How Many Recruiters Reconsider Candidates Because of Social Media?

As the job market becomes more competitive than ever, social media has significantly impacted recruiting, giving birth to the next big thing: social recruiting. Thanks to this Jobvite infographic, this data on recruitment and jobseekers demonstrates why technology is vital to recruitment success. Takeaways: Although 93% of recruiters use or plan to use social media, just 18% consider […]

How Many Recruiters Reconsider Candidates Because of Social Media?
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Smart Recruiters #SFBETA Event: Ashley Nicolei of LiveLoveManja Influencing the Job Search Industry

Ashley Nicolei (Ashley Vanni) attended Smart Recruiters #SFBETA event in January 2014 on behalf of her friends at StartupSocials. Her mission? To observe and identify trends within the job search industry and to encourage the recruiting industry as well as the startup industry in incorporating food allergy awareness.

Event Recap:

We thoroughly enjoyed the event. Commuting from the South Bay (Los Gatos) Ashley was only able to make the last hour of the event due to traffic. She was worried she would miss out on the demos, networking, and overall vibe of the event. Not the least bit. She walked into the entrance and was greeted warmly by a longtime school mate and startup community acquaintance “Cole”. The wine booth was still open and there were a few demos left. As well as a few prospective “networkers” moseying around and exploring the Smart Recruiters office in beautiful San Francisco.

First things first, Ashley wanted the scoop on the demos. She bonded with a man by the name “Ravi” of JobFig, who shares a food allergy (although not her specific food allergy) and they traded dining out tips and ordering in at the office with a food allergy. Ravi, having a gluten allergy, says gluten free dishes are plentiful when it comes to ordering food in at the office and usually can accommodate him. Such flexibility in food ordering is vital when it comes to being employed or working for a startup, as long hours at the office as well as company travel are often required.

Ashley especially enjoyed JobFig, a personality test only six questions long, which employers can use to match prospective employees to their existing company culture (personality) for the best fit. JobFig claims that 40% of hire failures are due to personality conflict. Therefore, identifying personalities pre hire and using them for questions or reflection purposes can only be beneficial to the prospective employee and the company.

Company environment is also key when matching prospective employees to employers. We enjoyed exploring the Smart Recruiters office at the #SFBETA event. Such a creative space with art on the wall, murals and collages, and chalkboard paint with inspirational techie quotes all over. Simplistic and modern color scheme - black, green, white was crisp and offered a spacious and creative work space. Not going to hide it, we sort of fell in love with the office and wanted to become part of the team simply for the environment alone.

Lastly, just like in any recruiting or interview process , connections are key. And it is our connection that brought us to this great event. Thank you to Vasil for your “lightbulb” genius idea in attending #SFBETA we simply loved it.


Imagine seeing “Objective: To secure a position with a company…” or “Professional Summary: A results driven leader…” hundreds of times a day. That’s the life of the HR hiring manager and recruiter. They see so many resumes that they all look the same and sound the same everyday – all day. Resumes are just not exciting or attractive or sexy – however you want to say it.

As a HR professional and Expert Resume Writer I see a lot of resumes and I interact with a lot of folks who screen resumes. I know what I like to see in a resume but I’ve also asked some of the others what they like to see on resumes. Here’s what they look for…

what do employers look for in a resume

What do employers look for in a resume?
A Real Format

There are four major resume styles; chronological, reverse chronological, functional and hybrids. The most popular and easy to screen is the reverse chronological order resume. It lets the reader see your most recent job history first. You should display a maximum of 10-12 years of stable work history, anything else and you could be outdating yourself. There are so many resumes without a clear format. If you break one of these four formats – with something like an eye catching design, which can capture the attention of hard to reach companies – it better be well done and done for good reason.

Sometimes job seekers want to highlight their favorite job or they want to show the most important job title in which they have had at the top. You want to make a great first impression, so I get it, but if things are out of order it confuses the reader. Also under format, do not use too much indentation because it makes the resume look misaligned.


