How to be a smart person

Being smart isn’t always about having an education, being intelligent or particularly intellectual. Being smart is more about the decisions you make and the outcomes they have. You have already made a very smart move today by deciding to visit this blog so congratulations to you!

Despite popular belief, you do not get given a finite number of chances and opportunities in your life but rather, you have to create every chance and every single opportunity that you want out of life. Nobody built the Eiffel Tower by laying in bed or sent man to the moon by playing solitaire on the computer all day. Honestly if you have a dream, have a goal or just want something….seriously it could be anything…..just go and make it happen. How do you make these things happen? You find a way. Anyway at all (come on, think outside the box) and you make it happen. The best thing that history shows us really is that you do not need to be nerdy nerd pants to achieve great things. Honestly most of the people who ever achieved great things in science or any area really never had any good education or they were the weird kid. Charles Darwin was a classic misfit weirdo that nobody wanted and he discovered the theory of evolution, so do not ever doubt yourself ever. The weirder you are the better you are for the world.

Okay so being smart. So far we have learned its about making chances and being a weirdo. I think we can all easily do these things. Being smart is also about making the right choices. Go with your gut. Follow your dreams. Take big risks (within reason, I mean don’t go chucking yourself off a cliff in hope you sprout wings) and above all do what is right. What is right for you, what is right for the people around you and what is right for what you believe in. 

Above and beyond all, being smart is about what you believe it is. There is no universal standard for smartness. Everyone is different and everyone is smart in their own way. This blog is not just for intellects, this blog is for everyone so we can all unite together and learn some really cool things to create a smarter, better world for all to enjoy.