to dance, but there wasn’t much space left and you wanted to dance freely with flowing motions. Jughead practically read your mind, as he bravely took your hand and lead you out onto a balcony, before placing his hands on your waist as you wrapped yours around the back of his neck, leaning into him and taking in his gentle scent. 

You slowly moved side to side, resting against him, only properly moving when he would twirl you around gracefully. 

“Do we have classes together?” Jughead murmured. You nodded your head dazily and he chuckled at your sudden tired mood, spinning you again. He let out a hmm in mock thought, causing you to weakly giggle. “Have we been project partners before?” His voice got quieter and more gentle. You paused, the swaying slowing. “Yes” you whispered against his jacket, clutching it tightly in your hands.

From inside, you could hear the song coming to an end but undisturbed, the two of you continued to dance. A comfortable silence swept over you as he twirled you one last time before stopping, his mouth coming closer to your ear and you felt Jughead’s hot breath on your neck. 

“Do you like English class?” He whispered gently into your ear and you felt yourself tense. Suddenly the loud chiming of a clock from above you caused you to break apart with a jump. He didn’t make it obvious that he knew, but it was the skittishness that made it clear who his mystery girl was. Your heavy breathing, turned into breathy laughing with Jughead before suddenly your whole body went rigid and your face paled.

“What’s the time?” You whispered, your face struck with horror. 

“Midnight, that’s what the chimes are for,” Jughead moved closer, his hand reached up to cup your cheek but you stumbled back, your hand flying to clasp over your mouth. You were trying to hold back sobs of fright.

Your stepmom would be home. She would kill you if you weren’t there and you didn’t exactly mean figuratively. She would beat you until you’re bloody, skin you alive and then eat your flesh in front of your own rotting carcass. 

You muttered hurried apologies before racing towards the balcony door. You had to sneak back home somehow, you had to get away. This should have never have happened. People like you don’t deserve these special nights, these special people. Your heart was thumping out of your chest as the adrenalin pumped through your veins

You let out a yelp of pain as you realised your necklace was stuck in your hair. You ripped it out, not caring that it fell to the floor. You didn’t even bother to pick it up, kicking off you heels and chucking them at Veronica as you ran away from the dance floor, from the party, from the mansion… from Jughead.

“Got it,” Drew smirked nastily, as she hit the stop button on the recording of you. She’d filmed the last minute or so of your dance with Jughead and your sudden departure.

“Mom would totally believe she stole all of that crap, including the necklace. I mean she must have. There’s no way that street urchin can afford that shit,” Anna sighed, “Did she honestly think that someone like her would fit in here? We’ll show her,” She clicked her tongue in satisfaction, before dragging her sister with her out the door.

Little did they know that they weren’t the only ones snooping on conversations. 

“Not if I have anything to say about it,” Jughead clasped the necklace in his right hand, Veronica and Betty standing angrily behind him. 

It’s 2am I’m so dead. This was kind of rushed, I’m so sorry <3

Let me know if you want part 2!
ALSSSOOO: thank you to @mrs-jughead-jones for being there whilst I wrote this and getting annoyed at Apple autocorrect with me.

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Description: Taehyung catches the attention of the one curious girl.

Genre: Angst

Mentions of: swearing, partying, drinking, violence, gangs, smoking

Word count: 2179

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

part one - part two - part three

“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”

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need someone to draw some shitpost dai fanart

some snooty Orlesian: my dear boy, you’ve challenged me to duel six times since we began speaking

Cullen, smashing a bottle against the table: MAKE IT SEVEN!

Cinderella PT 2 - Jughead Jones

Okay so Cinderella went down REALLY well and I’m pretty sure I would be skinned alive  if I didn’t do a part 2 so HERE YA GO. THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG SERIES WITH SOME CHEEKY CLIFFHANGERS!!! Feel free to send me feedback/suggestions!

Words: 3,865

Warnings: Description of cuts (not self inflicted) and violence / Swearing galore


Jagged cuts, twisting like vines up your arms from shards of bottle glass. Red eyes, dried up from fallen tears. You looked like a mess.

Last night had been the most free night of your life since your Mother died. You’d danced with a boy who made your insides flutter and for the first time in forever you finally felt as if you were worth something. Of course, that feeling couldn’t last forever. It had taken the strike of a clock at midnight to remind you of your fate, awaiting you at home. A reminder that you weren’t free, and probably never would be. 

The second you had stepped in the front door, you’d felt a rough fist grab you, pulling you by the hair, as you screamed, into the kitchen. Your step-mum, in all her drunken glory, shouting  swears and profanities at you. She wouldn’t stop throwing stuff either, carelessly, not really worried if whatever she was throwing hit you or didn’t hit you. You managed to escape, with a palette of bruises, small scars and a deep gash on your leg from where your step-mum had picked up a whole box of empty bottles and smashed them at your feet. Anna and Drew had decided to stay at Cheryl’s house, so you didn’t see them for the rest of the night. 

Once the assault had finally ended, you had used the little energy you had left to go upstairs and tend to your wounds in the bathroom. You liked to think of them as battle scars. That’s what your Mother would say…

“(Y/N)! What on earth have you done you silly goose,” Your Mother, in all her radiant beauty, picked a tearful 5 year old you off the gravel pavement of your driveway and sat you down on a bench. She wiped away your tears, seating you on her lap as she brushed down your dress affectionately.

“I fell over,” You pouted, pointing to your knee. A barely visisble red cut had formed and your Mother chuckled under her breath, before leaning down and kissing it gently.

“Oh no darling, how did you manage that?” She played along with your exaggeration, putting on a fake frown.

“I was playing princesses, because I’ve always wanted to be a princess! We were being attacked by trolls, so I was leading my kingdom into battle, but I tripped! I’m an awful princess,” You shook your head, wiping away any stray tears with your clenched fists. Your mother took your hands and uncurled your fingers from their tight ball, one by one. She held them close to her heart before bending down so she was on eye level with you. She smiled at you, her eyes filled with love.

“You are a beautiful princess. A princess doesn’t have to be graceful, she has to be strong, and that’s just what you showed by braving a deadly fight with the trolls! But perhaps, maybe nobody would have to get hurt if you would talk to the trolls. Make a peace. Where there is kindness, there is goodness and where there is goodness, there is magic. Have courage my little princess, and be kind.”

Memories of your mother consumed you for the rest of the night, as you curled up tight, crying softly to yourself as nobody else could listen.

You wanted to be the princess that she always wanted you to be.

But it was so hard to be kind when people spat at your feet and showered you in hate.

You woke up in the morning, feeling tired and weighed down by the events of last night. Your mind drifted towards Jughead. What did he think of you after what you did? He probably thought you were some kind of selfish bitch, although you were used to that opinion. The thought of someone you really liked thinking about you that way bothered you. Was this the name you would make for yourself?

You had to pick yourself up and carry on. The likely situation, would be that Jughead and his friends would never speak to you again, and you would spend the rest of your high school days alone as you did before.

You were such a wallflower that you couldn’t even be bothered to make an effort with your appearance. You threw on a comfy, oversized grey sweater, black leggings and matching converse. You tied your hair up in a messy bun and only touched up with light makeup, especially around the eyes to conceal their puffy and red exterior. 