Make sure that your resume makes sense. What does that mean? Sometimes we tend to apply for jobs that we want versus jobs in which we realistically qualify. But when a company is hiring for an accountant but your background and resume is tailored to retail management, then the employer does not see the connection and it gets tossed. So be sure to apply for work that is relevant to your skills and within your wheelhouse.

Show Me the Value Add

Don’t just tell them about the directions you’ve followed throughout your career, show the value you’ve added. Use action words to show that you added something to the position. Every job is an opportunity to add value, if it’s through our service or problem solving skills. You have value, now tell us about it on your resume. Tell us about how you’ve saved the company money by suggesting a safer way to work or better safety equipment. Let us know about the time you noticed a flaw in the workforce process and how you suggested a new or better way and how it helped out. Did you lower costs somehow? Did you create a positive change? Brag, just a little bit.

What Does a Resume Look Like?
Make sure your resume is attractive, make sure it’s relevant to the job, make sure you have traditional format and be sure to use terminology that paints you as a valuable contributor to the company. Because those are the things employers want to see in a resume.

Startup Spotlight: Make Candidate and Recruiter Scheduling More Efficient With @Pick_HQ

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This week, the Startup Spotlight shines on

Should your startup be profiled? Send me a message

What is your background?

Ryan Mindigo – CEO – 20th employee at Yammer. Was #1 Sales Rep before being promoted to US Sales Director. He reported to David Sacks for a period of time.

Michael Selepec – COO (Product Head) – 17th employee at Yammer. Opened London office and built corporate sales team in Europe.

Steve Au – CTO – 3-Time founder with full-stack skills and UX experience. Most recently co-founded Motiv8, which is an activity/calorie tracking mobile app. (more…)

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from SourceCon
Interesting article on the evolving B2B sales function, impacted by demographics and tech


* Sales needs to be integrated with marketing - to be more effective and because strong sales candidates will demand it

* Best sales people will have marketing skills

* Cold calling is fading as a practice - lead with email 

* Sales becoming “less of a numbers game and more of an accuracy game” - getting your email to stand out 

Meet jobFig at SmartRecruiters #SFBETA Event

We met “Ravi” at SmartRecruiters #SFBETA event last night at San Francisco’s event. Manja can honestly say that we adore the platform and think it is BRILLIANT.

How many times, as an employer, have you had a bad hire? jobFig empowers employers to avoid making the mistake again by providing them with a behavior analytics tool - find the best fit candidates for the job through a series of questions (personality test). The series of questions and test results is developed by a team of psychologists (information we pulled from Ravi during our interview of his platform).

Silly? Hardly! Did you know that 40% of new jobs hires to fail is a personality mismatch? With jobFig users can create a personality medallion in seven minutes (most personality tests take a full 60 minutes). The medallion allows users to reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses, making space for reflection and self improvement - aspects of a personality that may be overlooked without guidance. The medallion is also a great tool to display one’s personality strengths and promote their full hiring package via multiple social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ashley Nicolei of LiveLoveManja especially enjoyed speaking with Ravi (jobFig representative) and learning about his severe gluten allergy. She found it interesting he responded to gluten with anaphylaxis instead of the more common intolerance (lack of enzyme) reaction. They bonded over talking about dining in (ordering in) food to the office, gluten free beer and beverage options, and life as business professionals with food allergies. This food allergy common thread really made the individual (Ravi) and demo stand out in Ashley’s mind among various demos at the event.

Manja has applied for jobFig access so that we can take the personality test and display the medallion with pride on our social media profiles as well as LiveLoveManja Blog. We hope to see all our readers, followers, users, clients, friends, family, and colleagues use this fantastic tool in their job search process and in hiring (staffing) their own unit.


