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things that had to happen in order for this vine to exist

  • john green had to quit his original ambition of being a pastor to become a young adult writer, then start making videos online to get a considerable following, boosting the sales and recognition of his book the fault in our stars, which had the quote “maybe okay could be our always. okay? okay.”
  • destin conrad had to get reasonably popular on vine for about a year or two and slowly generate a camera angle, comedy style, etc. niche aesthetic to his vine
  • the term “booty flakes” had to be popularized, most likely from either a) not wiping enough or b) eating ass. both eating ass and not wiping your ass contributed to this piece of art.
  • vine had to be created, which was basically a reaction to both instagram (which at the time didn’t have videos) and youtube, as well as regular phone usage.
  • smartphones had to enter the collective conciousness in order to support such an app
  • phones had to be invented by alexander graham belle
  • louis de prince had to capture the first moving image ever recorded, and then subsequently fall off the face of the earth, causing a scramble for the rights to who owned the true title to father of the digital recording and letting it progress in such an odd timeline
  • booty flakes