The house was quiet and you didn’t dare make a sound. Your step-mother was probably crashed on the couch. She wouldn’t be as angry as yesterday if you woke her up but it would give her enough reason to scream profanities and you didn’t have the energy to deal with her this early in the morning.

You slung your backpack over your shoulder, preparing to leave for the walk to school, considering your bike had been vandalised. Something caught your eye on the way out your bedroom though, and you turned around to look at the hook on the back of the door. Your mask from last night, still in perfect condition along with a zipped bag that contained your dress. A haunting reminder of Cheryl’s party. You were of course, missing some components of your outfit, including the bejewelled necklace and shoes. The shoes were probably back in Veronica’s closet but you couldn’t imagine the look on her face if you told her that you’d thrown away the necklace. Another hit-list you would be added to.

You shook your head, leaving the outfit untouched as you managed to creep your way downstairs and out the front door, heading for school.

The school hallways were the same as ever. Jocks pressing cheerleaders up against the lockers for impromptu make-out sessions, public arguments, people who were too loud for their own good, people who wanted to get out of the crowded hallway as soon as possible, popular kids, non-popular kids, normal kids. And then you, so bland to an outsider that you couldn’t be placed in a category. Too naive and pretty, the perfect girl next door with good looks and good grades.

You were so much more. If only people knew.

“Chin up princess or your crown will slip”

Your mother would say to you. Don’t let people put you down. Those who put you down only feel bad about themselves, and you should try and reach out to them. 

Your thoughts clouded your head, so you didn’t realise when an arm reached out to grab you. You let out a tiny yelp, that was drowned by the noise of the hallway, as the person latched onto your arm, pulling you into the Janitor’s closet. You managed to push them off of you before stepping back to look at your kidnapper. Kidnappers.

Betty and Veronica, arms crossed, staring at you so intensely they could start a fire. They stepped to the side, to reveal that behind them was the boy you’d danced with the night before. You felt your face flush crimson as he stared at you with a similar intensity before stepping forward.

“(Y/N)…” he began but you cut him off quick.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll work days on end to pay for the necklace, and anything else I damaged. I didn’t mean to leave like that it’s just, my step-mo-” It was now Jughead’s turn to interrupt you as he pulled you in to a warm embrace, wrapping his arms around your waist and rubbing soothing circles where his hands lay. You were stiff with surprise, before melting into his arms and letting out a small sob. It was so relieving to finally have someone to lean on. You couldn’t help but feel weak though. 

When the two of you finally broke apart, Veronica and Betty went in for a reassuring hug, before linking arms and leaving the tight closet, so you two could spend the time alone together.

“Bets and Ronnie told me about your home life,” He confessed and you hung your head in shame. “You should have told someone,” His voice was now a whisper, and when you looked up to meet his eyes, they were drowning in concern and that one helpless look that you knew too well.

“I couldn’t. She’d kill me,” You bit your lip, trying to stop the tear dam from overflowing for the 80th time since last night. You couldn’t help but cling to him again, desperately searching for something to hold onto. He let you, soothingly rubbing your back as you buried your head in his shoulder. He froze, and you realised the sleeves of your sweater had rode up during the hug. You tried to play it off but he had already seen the bottle cuts. 

“Were these…did you?” Jughead was speechless and you shook your head rapidly.

“No no no. They’re from bottles that she threw at me when I got home late,” You sounded like you were reassuring him but this really wasn’t any better than what he thought you had done in the first place.

“My god (Y/N)” He traced his fingers up them at a slow pace, causing you to feel waves of shivers. “We have to tell someone, anyone.”

You shook your head, a bitter laugh escaping you. “Please Jug, don’t you think I’ve tried to reach out once or twice? Nobody will listen to me. I’m not worth people’s time. Especially with Anna and Drew now on Cheryl’s side and no proof of what they do to me. If I tried to reach out, I would be labelled as an attention seeking whore,” You choked out, your voice raw from the sobbing. You were so done with tears. You made to leave but Jughead grasped your wrist, pulling you so hard that you stumbled into him, hands pushing into his chest. You felt embarrassed all over again, and when you looked up at him he was smirking and wiggling his eyebrows teasingly. You jumped back, hiding your face in your baggy sweater so he couldn’t see your overwhelming tomato blush.

“Seriously though, don’t go, not yet,” He whispered. “Stay.”

He sounded so genuine and vulnerable. You sighed, before pulling up a small stool that the Janitor used to reach higher windows on tall walls and sitting down, waiting for what Jughead had to say.

“What if I told you I did have proof?” 

“I would say you’re lying to me and this is some kind of sick joke but I guess that gives you an insight in to how low my expectations have fallen at this point.”

He rolled his eyes and you chuckled in response.

“Me and Betty were at the party to interrogate certain people on Jason Blossom’s murder for the Blue and Gold, we carried around a voice recorder. I couldn’t stand how sociable it was, being an antisocial myself, so I gave Betty the recorder and sulked off for the rest of the party until you found me. Long story short, she recorded your sisters recording me and you but they ended up saying shitty things about you and how they were going to expose you so Bob’s your uncle, there’s your proof! This could change everything,” Jughead paced back and forth, pausing every now and then so you could take things in. He looked excited at the end for your reaction, but you looked deadly pale.

“Anna and Drew know I was at the party?” You whispered, eyes widening in fear. This clearly wasn’t the reaction he was hoping for and he bent down so he was eye level for you, resting his warm hands over your shaking ones.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. We have weapon on our side here, we could use this to our advantage!” He rubbed your hands together. You hated how he talked about this as if it were some kind of huge game or war.

“And they have huge dirt on me. They could show my step-mum. She’d skin me alive. Find a way to frame me for stealing the outfit, beat me to death no matter what counter evidence you have,” You picture her face, her rage. Your whole body was violently shaking now.

“We could gather more against your step-mum overtime, this will just stop your sisters in the mean time. They’ve built themselves a reputation over the past couple of weeks and they wouldn’t dare spoilt it,” He pulled you off of the stool and into another tight hug. Your head rested on his lap as you tried to calm yourself. Think happy thoughts.

Princess. Scars. Record. Necklace. Shoes. Advantage. Proof. Don’t go. Please. Stay.

Words that wouldn’t stop repeating and ringing in your ear.

You’d left the closet, Jughead at your side. He’d tried to reassure you and although you felt better than before, you still doubted this whole muddle that you were caught up in. You wished that the ground would open up, devouring you into the darkness below.

You made it through most of the day without an issue. Sadly, just after lunch you ended up running into the people you wanted to avoid the most. You were walking down the hall towards the water fountain, throat parched from the outdoor heat.

“(Y/N) is it?” A voice called your name and you froze. You were never acknowledged in these halls. You turned around and met face to face with the demon queen of high school herself, Cheryl Blossom. 

You nodded your head as a response, over analysing all of her movements and gestures in your head. Why was she talking to you? Why did she care? “Honey, you can speak. I don’t bite,” She giggled sickeningly, before linking her arm in yours. The two of you continued to walk down the corridors, not really going anywhere, you just let Cheryl lead you.

