smartie blue

GaLty, with Smarty getting really frightened during a bad thunderstorm and GaLm calming him down.

- - -
The shaky voice spoke from the phone, terror lacing the words.


“I-I need you t-t-to come over. Please.”

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hi i’m charli and this is my tutorial on how to contour your tits!

jk, i’m all natural. bow before them. anyway i make music and found out today there’s an entire blog dedicated to upskirt photos of me. wicked. there’s a ghost who lives in my house called kevin and he’s quite sound.

my gho is, let’s talk about how badly the blue smartie was treated.

“Strawberry Bubblegums, Strawberry Kisses”

I finished it, finally! :D That’s an old request from @the-forgotten-glow, sorry for the long wait! But I hope that’s good enough, and since in Italy it’s almost Christmas… that’s a very little “Christmas gift” for all of you!

I also wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for the 259 followers! ;D 

( Oh, and the fourth chapter of my Broppy fic (Light Blue Sky, Pink Bright Flower) is almost ready, just a few days and it’ll come out.:) )

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