smarty belle

Beauty and the Beast AU

Main Ship: GaLty (Galm x Smarty)

Characters: Smarty (Belle), Galm (Beast), Chilled (Gaston), Ze (Le Fou), Tom (Maurice)

Plot: Ever since John was a young boy he always wanted some sort of adventure, his older adoptive brother, Tom, not being much help by buying them a farmhouse in a small village miles away from Paris. When John stumbles across a monstrous beast that keeps him captive he can’t help wondering if this really was the adventure he was searching for.


Howdy everyone!

It’s time I brought this ask blog to a close. I want to start focusing on Canter Girls again, and maintaining two blogs like this just isn’t practical anymore (despite how slowly they update).

But don’t cry for Smarty! As the last image in this update says, Smarty will be seen in Canter Girls from time to time, so she isn’t gone at all. She just found a new place to stay.

Thanks to everyone who showed support for Ask Smarty Belle. And thanks to everyone following this Tumblr blog! The fans are what keep me going after all.

See you at Canter Girls!