“Umm Cheryl, what… what do you want?” You asked, fearing the worst.

“I just wanted to walk and talk. According to your sisters, my newest henchmen, you were killing it at my party last night. They showed me a picture,” Cheryl’s overly sweet voice made you feel sick to your stomach, as you just tried to go along with what she was saying.

“Thank you,” You mumbled and Cheryl flipped back her long, ruby locks.

“Honestly I don’t know why you don’t come to my parties more often when you strut around wearing dresses like this,” She stopped, pulling out her phone and showing you a screenshot. It was a screenshot of the video. Did Anna and Drew send this to her? You were holding Jughead’s hands, your dress exposed to the moonlight, basking in it’s intricate and elegant design with pride. You couldn’t help but think you actually looked beautiful. When you looked back to Cheryl with a soft smile on your face, your mood was shattered by her sudden cold, piercing eyes. “Where did you get it?” Her tone sounded mocking and you instantly ripped your arm away from hers.

Cheryl tilted her head in feign hurt and bewilderment as you backed away from her. She was giving you disturbing vibes and you didn’t want to be alone with her in this hallway anymore. You rushed down the stairs, merging in with the now crowded ground floor hallways now that lunch was over. You thought you were safe, leaning against your locker and taking in deep breaths. 

Two arms slammed down at either side of your head, but they were from different people. You were trapped once again, the sense of freedom flying even further away. You suddenly missed not mattering at all, to anyone. You shouldn’t have gone to that stupid party.

Anna and Drew loomed over you and although they weren’t that taller than you, you couldn’t feel any more small. Drew dug her nails into your wrist, so different to how Jughead had handled you. She dragged you into an empty classroom before slamming you up against a whiteboard, Anna hot on her tail.

“Listen fat freak,” Drew hissed and you winced. “Did you really think you could just skip back into school like nothing happened? Did you not get wasted as you grinded on that boy last night?” She spat the words, spewing lava that burned you. 

The way she twisted the romance, the happiness that you had felt made everything so much worse. As if they were taking away your safe haven.

“I didn-” You began but your step-sisters simultaneously slammed their hands down at your sides again and you jolted, stopping dead in your tracks.

“We have video evidence of everything that happened. Imagine if we were to leak this to a certain someone. We could twist the story, innocent girl gone rogue,” Drew continued to jeer. Anna didn’t say much, she just nodded every now and then.

“My-my friends.. they have audio evidence of you. It could ruin you,” You mustered up your confidence, chin help up in defiance.

Keep your head up Princess.

“Your friends? Pfft! Anyone can be bribed princess,” Drew mocked. “They’re not your friends. Besides, what will it do? What we said about you, Mummy would agree with and you know it. Us being a bit bitchy won’t stop her from beating you to a bloody pulp.”

You closed your eyes, trying to block out the images that were forming in your mind. The bottles. The boxes of empty bottles.

“What do you want from me?” Your voice cracked, head down, tears spilling.

“A lot, but you’ll learn soon enough. You have a debt to pay if you want to keep this under lock and key (Y/N)” She toyed with her phone, the video tauntingly paused on the screen.

“D, that’s enough, she gets the point,” Anna sighed, grabbing her sisters hand and pulling her off of you and out of the room. Drew wouldn’t stop glaring at you.

“The game has begun bitch,” Was the last thing you heard, and you slumped  down, head in your hands.

Here lies Celia (Y/L/N)

Loving wife of Thomas (Y/L/N)

And Mother of (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

A Queen in other’s eyes, she will be missed.

You read the epitaph over and over again every time you visited her grave. Beside it, you lay down another bouquet of white lilies. You just stood there, staring. You would look like a creep to a bystander but you didn’t care. You found comfort in talking to your Mother. She would always listen.

“I can’t do it Mum,” You shook your head, kicking the ground with frustration, accidentally shovelling earth with the heels of your feet. “My whole life I’ve dedicated to kindness, to tolerance and to resilience and to patience and all the values you taught me. You taught me to keep my head up strong and to believe in myself. You taught me that kindness is the route of all good magic. How am I supposed to believe in myself when nobody else does?” 

You would always let everything go here, this was your time away from home, from school, from the drama to scream out loud and just let it all go.

“I want to Mother, I want to be the princess that you want me to be. But how can I be graceful if I just keep falling down. How can I be pretty when I’m decorated in scars. These aren’t battle scars, these are just reminders that I’M WEAK, THAT’S ALL I AM. I’M WEAK AND I’M ALONE AND…. and… I’m afraid,” You felt yourself crumple into a pile on the floor sobbing into the mud. You didn’t care how crazy or dirty you looked. The only time people noticed you is when you were flawed. You did good things for others all the time but people only cared about when you fucked up.

You felt so fake. Like a Barbie doll. Other people were pulling the puppet strings and you felt so weak and vulnerable. So fake.


“I can’t believe you’ve never had a burger before,” Jughead’s mouth was full of food as he talked and you almost choked with laughter. He had invited you to study at Pop’s after school. When he found out you had never tried a burger before in your life, her forgot about studying and made it his mission to get you to try one of Pop’s very own. ‘Why not start with the best’ he’d said and you had to admit, it was pretty damn delicious.

“I don’t know, I guess I’m just the queen of microwave dinners,” You laughed and he smirked, shaking his head. It had been a week since the incident with Drew and Anna. You had confided in Betty and Veronica about what happened. You told Jughead about Cheryl, but not about your stepsisters because you really didn’t want to worry him. Especially now that you were spending time together like this, times where you felt happy. You couldn’t dream of ruining that.

Besides, it didn’t prove to be that much of an issue. It had been a week and their threats had not fallen through, which gave you some hope that this would all be over before you knew it. Juggie and Betty had accepted you into the Blue & Gold, so you had an excuse to spend a lot of time at Betty’s house. You could also focus your mind on something else and it was really helping your fragile mental state.

You’d gained confidence through hanging out with the SBC and you were beginning to finally see the positive outcome of that fateful night at the party. 

But when something is going right for you, it’s just not allowed to last for long is it?

You were currently having a “Pop’s Fries Scoffing Competition” with Jughead and were winning by a mile when Jughead’s phone began to buzz, violently. As in, it wouldn’t stop buzzing. It wasn’t a phone call though, just someone who seemed very eager to text him. He ended up getting so distracted that he had to stop ‘scoffing’ and check his notifications, a look of clear annoyance plastered on his face.

You were busy gloating about your glory, doing a victory dance. Jughead’s eyes were wide, with fear and shock as he dropped his phone on the table, the loud bang stirring you from your imaginary victory parade.

“What’s wrong sourpuss? Sad you lost?” You smirked, reaching over to steal his food, the prize of the bet. Another reason the two of you got on so well was your shared love of food, specifically trashy junk food which did not in any way treat your body like a temple.

“The voice recording,” He slowly rose from his side of the booth. You tensed, putting a fry which was on it’s way to your mouth back down again. 

“What about it?” You were afraid to ask, because judging by his expression, it wasn’t positive news.

“It’s gone.”

