smash 2014


Hello everyone, sorry this is sudden…..I will be attending SMASH! at Sydney this weekend~! Will be at Artist Circle, booth number 22~!
Here’s a list of prints I will be bringing to the event.
I will be bringing copies of my previous mini book, [Pallidity Monolity] as well.

Very excited to meet friends after so long!
Feel free to drop by~! :D

THE LAST PRINT.  I did also want to do an Ace Attorney one but I just had no ideas for it.
Anyway Clear is very important to me even though I don’t even care that much about the rest of DMMD, because he is another one of those characters that seems to have been custom-designed just for me.
This print will be at SMASH 2014 on August 9-10, look for ‘MoeMart’! It will also be on my etsy store afterwards.
Also, we just got notification of where our table’s gonna be, so I’ll upload a map or something later on.


AHHH the smash photobooth pics got uploaded, so here’s my cosplay windup for this year! (click pics for comments haha)

Yowamushi Pedal:

Onoda Sakamichi:Me
Toudou Jinpachi: simonblackquill
Makishima Yuusuke: kiryuuyoshiya

DRAMAtical Murder:

Seragaki Aoba: Me
Clear: kiryuuyoshiya

HELL YA hope next year is just as awesome!!! :’))))


SMASHcon 2014 Favourite Cosplay Snap Compilation

These are my fave characters in the flesh from SMASH Sunday~! There were tons and tons of amazing cosplays but these are my bias babies ♡_♡
(If you see yourself, let me know so I can tag you).

♡ Guy Manuel, Daft Punk
♡ リサ (Reese), Animal Crossing: New Leaf
♡ Link, Legend of Zelda
♡ Evangellion, Neon Genesis Evangellion
♡ Totoro, My Neighbour Totoro
♡ Cubone, Pokemon
♡ Makise Kurisu, Steins;gate
♡ Sakura, Card Captor Sakura

heyo smash was great meeting yall was hella im glad so many of u liked our yowapeda group yeehaw

if any of u got photos of us holla at yo boy, i was makishima, simonblackquill was toudou and splitbricks was onoda!!