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H.G x Reader #12

Prompt: Being close to Snape and telling him about your preference towards women and him helping you out.

You shuffled your feet as you made your way to potions class. Classes were since long over but, you needed to speak to someone and who better to speak with than your best friend right?

You didn’t bother knocking once you got there, instead letting yourself in.

“Hey, Severus.” You mumbled gloomily, dropping your stuff onto the floor as you plopped down unceremoniously in a chair in front of him.

He looked up at you from his desk and raised a brow, folding his paper and leaving it on a corner of the desk. He folded his hands and smirked lightly.

“[Y/n]… to what do I owe the… displeasure?” He questioned. You blinked at him, before groaning and covering your face with your hands.

Severus pinched his brows together, taken aback. Typically you’d laugh or chuckle and snap back a retort.

Today you just seemed… done.

He felt concern rise somewhere deep beneath him but, he pushed it back, instead deeming the simple feeling as curiosity.

You removed your hands from your face and bit your lip on contemplation. Am I seriously about to tell him?

“[Y/n]?” Severus watched as you fiddled with your fingers, your head bowed as if ignoring him.

What will he do about it? Will he hate me?

“[Y/n]?” Snape repeated, his voice rising in worry.

He stood up and walked toward you. He leaned down a bit to be eye level with you and studied your facial expressions. You didn’t seem to notice him at all, too lost in your own mind to even realize he was a mere foot away from you.

You seemed to be deep in thought, most likely having a mental debate with yourself. Snape knew this fairly well, as you had been wearing a very similar expression for several weeks now.

“You know,” he said, scaring you out of your daze. “If you keep scolding like that you just might permanently end up looking like you are having trouble at the toilets.”

You glared at your friends but, bit the inside of your cheek. He’s right. Maybe I am thinking too much about this.

You sighed and looked up at him. “Sev… I have a question.”

He narrowed his eyes warningly. “If it’s about class-”

“-It’s not!” You took a deep breath and laced your fingers over your desk.

“Don’t you dare laugh. I’m trusting you with this.”

“Is something bothering you?” He inquired carefully. You nodded lightly but, he could tell that wasn’t all there was to it.

“Is someone bothering you?”

Severus got up and leaned back against the front of his desk, crossing his arms.

“Uh… sort of?”

You took a deep breath and looked at the floor. “I- uh… I like someone.”

Severus turned to look at you so fast you were sure he got whiplash. He stared at you in surprise for a minute while you squirmed under the intensity of his gaze. His expression what the definition of what the fuck?!

“You like someone?” He asked, his tone laced with incredulity.

“Yes. I do. Unlike you I am capable of feeling human emotions.” You snapped, sassily.

He glared at you but, the twitch of his lips told you he was rather amused with your quick answer.

“Well then.” He walked around the room, thinking of what he could say. He stopped right in front if you.

“Is that the problem?” He asked. “You like a boy?”

“No.” You corrected immediately. “The problem is that I like someone. Whether it’s a boy is another problem in itself.”

You waited curiously as Snape turned your words over in his mind. He furrowed his brows deeply in concentration.

He opened his mouth but, then closed it. “Wait… so,” he sighed and rubbed is hands, thinking of how he could phrase his question. “So it’s not a boy?” He sounded like he couldn’t wrap his mind around it. He was so sure he had seen you eyeing Malfoy several times.

Before coming to speak with your close friend you had been nervous about telling him your little secret. Now though, seeing him so confused rather than angry was making you feel a lot more confident.


“A girl then, yes?” He questioned.

You nodded, grinning.

See, [Y/n]. Severus wouldn’t hate you for something as insignificant as your sexual orientation.

His eyes widened, a smirk playing on his lips. He leaned against your desk cooly and placed his head in his hands.

“Who is it?” He whispered giddily.

Taken aback by the sudden school-girl reaction from the emotionless Hogwarts professor you laughed loudly, spitting in his face.

“Sorry,” you snickered, wiping your sleeve messily down his face. He gave you his infamous glare but, before he got retaliate you leaned in closely, answering his question.

“And it’s Granger,” you wheezed, wiping a small tear out of the corner of your eye. “Hermione Granger.”

He squinted his eyes slightly, lips parted. “A Gryffindor?”

“You’re okay with me liking a woman, but what worries you is that I like a Gryffindor? C'mon, Sev. Sort out your priorities.” You chided, sitting back.

“Right. Sorry.” He stayed silent for a moment.

You let him think for several seconds before poking his shoulder. “So… what do you think?”

He looked at you and shrugged.

“She’s pretty, I guess.” He muttered.

“She’s beautiful.”

“She’s smart at least.”

“She’s the smartest witch of her age,” you reminded him.

“Right,” he agreed. He nodded to himself before looking up at you in approval.

“Not bad.” He announced. He wagged his finger at you and smirked. “You don’t have bad taste.”

“Thank you.” You bowed your head and spread your hands in a mock bow.

“Not going to lie though, I always thought you had a thing for Malfoy.” Severus mused.

You gagged. “Ew. Merlin, no. Is that why you paired us up permanently for class?” You hissed.

He raised his brow and licked his lips, refusing to meet your eyes.

You groaned, smacking a hand to your head. “Fuck you, Sev. You really shouldn’t be playing matchmaker.”

You walked into class, standing at your usual table as the rest of the students filed in.

Several minutes later, Snape- Professor Snape- called for silence.

“After considering this class’ behavior these past few weeks, I have decided on moving students around.” He stated bluntly.

There was a collective groaning of students.

“The Headmaster didn’t see fit that I hex each of you, so this is the punishment you all get. You will do well to respect it.” He snapped.

You chuckled under your breath. Snaps sent you an almost invisible smirk.