Here lies Celia (Y/L/N)

Loving wife of Thomas (Y/L/N)

And Mother of -

The only remaining evidence left of the now destroyed gravestone.


DISCLAIMER: I spell Mum as Mum because I’m British and it’s just a habit, although i did use the word ‘candy’ in a fic once rather than ‘sweets’. I apologise for my inconsistency :3

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half blood jimin

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

  • me: wants to die. has no will to live.
  • also me: gotta update that blog because i feel shitty for not doing it constantly
  • jimin as a half blood is my aesthetic because guess what i can write whatever hell the i want amazing right
  • jimin grew up with his mom only. no siblings. no dad. no grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles and cousins.
  • it had always been him and his mom
  • they never needed anyone else??
  • his mom had come over from korea for a student visa originally and then she permanently stayed over in manhattan!!
  • her english wasn’t the best but she was intelligent and hardworking and she got a job after school at a local diner while she took the time to improve her english
  • and that’s where she met him
  • ares has a bad habit of meddling in the human world
  • a real bad habit
  • he likes to go down to earth and play pretend and form some joker gang where he can wear the weirdo helmets and boots and leather and the like?? he just likes to ride around and cause chaos constantly
  • that one guy™ that gets in bar fights constantly and zeus usually has to intervene because ares gets so out of hand
  • so out of hand
  • but one day he’s tired of smashing beer bottles over people’s heads and he’s like why not stop at a diner?? intimidate some elderly folk with my cool bike gang
  • they rudely stomp in and it’s obvious people are a little on edge because this is a family restaurant and these guys look slightly horrifying
  • they don’t even wait to be seated, they just plop down at one of those huge round tables in the back
  • their original server is an older woman, like elderly, and she’s really scared to serve them
  • scratch that, everyone is
  • except jimin’s mom
  • she storms over and she’s like “excuse me, no feet on the table”
  • ares is amused, startled, and a little intrigued by this tiny lady who has the audacity to tell him what to do
  • all the other bikers look to see what he’ll do and ares just slowly obeys her orders, but refuses to break eye contact with her
  • “whatever you say darling”
  • usually women swoon and blush over him because he’s attractive, ripped, oozing confidence
  • but she just rolls her eyes then introduces herself, and then asks for drinks
  • ares is blown away to say the least and now he’s even more interested in the young woman
  • he acts like a total douche the entire night (in true ares fashion)
  • like the guys are loud and obnoxious and order like everything off the menu and constantly call jimin’s mom over for help
  • and the diner is running past closing now and all the other customers have left and a lot of the wait staff are as well
  • but the kitchen help is still there and they’re like when can we just leave??
  • and jimin’s mom is still there, demanding they at least use proper etiquette while eating
  • and finally she just kinda snaps “i understand you’re paying customers, but it’s an hour past closing and the remaining staff have children they need to see. so if you don’t mind-”
  • ares just raises his eyebrows “but what about you?”
  • and that’s the first time the entire night she gets flustered and she just kinda stammers “just me against the world”
  • ares has been a lil !! the whole night but now he’s like heart eyes
  • he just slams a crap ton of money on the table like more than jimin’s mom has ever seen in her life and he gets the others to get up and leave
  • “i’ll see you soon darling”
  • and sure enough, he does come back, and he comes back with the whole gang
  • asks to be sat in jimin’s mom section
  • she does smile a bit when she sees them but then she has to scold them and remind them they better behave or she’s kicking them out
  • soon he becomes a regular and soon less and less of the gang is around and it’s only him showing up
  • eventually he does ask jimin’s mom out and she says yes and soon they actually start dating!!
  • except ares doesn’t explain he’s the actual greek god yikes
  • but one day it kinda slips out because he gets in a fight and someone actually sounds him and he’s bleeding gold and he forgets to clean himself up because “i’m a warrior who doesn’t cry over a stupid cut!!”
  • except jimin’s mom is totally horrified he’s bleeding gold when he shows up to their date and now the secret comes spilling out
  • she doesn’t mind
  • not really
  • thinks it’s kind of cool actually
  • and ares thinks she’s kind of cool too
  • not your usual warrior, a strong buff military queen with years of combat training and was experience
  • but a strong, determined fighter who’s been through a lot so far in her life, yet refused to back down or give up even when the world is crashing in around her
  • ares really does love her and he leaves olympus to live with her like full time
  • but zeus is all oh no you don’t hoe and when he discovers the plan he’s like banning ares from the mortal world
  • and like the entire island of manhattan is ravished with thunderstorms and ares has to explain the situation
  • and jimin’s mom has to explain that she’s pregnant
  • ares doesn’t even have time to react because zeus himself is coming down from olympus and ares kisses her softly before promising he’ll do everything he can to help
  • behold
  • baby jimin is born
  • and baby jimin grows up without his father around
  • his mom never talks about it and jimin doesn’t push it, but he’s walked in on her crying into this old biker jacket before
  • and his mom can never explain the play swords and little army men that always find their way into the house
  • jimin doesn’t really care though!! he’s always just had his mom and they make things work between the two of them
  • as a child he spends afternoons in the diner, spinning on the bar stools after school
  • he’s a really shy kid, really reserved
  • he doesn’t like talking to new people and he’s constantly hiding behind his moms legs when he’s introduced to someone
  • he’s sweet and pleasant and polite and ares always looks down from olympus like… this is my son
  • how
  • but he loves jimin despite never having the opportunity to meet him in person and he’s constantly trying to find ways to help his baby boy out
  • except jimin shows like zero in anything ares gets eris to drop off and ares is like my son why must you hurt me like this
  • ally, queen of putting pointless details nobody cares about
  • so
  • jimin is about seven when he deals with his first monster attack which is way super young but hey-
  • he’s outside playing on the community playground, by himself, just going down the slide and cheering for himself…
  • okay well it’s been like a week since i wrote this so i have no idea what i was going for here
  • okay so jimin
  • on the slide
  • having a good time
  • and out of nowhere this giant wildebeest thing comes prancing out into the open and first jimin is like cute kitty!! cause it has a lion body but like some weird dragon wings thing
  • and jimin is like momma i wanna go play with the kitty and his mom was reading and she didn’t notice at first but she looks up and her eyes go wide and she screams “jimin, run!!”
  • and jimin doesn’t understand what the big deal is but then the thing takes a massive hit at the swingset and it crumbles to the ground, and it starts lurking towards jimin
  • he hurries off and races toward his mom and hugs onto her legs and she’s begging him, pleading that he would run and let her handle it but jimin says he won’t leave her, not ever ever
  • and she’s crying because “jimin, you have to go!!”
  • “i’m not leaving you alone momma!!”
  • the manticore spots them and it gives this nasty smirk like thing and jimin is sobbing because he’s scared and confused and the thing has already destroyed allf of the playground with the intent on getting him next
  • jimin’s mom scoops him up in his arms and she starts sprinting as fast as her legs can carry her and ares had mentioned camp half blood when the time was right and she’s like well damn there can’t be a better time than now
  • except the issue is she doesn’t exactly know where it is and she doesn’t have a car of her own to drive
  • and there’s a monster chasing them
  • this thing can fly and jimin and his mom stand no chance against outrunning him
  • it lunges down at them and jimin’s mom falls, a serious injury to her back
  • jimin rolls to the ground, scratching up his hands and knees and face in the process
  • but he sees the thing circling his mom and she isn’t moving and she’s going to be killed if he doesn’t stop it
  • and so he grabs a large branch (larger than him) that the manticore snapped off in its landing process and he charge the monster
  • and he swings down the branch on it’s big ugly face
  • it looks more confused than anything
  • and jimin stands there because he realizes he’s a goner
  • he gulps and holds the stick out in front of him for defense because if this is how he’s gonna go out, then he’s gonna die fighting
  • but suddenly the manticore yelps and stumbles to it’s side and jimin looks around to see what’s happening
  • “hey there kiddo, what’s shaking?”
  • and behold, there’s ares, in his biker gang get up, but a giant spear in hand
  • jimin is too astounded to even process what’s going on, but in a matter of seconds, the manticore is on the ground, howling in pain, before it vanishes into black ash
  • ares runs over to jimin’s mom and kneels beside her, before cursing loudly and pulling something from his jacket
  • jimin hurries over too and throws himself on top of her
  • “momma, momma, are you okay?!”
  • and he starts crying again but she’s stirring because ares gave her nectar and ambrosia and the injury wasn’t too deep to begin with
  • and she sits up and hugs jimin close to her chest and starts stroking his hair and crying because she almost lost her baby
  • and ares pulls them both into his arms because his family was nearly destroyed and this is only the beginning of what’s to come if jimin stays in the mortal world
  • and so ares is like that’s it, we’re taking him to camp, i’m not allowing this kind of thing to happen ever again
  • and so he uses his godly powers to whisk the three of them to the border of camp half blood
  • jimin is so so so confused to what’s going on and he clings to his mom and eyes up ares suspiciously and his nose is running and he’s still teary-eyed
  • and he will not let go of his mother like he has the death grip on her
  • and she’s like “my baby, you need to go… it’s not safe for you anymore…”
  • and jimin shakes his head stubbornly “no momma, i won’t go without you!!”
  • she starts to tear up again “baby, i can’t go with you, you need to trust me on this one.”
  • and jimin shakes his head and starts to cry harder and his mom is crying now and ares is kinda… because he is not a sentimental guy but he hates seeing his family so upset
  • his mom kisses his head “baby, i promise you can come back this winter okay, but you need to to go so you can be safe.”
  • and after a lot of tears and sobbing and kisses and hugs they finally get jimin to cross the border into camp
  • fast forward a few years
  • jimin is in the ares cabin where he belongs
  • at first the ares kids are kinda haha you’re kidding right, this runt is our half-sibling
  • but then they see jimin fight they’re like oh–
