Head Start Hunter

Sam x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: None (for the first time). Maybe fluff? Is that a warning? I don’t think this is too fluffy though.

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“You think you’re ready to go show Uncle Cas and Dean?” Sam asked, holding you on his shoulders while securing you by your legs.

“Mhmm.” You eagerly replied. Holding your father by his hair and nodding his head along with yours.

The pair of you made your way into the library. Dean, as usual, sat watching his laptop. No doubt it wasn’t kid friendly. While Cas was sitting in a chair. No doubt just finishing from scolding Dean…

“Guys,” Sam grabbed their attention, alerting them of mainly your presence and to dial it to kid friendly. “The littlest hunter wants to show you guys what she’s learned today.” Reaching up, your dad held you high only for a moment, before setting you on your feet.

The force you put out pushed your lips together in an act of shy affection. Your ankles turned inward slightly and raised you into the tips of your feet as you began.

A-b-c-d-e-f-g.” You paused for a moment, looking at the wide eyed smiles everybody had, and smiling yourself a bit in a pleased manner.

h-i-j-k-minnow-minnow-p…q-r-s-t-u-v-w-x-y- an -z. Now I know my Abc’s, next time won’t you sing with me?” Just as you finished you looked up. Smiling wildly as everybody in the room clapped.

“Wow, somebody’s a smartical partical just like her Daddy.” Dean exclaimed, walking over to you and picking you up.

“Cassy taughted me some too.” You spoke out, pointing in Cas’s general direction with a smile. “He’s a spartical spartical too! Just like me!” Everybody laughed lightly. Never hearing enough of the cute things you said.

“Tell Uncle Dean what else you can do.” Sam encouraged.

“I can count to this many now!” You said in excitement. Holding up a handful of fingers. “Five. An I can spell my favoritest word ever too. P-i-e. Daddy says it’s your favoritest word too.”

“Guess now you’re gonna have to learn to bake a pie, huh?” Dean asked you, tapping the tip of your nose as he smiled the biggest and brightest he’d done in awhile. “Let’s hop to it then munchkin.” And without another word, you and Dean went to the kitchen to make your first pie.

Later on your learn how to clean up a biggggggg mess in the kitchen too.

What the signs would be as friends

  Aries:  The Energetic Friend. That bubbly friend who is so energetic and positive, always wanting to go someplace new so that they could party. However, this friend is a total know-it-all and they know it too. The only sign that could ACTUALLY be with the Aries for a long amount of time would be their fellow bull-headed neighbor Taurus.

Taurus: The lazy, sweet-hearted friend. The bull is that the signs can talk to and confide in without being judged. They are patient and generous, giving their all into listening to the problems. However, they can be very possessive of their friends, and will get jealous very easily, which is why the other signs tend to treasure the Taurus sign due to the fact they get very butt-hurt about it.

Gemini: The Charismatic friend. Gemini will get the other zodiac signs to do almost anything with their communication skills. Their personality is socially vibrant, and everyone gets along with them. However, Gemini will loose interest faster than the other signs, and will stop paying attention.

Cancer: The Sensitive Friend. Cancer is always the emotional friend who makes a scene about almost anything. You could say they could be drama queens, except they are so quiet about their feelings that they more or less sulk about it than anything. This means that will COMPLAIN and COMPLAIN and COMPLAIN. But the signs love this soft-shell crab because they are loyal friends that will protect anyone when they need to stand their ground.

Leo: The Loyal, Tell-it-as-it-is Friend. This friend won’t spare any second thoughts about hurting the other sign’s feelings when Leo decides to tell them the truth. But it is so frank and to-the-point that the signs don’t feel hurt (except possibly Taurus and Cancer). Leo is loyal and kind-hearted to their friends, paving away any obstacle the other signs face.

Virgo: The Overly Judgmental Friend. Virgo is incredibly intelligent, analyzing anything that comes their way with the scientific way of thinking. However, this does not mean they are an Idealist kind of thinker. They judge quickly and are fussy with who is right and who is wrong - meaning they must ALWAYS be right and they won’t accept someone else’s idea. 

Libra: The Hopeless Romantic. Libra’s love to be the peace-maker of the group. Their romantic ideals help them mediate between fights in the group and their diplomacy helps them reason both sides of the argument and make a fair judgement. However, this is practically the only thing they can do. You could say that they are the Phoebe Buffet in the friend group.

Scorpio: The Ambitious Friend. This friend is all about business and getting things done. They always have their sights on the goal ahead, and never deviate from the plan. Their life is well-balanced and they are always following their instinct to make tough choices. The one thing that the signs would say that is negative about Scorpio is that they can be secretive and manipulative. I don’t believe the signs have a strong sense of trust in Scorpio.

Sagittarius: The Smartical Friend. Sagittarius is a very intellectual thinker. They think like a philosopher, sensing the right and wrong in any situation and having the ability to be merciful. However they can be slightly concerned with their outward appearance, but its actually more of a positive trait than a bad one.

Capricorn: The Gentlemanly Friend. Wow, capricorns have such manners. They are always patient and well-disciplined, and they refuse to jump right in, which causes a bit of friction between this sign and the Aries. One thing about the Capricorn though is that they are the shy friend of the group.

Aquarius: The Jaycie. Since Jaycie bugged me to make this, her sign doesn’t get a description. A little revenge towards Jaycie. HAHAHAHAAHA. Nawww really I’m kidding. Aquarius is that friend who is so unique and original that there really is no title for them. They always do whatever they want to do, so it’s difficult for the signs to pinpoint what sort of a friend Aquarius is.

Pisces: The Friend that goes to Peace Core. Creative and Imaginative, Pisces always wants to help the poor and needy because they are that self-less friend. However, because they believe in peace so strongly that they will get disappointed easily and they will flee from the situation. 

- CleeClee