#outfit 38: time to start layering up with style.

Shirt: @charlestyrwhitt
Tie: @boggimilanoofficial
PS: @sarargroup
Suit: @hawesandcurtisofficial
Shoes: @charlestyrwhitt
Vest: @boggimilanoofficial

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instead of making all those Bad posts i’ve been trying to make all day i would like to have a public appreciation post for becca @azuladosia, who is an incredibly kind and compassionate and caring person and the most wonderful kind of friend, and who will probably be bodily translated at some point up to Mega Heaven, which is like normal Heaven but with a really sick water slide

anonymous asked:

where was I defending them? Never said they're good people or shit like that, no offense dude but it was just pretty damn obvious what you were talking about

does it really matter whether that nintendo switch joke was funny or not? i just feel like “this blog made a joke that i don’t find funny, time to show it off to tens of thousands of followers as being totally cringeworthy because i am the arbiter of humor” is kind of an asshole thing to do, and the whole blog runs on shit like that