  • jimin isn’t the most technical and skilled fighter out there and he definitely could improve his technique, but he’s a heavy hitter and he deals a lot of damage when he hits someone and it doesn’t take him much time to knock someone on out, especially because he has one of those huge double-handed swords
  • like ike from fire emblem rip
  • he’s super popular around camp, along with his best friends, a certain son of nike and a certain son of demeter
  • but see my dear readers, you are pretty popular around camp too
  • you’re the head of your cabin, which makes you known by well, everyone
  • and jimin, being the favorite son of ares, has a lot of power in his cabin as well
  • you two aren’t really enemies
  • but there is a rivalry when it comes to cabin competitions like capture the flag and chariot racing
  • jimin and you are super competitive with each other, and every time you talk, it’s challenging each other or playful smack talk
  • you insist your cabin is better and he’s determined to prove the superiority of the ares cabin
  • and yes, the chariot race is gonna be his chance to prove that
  • as soon as the contest is announced, jimin runs over to your cabin and he’s like hey guess who it is
  • you’re currently reading something on your bunk and you just kind of sit up and glare “excuse me, it’s against camp rules to go barging into someone else’s cabin. need me to report that to chiron for you?”
  • he just smirks and leans against the door frame “oh come on, you know you don’t actually mind me being here”
  • you roll your eyes and push yourself off the bed, brushing past jimin as you make your way outside
  • with an indignant scoff, he follows at your heel, more than upset that you would ignore him like that
  • “aren’t you gonna ask why i’m here?”
  • and you shrug and keep on walking and now jimin is extra upset because despite his big bad son of ares attitude, he needs constant attention and validation to make it through the day
  • just like me, what a coincidence, no wonder i get jimin on every single which bts member is your soulmate quiz
  • rip holy
  • anyway jimin tugs on your sleeve “aren’t you excited about the big news??”
  • and you just turn and bat your eyelashes dramatically “you mean the big camp chariot race that i’m totally gonna whip your butt in??”
  • and he nods really excitedly then shakes his head “wait no, the big camp chariot race that me, the one and only jimin, is totally gonna cream everyone, especially you in?”
  • and you laugh and shrug again “i dunno buddy, me and my partner have already started our design… “
  • and jimin pouts because what partner, who is this, who does he need to throw down with
  • oh wait it a half-sibling he’s good, he’s fine
  • not jealous or anything nope nope nope
  • you tell jimin you’re heading down to the blacksmith area to actually get to work anyhow
  • and jimin is like ooh lemme come but the you’re like sorry you might steal my design then…
  • and jimin gets even more pouty
  • “fine, i challenge you to a sparring duel then!! we can do tag-team even!! me and gukkie, and you and… and-”
  • “how about hoseok?” you tease and jimin’s face gets all red and he kinda
  • “no no no!! i’ll give you taehyung!! you’re allowed to have him because i know he’s in love with na-”
  • and he covers his mouth and your eyebrows quirk but you let it be because part of the whole rivalry thing is not falling in love with jimin nope nope nope
  • but your heart soars knowing that he gets a little jealous over you
  • just a little
  • you agree to his duel and jimin is like awesome lemme go get the boys-
  • and you’re like no, one on one is okay
  • and you wink and jimin is like wow my heart… my heart is melting…
  • so you two head on down to the sparring fields but guess what, guess who’s there, it’s our favorite wingmen jeongguk and taehyung
  • #jungkookhickeyscandal2k17 anyone
  • and you’re kind of suspsicious but then you also see hoseok and yoongi there too and you’re like oh maybe everyone is just having a good time today
  • but then taehyung screams tag team and you’re like wow i was set up
  • then comes the issue of deciding teams and you assume that like… you know, you and jimin would be on opposing sides but nah fam
  • hoseok is like “FOUR VERSUS TWO COME AT ME”
  • and yoongi is all “do you need to scream”
  • and jeongguk is all “COME AT ME JIMIN”
  • and yoongi is like “wow, what a many yell you have”
  • and he nudges hoseok playfully
  • but guess what, everyone votes that it be you and jimin versus everyone else and you’re like…
  • this was 728% set up
  • you and jimin start to disagree but hoseok is already loading an arrow into his bow and yoongi has his scythe out and y’all are like
  • well yikes
  • jimin is immediately in warrior mode and he’s like time to attack but you put a hand on his shoulder “honey child, it’s four against two, don’t you think we should take a defense stan and wear them out”
  • and jimin gives you this look “children of ares don’t wait for the enemy to attack first my dear”
  • you roll your eyes and watch him charge at taehyung with everything he has
  • you follow behind, skillfully dodging hoseok’s arrows
  • jimin and taehyung are locked away in their own battle, while you try to take on jeongguk and his double daggers
  • but he’s good, he’s really good, what did you expect from a son of victory itself
  • you feel yourself being worn out already but you won’t lose that easily, oh no you will not
  • you lunge at him, and he falls back, only for yoongi to come and take his place
  • and you groan because your defense strategy would have been so much better than whatever is happening now
  • before you can process it anymore, yoongi lunges at you and you’re kind of taken by surprise but before his blade can come into contact with your raised weapon, jimin steps in front of, successfully blocking the attack and launching one of his own on yoongi
  • you catch your breath than go after jeongguk again, who is more tired than hoseok and taehyung and easier to take out
  • except hoseok and his arrows are a mess to deal with and you constantly have to dodge his attacks, along with jeongguk’s
  • you and jimin are exhausted, and only yoongi has been sitting out thus far
  • you hurry over to jimin and the two of you stand back to back, working together to dodge the barrage of attacks coming your way
  • it feels so natural to be there with jimin like you two are working together without having to say a single word
  • it’s like your adrenalin and his have combined somehow and you suddenly feel more alive, rejuvenated, ready to take on the world
  • his fierce passion and drive are coursing through your veins
  • and he can only hear your words of wisdom and strategy echoing in his head, despite the two of you remaining silent save your pants and occasional curses
  • you guys end up losing, but only because yoongi played a dirty and came back in despite having been defeated previously
  • “to protect my boyfriends” he laughed as he slugged his arms around hoseok and jeongguk’s shoulders
  • jeongguk would gag and shove him off and hoseok turned his nose upward “hoe i didn’t need you to save me”
  • you and jimin are lying on the grassy floor, your head on his stomach
  • and he’s breathing real heavy so your head moves every five seconds but he’s laughing too and you’re laughing
  • and you’re both in hysterics even after the others leave for the showers and even though you’re both sweaty and gross, you two stay there together, enjoying each other's’ presences
  • okay but guess what everyone this is page eight already and we haven’t even gotten to the drama
  • so it’s the day of the race my dudes
  • you and a small girl named elise from your cabin are the ones racing for your cabin
  • wow is that a fire emblem name i slipped into there
  • amazing
  • and jimin and one of his half brothers are racing for the ares cabin
  • hoseok is racing and so are jeongguk and taehyung
  • jin made some posters for all the boys racing and he makes yoongi and namjoon hold some of them up
  • everyone at camp is betting drachmas on who’s gonna win and most of the bets come down to you and jimin for the tie breaker
  • except athena cabin has a sharp looking chariot there armed with god only knows what kind of booby traps
  • and hecate cabin is looking wild too and you’re a little nervous but elise is like “we can do it!!”
  • also your need to defeat jimin keeps you going
  • now i read these books in fourth grade which was a very very long time ago so i can’t remember all the details so bare with me please
  • but i think there’s not many rules and all
  • anyone the signal starts and it’s off to the races my dudes
  • it’s already a heated competition and everyone is using all the tricks off their sleeves right off the bat
  • like apollo cabin done rigged their chariot to blare the most god awful country music while they have earbuds in so everyone can suffer
  • and demeter cabin has vines that can shoot out from their chariot and tangle up some wheels
  • you and jimin are far in the lead though due to a crash between the aphrodite and nemesis cabins
  • ares cabin has spikes on the middle of the wheel so if you’re close enough to them it could totally destroy your chariot
  • but you guys have elise with her little staff to fight people the heck away if they get too close while you steer
  • and it’s like you two are neck and neck and you and jimin are shouting curses at each other meanwhile trying to avoid obstacles
  • you can hear other chariots coming closer but you just push harder
  • soon you start pulling ahead of jimin
  • and you hear him shouting in ancient greek
  • but you keep pushing
  • but suddenly, the chariot starts to shake beneath your feet and you and elise exchanged horrified looks  
  • it’s like your chariot starts to disappear into thin air or something
  • like the spokes of the wheels are breaking and the boards are snapping
  • the horses pull away from the chariot and you and elise go tumbling to the side of the course
  • jimin passes by and he’s like oh come on get your head in the game
  • but he flashes back to when he was a child and his mom was lying in the grass, completely helpless and hurt
  • and he pulls his chariot to a stop and everyone is complete and utter shock but he races over to you regardless
  • elise is sitting up and rubbing her elbows but you’re still lying face down in the grass
  • jimin tells elise to go get an apollo kid while he tries to get you up
  • he lifts your head up and it looks like you’re out cold
  • he curses and moves your head to his lap, gently trying to shake you away but it doesn’t seem to be doing much
  • and he thinks about how helpless he was back when his mom was injured and he won’t have that happen again oh no
  • so he tries harder to wake you up
  • you do stir, because you were hardly injured, just needed some time to recover
  • you blink and stare up at him “jimin you moron, you’re supposed to win the race.”
  • he gapes then closes his mouth, then pulls you into his arms and hugs you super tight “i was making sure the love of my life wasn’t seriously injured, and you’re gonna sit here and call me a moron!?”
  • and you two are staring at each other all dramatic and you’re like aw to hell with it and you pull his collar and bring him in for a curse
  • que jin shrieking from the sidelines
  • tae passes by on his chariot and screams “get a room”
  • and jimin gets all embarrassed and pulls away from you all blushy and shy
  • you laugh and rub your nose up to his
  • guess who wins
  • it’s hoseok because i love him and he’s allowed to do whatever he wants in my mind
  • but you and jimin don’t care because you’re too busy staring into each other’s yes and holding hands and being absolutely gross and cheesy the end

