smartest witch of her generation

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[An AU in which Oliver and Marcus ignore any differences and are happy and Alicia Spinnet is there because why tf not?]

They’d been playing together for six months before they had an actual conversation. They fought on the pitch, blaming each other for mistakes during practice. When it was good, during matches, they worked like a dream. Playing against each other for six years at school had made them intimately aware of how the other moved. They seemed to sense how the other was going to react to the ball.

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anonymous asked:

I feel like calling Rey a Ravenclaw just because she's really smart is kinda off. I think Houses are more based off what drives you forwards. So, a Slytherin is motivated by self interest, a Hufflepuff by community, a Gryffindor by justice or some bullshit, and a Ravenclaw is driven by curiosity. Which isn't to say she isn't a Ravenclaw. I just objected to your reasoning. After all, Hermione exists, smartest witch of her generation, and a Gryffindor.

I didn’t call her a Ravenclaw just because she was really smart. I specifically called her a Ravenclaw because of her motivation and drive to learn. Wasn’t that the entire point of my post?

I get irritated when people call Hermione the brightest witch of her year because it’s obviously such a bias opinion. How many 14 year olds has Sirius met? And people will take that quote from a man who just escaped prison and was tortured for twelve years and act like it’s a fact that Hermione is the smartest witch of her generation when we haven’t even met a large majority of her generation.