10 Apps That Will Change the Way You Recruit Forever by @GBhambra

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As sourcers, we are used to taking a deep dive into the web to hunt for talent. We weave our way through different sites very skilfully, like detectives picking up clues – little golden nuggets of information that will lead us to finding the perfect candidate. The problem that we come up against time and time again is that sometimes, the candidate we are hunting does not want to be found, bothered, or pestered by recruiters. (more…)

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from SourceCon
3.8 Reference Checks Per Candidate

How many reference checks should a smart employer average? And how does a smart employer have time to properly reference check? aims to make hiring smarter by providing an average of 3.8 reference checks per candidate. Reference checking has been shown to be a useful predictor of job performance (as measured by supervisory ratings)…


Harlem Shake - SmartRecruiters Stop Motion Style
SmartRecruiters #SFBETA Event San Francisco: HR & Recruiting for Startups

SmartRecruiters of San Francisco hosted #sfbeta event last night at their office in San Francisco. Multiple Demos and Sponsors attended. The event is aimed at the bright future of HR and more efficient, tech friendly, job hunting and recruiting for startups and small business.

Ashley Nicolei attended in place of her promotional partner at StartupSocials. Thank you for the invite and the brilliant (lightbulb) idea. Great minds think alike!

To learn more about the event, sponsors, backers, and presentation please go to the provided link.


3 Old-School Sourcing and Recruiting Techniques to Revisit @bethmctheo
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I wrote an article for our internal company newsletter upon returning from SourceCon 2013 in Denver, Colorado. It was my third time attending the conference, and the point where I began to see a theme emerge: Those tried-and-true techniques that humanize the recruitment process really work. I have to laugh at the timeliness of coming across this article now, as many of us are getting ready to head back to SourceCon this week. It makes me think: Despite all the technological advancements in our industry, dare I say “old school” is the new school?

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from ERE Media » SourceCon | Sourcing News and Knowledge
Speed Up Hiring Without Compromising Quality

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Earlier this year, Dr. John Sullivan wrote a piece for ERE detailing the top 12 reasons why slow hiring damages recruiting – and hurts business results. Sullivan quotes a candidate who dropped out of the running for a coveted position because the hiring manager took too long to respond:

It’s not like I need their job. If it takes them a week to respond to a resume like mine for a job of this importance, they’re not the kind of company I want to work for. I move fast, and I can already see that my style wouldn’t fit in their culture. – Wind River Associates

It’s true that slow hiring puts you at a big disadvantage in the recruiting process. As Dr. Sullivan argues, moving too slowly can lead you to miss out on top candidates, lose revenue and productivity, and even damage your reputation as an employer and an organization. And with average time to fill at 25 days, its longest duration since 2001, there’s a good chance that many companies are feeling these effects.

However, there’s also risk involved when it comes to hiring too quickly. If you make an impulsive decision because you’re worried about losing a candidate to another company, you could end up hiring a candidate who’s a bad fit — and who ends up being a bad investment.

When it comes to hiring, talent acquisition professionals should follow the Goldilocks principle. The hiring process shouldn’t be too slow, and it shouldn’t be too fast.

The right pace depends on several things: the size of your organization, your company culture, the position you’re hiring for, and even the individual candidate. A company with 10 employees may want to spend more time getting to know a candidate than a company with 500 employees. Some candidates may seem like a perfect fit right away, while others may take several rounds of interviews.

To get the top talent — and ensure that they’re a good fit for your company, find the right pace for your hiring process.

Below are a few things to remember to help you do just that. (more…)

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Strictly Finding Your #XFactor: Which Judge Should Recruiters Learn From? #SCD

Dancing shoes ready: I am an avid fan of the BBC1 Dance show, Strictly Come Dancing. As a keen intermediate learner of the ballroom and Latin genre, I can critique the celebrities each week, judging their technical ability over flair, substance over style…. Whilst watching this latest series, it dawned on me the parody it […]

Strictly Finding Your #XFactor: Which Judge Should Recruiters Learn From? #SCD
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