*Requested* Imagine Alaric forces Damon to take over his history class for the day, while he and the gang discuss plans on how to deal with the newest threat that waltzed into town, and Damon takes things a little too far.

(This is based on THIS prompt my dear pal @shadyladyperfection brought to my attention. Also, this is unedited since it is pretty late here. I hope you enjoy. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Damon, Reader, Alaric, MF gang

Story Title: “Highschool Hellhole”

Word count: 1070

Your name: submit What is this?

It´s a dull Monday in Mystic Falls and the Mystic High students slur through the vinyl tiled halls wishing to be anywhere but here at this unholy hour. The bell rings and everyone makes their way to the first class of the day, including an out of place, leather jacket wearing Damon. Alaric asked him to join him this morning without giving him a reason why, but still, Damon did what his buddy asked him, and made his way to the school.

He rounds the corner, happily whistling while he goes along. Finally, after another corner, he enters the classroom, the whistling dying down as Bonnie, Tyler, and Elena pass him. Caroline stops next to your desk and asks you if you are coming with them, but you decline, not wanting to miss this shitshow that is about to go down.

Alaric then follows Caroline and comes to a stop in front of Damon.

Alaric: “Uhm, you don´t mind taking over for a while, right? No? Great. See you later.”

He gives him a pad on the shoulder and leaves. Damon is startled for a second but then takes a few steps and yells down the hallway.

Damon: “Hey! Ric! Come back! You can´t leave me alone in here!”

