It’s alright, we have all been there. We have all experienced the dreadful moments when we just really don’t want to work and would like to lie in bed instead. Here are some tips that can help you to get motivated and stay away from your bed:

Break down your tasks. Try to just force yourself to sit down with your laptop or pen and papers, and write down all the things you have to do. This can make you realise what you actually have to do, instead of just constantly telling yourself “I have tons to do help” without clearly knowing what’s your direction.

Next, focus on progress. Focus on the effort and time you spent on the tasks instead of the result first. Time and effort is something you can actually control, and remember to reward yourself for that.

Try to do easier tasks first. If you are not motivated at all, there is no point to read a huge chunk of information you probably cannot understand, or do an extremely difficult math paper that you won’t be able to do anyway. In this situation, the last thing you would want to do is to make yourself feel frustrated. Instead try to make yourself accomplished by completing little and easy tasks first. You will eventually be able to get back on track.

Find your peers to work with you. Having someone beside you to motivate you and to work together makes the whole thing less boring and tedious, and if studying and interacting with friends is actually an effective learning strategy for you, this method works even better.

Stop waiting until you have sufficient information to do something. That is never going to work. This will just going to be your excuse to delay and procrastinate. Try to start working on what you have instead, you will find completing the task so much easier later on.

Just start working. Tell yourself that you will just type one sentence, or solve one problem and you can take a rest. This way you will, at least, feel less guilty since you did work on something that day, but you may also find the motivation to continue working.

That being said, it’s definitely normal that we have days when we are just less productive, after all we are all humans and we do need breaks. Just make sure you have the right balance. Good luck and stay motivated! x

Link to my study tips series (strive-for-da-best)

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good luck w ur studying !! :]

My Study Life 

This is available on all platforms. I love using my study life because it can keep track of all my classes, assignments, exams, study schedule. Although there isn’t a grade calculation feature, I find it even better than the iStudiez pro (which actually costs a lot if you have to buy all different versions). (image source)


Again, this application is available on all platforms. It has a very impressive interface, and it is definitely great for organising and keeping track of assignments. It has a section that shows all your completed, upcoming and late assignments, which is awesome for you to plan your time. (image source)


Another to-do app that is available on all platforms, including your email. I love how simple and easy it is, but at the same time has all the features I want. It is extremely easy to set deadlines, recurring tasks and more. It allows you to set up different projects, that means you can have a list for different classes. (image source)


This is similar to the app forest, except it is free. What it does is that it allows you to set a certain time, and you can’t use your phone during that period. You can then grow a plant after successfully finishing a session. It also has the feature of managing and tracking habits as well, which makes the app even better.


This site is previously named HabitRPG. It provides you with a fun way to build study habits or any habits in general. I have introduced it here so you may want to check that post! They also have an iPhone app!


This is a great application for those who like working in a cafe. It basically plays the ambient sounds of a cafe, which may help you to focus.

Link to my study tips series (strive-for-da-best) and submit your favourite study and learning apps here!