A Fateful Encounter

Do you ever leave the house and wonder if you switched the oven off, or forgot to feed the cat, or left two sworn enemy armies standing on the battlefield for months? #JustCorrinThings

(I worked really hard on the artwork for this one! I hope you like it, too). :)

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Pretty Peach combo video!

Sunless Skies

[Plot]: The Traitor Empress (Her Imperious Condescension), bored of her duties tending to a city sized eldritch horror (a “deep undul8ing monstrosity”) known as the Echo Bazaar (Gl'bgolyb), rises from her home on the Zee (Alternia) and decides to expand her empire (of nefarious baked goods) to the furthest reaches of space aka the High Wilderness (The Furthest Ring).

[Twist]: Everyone dies, this was a bad plan.