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anonymous asked:

What stupid shit has mike done? I genuinely dont know

Oh boy, there’s so many…

  • wrote the bassline to Longview while high on acid and forgot it the next day
  • a security guard once mistook him for a rioting fan on stage during Woodstock 94 and punched his teeth out
  • loves coffee so much that he opened a café and later a coffee business with Billie
  • punched his teacher in kindergarten because he didn’t like it when she told him to do something
  • was a “skinny, hyper, obnoxious, funny” class clown when he was a child
  • nobody in the school had more detentions than him
  • has no sense of fear that’s why he had broken every bone you can break in his life
  • broke his nose during a concert on live TV in 98
  • broke both of his arms during a pillow fight with his then-wife
  • mistook someone wanting to give him a bear hug as someone attacking him and kicked him, got into a fight and had a bottle smashed on his head
  • played so much bass that he had developed carpal tunnel syndrome
  • has (or had) a pillow under his head when lying down on stage during “Shout”, probably because he’s the clumsiest motherfucker to have ever graced this earth with his presence
  • was named Dirnt because he’s a huge nerd who pretended to play air bass in school and made “dirnt” sounds
  • literally has marijuana tattooed on his arm. in japanese.
  • trashed his room in a fit of excitement when he saw himself on TV for the first time
  • thinks dogs will take over the world some day

And that’s just the things that we know, you can be 100% sure that there is a lot more they haven’t told us yet (or that I forgot about). So if anyone ever tells you that Mike is the “quiet one” in the band, point and laugh at them.

anonymous asked:

Maybe something about Andrew's deaf ear

okay, now that the issue of The Ginger Peach Thief is out of the way, sj is now assured that y’all are ready for some Serious Shit. before everything, i would just like to give @still-waiting-for-godot a big s/o for this because really, this was what got pre-nicky talks going on.

(previous post)

  • here’s a list of facts:
    • andrew joseph minyard has been deaf in one ear since he was thirteen. aaron michael minyard has bad eyesight due to blunt force trauma to the head since he was thirteen. 
    • according to the police reports, phil higgins, foster parent, and andrew doe, foster child, were out on a drive for the day when a car side-swiped them, passenger-side to driver-side. 
    • according to the accounts from aaron minyard, he and tilda minyard were on the way home from a doctor’s appointment.
    • the medics found bruising on aaron that were there prior to the event, along with tilda’s dead body. andrew doe was found unconscious with multiple fractures to his right side and a concussion that cost him the hearing on his left side. phil higgins was the only person who got out of the wreckage, in shock and conscious.
    • the police found prescription drugs inside the minyards’ car, in a bag sitting safe between the driver’s and passenger’s seats for an illness neither minyard had. there was also a smashed bottle of whiskey in the back that had almost cost aaron more than his 20/20 vision, had the authorities arrived later than they did.
  • with that, phil higgins was left with two identical twins and no idea about if aaron had any relatives left to care for him. higgins used to work for social services, but even he didn’t know what to do with this whole mess.

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Protector - Damon Salvatore oneshot

Requested by anon

Word Count - 624

You had visited the Mystic Falls to escape from all the craziness that was going on around you with the arrival of Klaus and his family, to the ever present annoyance of Katherine, and then there was your boyfriend, Damon, who was fixated upon the destruction of well, everyone really.suffice to say you needed a breather.

You took a seat at the bar and ordered a bourbon, neat when your drink finally arrived you noticed the barmans number of the napkin he laid down for you to take. Honestly, you found it flattering but you really weren’t in the mood so you ignored the number, over time you noticed the barman would not take his eyes off you, this is when you decided you should probably set him straight so you called him over seeing as your glass was empty anyway.

‘Hey cutie, what’ll it be?’ The barman asked you, winking as he finished his sentence.

'Hey, I really appreciate that you had the courage to leave your number and I really am flattered but you should know, I have a boyfriend, sorry to let you down’ You spoke to him, softly and apologetically.

'Well I don’t see him here baby, how about when I get off I take you with me, show you what your missing’ He barman spoke, your opinion of him completely shifting, now you knew he was sleazy and you just wanted to get out of your situation.

'I don’t think you heard me right, I have a boyfriend, besides I think it’s probably time to leave, can you just get me the bill please?’ You asked, desperate to leave this man behind and go home to find your boyfriend ,Damon.

'I don’t think so, stay have a drink, lets see if I can’t convince a pretty little thing like you to come home with me’ As he spoke his hands got closer to yours until he had grabbed your wrists firmly, preventing you from freeing yourself.

'Hey! Let go of me!’ You shouted,hoping someone would take notice of you.

'I said drink!’ The man was now shouting back, his nails digging into the flesh on your wrists.

It was at this moment that the bartender flew across the bar, hitting the wall and smashing all of the bottles displayed behind him, knocking him unconscious  ’ What part of she has a boyfriend are you failing to understand’ You would recognise that voice anywhere, it was the voice of your boyfriend, Damon and honestly you couldn’t have been more relived to know he’s here with you.

'Are you okay Y/N?’ Damon asked you, clearly concerned for your wellbeing, inspecting your body for potential damage.

'I’m fine Damon, honestly, just a little shaken up.’ You respond, smiling up at your boyfriend reassuringly.

'Good, because he won’t be, I’ll kill him for touching you’ He shouted, the aggression that disappeared when he was talking to you had reemerged as he started for the man.

Just as Damon had grabbed your abuser by the throat you had gripped his arm from behind. 'Please, don’t kill him, I know he shoun’d have touched me but hes not worth it, please Damon.’ As you spoke Damons eyes were fixed on the mans, but you knew he was hearing you.

As your grip tightened on Damons arm and your other hand moved to his shoulder before he dripped the man and turned to you, resting his hands on your face. 'I hate that you’re so moral Y/N, its really ruining my reputation’ He smile at you jokingly.

'Come on murderer, take me home’ You smiled up at Damon and kissed him gently before he wrapped his arm around your neck and walked you home.

Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 7

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Word Count: 3,070

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

For the first time since you could remember, you slept peacefully.

You dreamed of home. Of the lush grassy fields that tickled your fingertips as you ran your hands across the brush. Of the sunlight that flittered through the mosaic of leafy branches that spawned from burly oaks. Of the bustling city life, full of seraphim working hard to bring justice and peace to earth. You were reliving the day when you first arrived on the job. You were in charge of aiding in the interrogation of a rogue seraph; one who had allegedly committed the homicide of a human by convincing them to jump off of a skyscraper. You were beyond nervous. Pushing your large-framed glasses up your nose bridge, you hugged the files you were holding closer to your chest. Then you opened the door. You expected to see the wanted criminal sitting down with his hands cuffed to the chair he sat on.

But you didn’t.

He wasn’t there.

No one was.

The only image you were greeted with was the violent, red flashing of lights as sirens began to sound.

He had escaped. It was your first day on the job, and the latent serial killer had escaped.

Your chest clenched painfully, suffocating the air around you. The red lights were flashing…



You jerked upwards, sitting up and gasping for air. Red light pulsated across the room in a steady rhythm, the alarm blaring dully in sync.

Something was wrong. Something was very very wrong.

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anonymous asked:

Idk about you, but Fenris is my favorite character in DA2 and it sucks that a lot of fics I read (mostly the FenHawke ones) only seem to focus on his faults, like his brooding or his anger. They seem to take it to the extreme at times, and I wish they wrote about his other qualities, like the fact that he's intelligent and well spoken. They just seem to focus on the negative side of him for the sake of creating drama in their stories :/

God you have no idea how much that pisses me off. I love Fenris to death and it’s a shame that the qualities that were taken and done to death as if they make up his entire personality are these little negative brooding and grumpy traits. Also can we stop pretending that Varric’s nickname for him is Broody, because it’s not, it’s Elf.

Sure, he is a bit grumpy but you can’t blame him with his life and situation can you? He is incredibly intelligent and well-spoken as you said, he also has an incredible sense of humour that’s almost a little bit…dorky. He cares a lot about a romanced Hawke, clearly he had difficulty expressing how he feels but oh does that boy try.

Personally, I think the relationship ending for awhile within Fenhawke fics is overdone to hell. Not so much canon adaptations but in Modern AUs and stuff. I get that it’s canon but it’d be fun to see people tackle other issues that aren’t that. There’s nothing wrong with it, I just find myself sighing as he leaves yet again. It’s usually abrupt and ill-explained.

I’m straying from the point, but let me say this; Fenris is not an angry person. There’s an excellent post out there that talks about how his arc is not revenge, but healing. Aside from when he smashes the bottle, he doesn’t show many signs of aggression (arguably shoving Hawke against a wall potentially for his romance scene could be seen as a sign of aggression). He can be prodded and provoked to get him to bite back (I’m looking at you Anders) and he will. His “aggression” and anger is born out of fear. He becomes slightly more hostile when he feels like he has a reason to feel threatened or in danger. It’s a protective measure, to make sure he isn’t hurt like he has been so much. Usually when he gets heated, he cools himself down and apologises. He tries to make it clear that it has never once been his intention to take it out on anyone else, they are undeserving of his anger. And you’ll find that these more heated times are usually in response to his abusers. Let’s not forget that. There’s a post out there somewhere that tackled how people use animalistic word choices when talking about Fenris - “growled”, “howled” etc. etc. I don’t have time to find it but OP proves how stupid it sounds when you apply it to other characters. Just another example of how even fic authors put Fenris down.

But yes, please let fanfiction authors explore Fenris’s other qualities that aren’t so negative. I love little small details. Tell me how he loves apple candy and likes to sleep in late. Let him prove how intelligent he is, explore his potential and the things that could’ve been if he hadn’t been so restricted. Embrace his dry sense of humour and how he laughs at Hawke’s bad jokes. 

He has a wonderful amount of potential and people certainly do waste it.

anonymous asked:

Steve fluff? And two-bit fluff?


- when u guys started dating he would give you a ring or jewelry item like that to wear so everyone know you’re his


- ‘you know Y/n favorite color is-’

- he puts his DX shirt on you because he just loves how it looks and how after words it smells like you

- LoVes PlAyIng wItH YoUR HaIr

- always wants to be cuddling you, always at all times

- loves to be babied by you

- like do his hair, wipe his mouth after he eats cake, feed him the fucking cake he loves it


- after you shave your legs that boys hands never leave your leg

- surprise shower meetings

- he will just waltz right in there no questions asked


- pants???????what are those????

Two Bit

- you steal his Mickey Mouse shirts

- Sunday morning Mickey Mouse cartoons can NOT be interrupted

- make him different times of sweets and you will literally have him wrapped around your finger

- likes when you call him Kieth


- his hair is naturally pretty blonde but the grease makes it darker so your nickname for him is 'sunny’

- he too likes to cuddle your body a lot

'I have a little sister ya know.’

- y'all got matching Mickey and Minnie underwear

- and shirts

- …and tattoos

- likes to fall asleep to you singing even if your not the best singer, it soothes him

- 'sugarcakes’

- you don’t know where the name came from but it seems he has forgotten your actual name cause that’s all he calls you

- 'touch my girl and I’ll smash this bottle on your head so hard the shards of glass will be comin out your ass.’

- 'two he shook my hand.’

- 'I knew his intentions…i always know their intentions’

- glares in their direction

Rebound girl // Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: ~5000

Warnings: Anti Danneel (for the purpose of this fiction she had to be a b*tch, but she is not his wife and they don’t have children for this fiction!), language and maybe it’s a bit angsty-ish? but I guess this is it If I’m missing something please let me know!

A/N: This is my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou ‘s 1k follower challenge, my prompt was “Wait… You think I’m pretty?” (it’ll be bold in the text) and it’s also my first piece of fiction I’m posting here on tumblr! 

A/N 2: Part 2 (and other stories of mine) can soon be found on @not-moose-squad

Originally posted by violet-phantomhive

Jensen’s POV

Being with Danneel was tiring. She wasn’t the woman I fell in love with two years ago. 

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Let’s Make a Deal {Part IV}

Author: Zoe

(A/N:Here we go,everyone! Sorry for the wait! This is officially the second-to-last chapter of Let’s Make a Deal.)

Mobster! Cassian x Reader

Plot Summary: 1954. All you cared about was earning money and surviving in the concrete jungle that we call New York City. However, ever since WWII ended, crime was rampant all around, and you managed to land right in the heart of it all. Cassian Andor was one of the local crime bosses, and the two of you managed to cross paths.

The anti-racketeering bill had been vetoed by an incredible 13-1 vote, leaving much to be celebrated by Cassian’s gang. With your immense numbers of alcohol and Cassian’s ‘persuasion,’ you had managed to get the government to do what you wanted.

And that called for a celebration.

Drinks were flowing as you made toasts from behind the counter, dressed a little nicer with a black dress and makeup for the party. “To Cassian! For stopping another prohibition and saving my bar!” You shouted from the top of the counter as the men whooped and hollered in glee.

“Of course, we would have been useless without this woman here!” Cassian smiled, climbing up next to you and wrapping his arm around your waist. “To Y/N! For helping us get councilmen inebriated enough to vote against the bill!”

“Cheers!” They all yelled, clapping as you saw Jasmine and Cohen sharing a celebratory and most likely tipsy kiss. You chuckled, raising your glass as everyone drank.

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mylittleredgirl  asked:

femslash february prompts: berena #2: mistaken for dating

hahah so this ended up much longer that I thought it would be so most of it’s under a cut. It’s basically fluff and feelings but CW: implied homophobia in one section

Realisations, Bernie Wolfe/Serena Campbell, Teen, 2500+ words. 

It takes Serena a while to notice. An embarrassingly long time, in hindsight, to realise. She likes to think she can be forgiven for not grasping it quicker, because after all it was all so innocuous in the beginning, there was barely anything for her pick up on anyway.

She likes to think she can be forgiven for not noticing sooner. Not noticing the assumptions others made about her or about Bernie. Not noticing the assumptions colleagues and their families and strangers and their dogs made about Bernie and herself. She wants to be forgiven, really, for not noticing sooner: not noticing how she and Bernie might as well be dating.

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