“Mr. Malfoy, you will sit next to Potter. Potter. Thomas next to Finnigan…”

It took a while but, you caught on rather quickly Snape’s plan.

“Now there is only one student left. Ms. Granger, I trust you know where your seat is.”

You bit your lip as Hermione came to stand next to you, placing her book bag on the floor.

“Hello,” she greeted quietly.

“Hermione Granger.” She stuck her hand out and you took it after a momentary brain fart.

“Hey, [Y/n] [Y/I/n].” You answered, grinning.

Severus watched the exchange with a barely concealed smile.

He coughed, the class snapping to attention at once.

He sent you a smile then, right there in front of every one and you ignored the gasps from your class mates. You blushed as everyone turned to look at you. Severus looked between Hermione and you and nodded.

Thanks. You thought. He had definitely given you a hand- moving everyone despite the protests just so that your crush would be ’forced’ to sit next to you.

I’m going to have to thank him later.

You smiled, graciously and mouthed a small ’thanks’.

He opened his mouth to answer but, his eyes fell on the back of the students heads.

“What are you all looking at?” He growled. The students jumped and looked away from the you and down at their cauldrons.

He waited until every single student was looking away a before sending you a very encouraging thumbs up.

A/n: Dedicated to the @Anon who requested best friend!/ matchmaker Snape😂

Casual reminder I still hate Snape.

I can’t find any of the long, essay-style posts I used to have on hand for this situation. But here are a few disjointed reaons why, predominantly bc I was having a conversation about it in chat and that gets choppy…


Everything about snape was wrong, and I hate hearing people go on about how good he was, selfless, how he LOVED Lily and she ‘left him for James’…

Like… there’s a long list of reasons why you’re wrong, and i will type an entire fucking essay on it, don’t you test me.

He was obsessed, not in love.
He stalked her.

He offered Voldemort the lives of James and Harry (explicitly), but asked her spared so she would run back to him (in his fucked up mind).

He never grew up.

It didn’t start when he called her the worst slur you can call someone in the magical world… it started before that, that was just the moment lily realised he wasn’t going to change and her friendship wasn’t enough to get him to.

He called her a slur, refused to apologise… and then went out of his way to throw a like, decade-long pity party…
He literally loved Black Magics before he called her that, and was utterly anticsocial (swhich was not James’ fault); and then he up and joined the magical equivalent of NAZIs. Who targeted muggleborns… like Lily.

He only joined Dumbledore’s side to save his own skin, but he attached it to his fantasy of being with lily.
Like, he joined the order to be closer to her. That sort of shit happens in real life with stalkers, and it’s not romantic but terrifying.


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7 Reasons Why Harry And Hermione Should Have Ended Up Together

JK Rowling admitted she put Hermione and Ron together for “personal reasons” and she said that they would have needed “relationship counseling.” For fans, this revelation changed everything.

1. They have mutual respect for each other.

Professor Lupin says Hermione is the “smartest witch of her age” he’d ever met, and throughout the books she proves this to be true countless times. More importantly than Hermione’s genius is that she alone of the Golden Trio really teaches Harry any useful magic.

She coaches Harry on how to perform the Summoning charm before the Second Triwizard Task, she realizes how to use the Time-Turner to save Sirius (RIP), and she is literally the only reason Harry survives past book five. In his defense, Ron helps Harry every chance he can get (when they aren’t fighting), but never really imparts great wisdom to Harry.

On the other hand, Harry teaches Hermione about friendship through acts of loyalty and bravery, things she may not have picked up from Ron.

2. They don’t get into petty fights.

With all due respect to the many fantastic romantic comedies out there, two people who argue CONSTANTLY about the tiniest of details usually don’t stay in relationships for very long.

Ron and Hermione literally fight throughout the entire series and Harry even gets mad at them for always being at each other’s throats. When Harry and Hermione get into a fight when she rats out his broomstick’s origins to McGonagall, Harry makes up with her because he knows her heart was in the right place.

Their friendship is always more important to them than being right, and this sets their relationship apart from Ron and Hermione’s relationship.

3. Other characters believe they are together.

In the fourth book, Rita Skeeter writes that Harry and Hermione are dating, leaving Ron angry and jealous at them both — while neither Harry nor Hermione get that mad at all.

In the fifth book, Cho Chang makes the snide comment, “Oh yes, I forgot — of course, if it was darling Hermione’s idea…” when Harry says Hermione would be joining their tea party. It doesn’t even cross Cho’s mind that Hermione and RON could very well be dating, because it really is not as believable as Harry and Hermione.

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I actually get really frustrated when people talk about that beautiful, brave, hella smart Lily Potter… asif she was some sort of commodity.

‘James’ wife’
'Snapes’ love’

Like, firebolt off… Lily Potter was the smartest witch of her age, a muggleborn to boot and had to deal with all sorts of stigma.

She stood between the Dark Lord and her infant son, knowing her husband had just died on the stairs outside… and she refused to move.

She knew she was going to die, and she. wouldn’t. fucking. move. because that’s who she was. A Gryffindor at heart, a mother, a brilliant witch who fought in the Order too… people forget she was a member of the Order of the Phoenix with the others.

The focus is always on James or Snape and who 'has’ her.

No. Enough is enough.
Celebrate Lily Potter (nee Evans) as the fabulous female she deserves to be recognised as.

Keep your shipping wars out of it.

She, as an autonomous being, chose to end a toxic 'friendship’ and chose James… eventually. However, that little moment in time isn’t everything about her… she had a whole life.

Remember the story Slughorn told?

How she was a muggleborn in his little collective, which was highly unusual -as he liked having children with connections?

Remember that?

No, you’re too busy arguing over Jily/Snily.

And it’s time to stop making her an accessory.

Lily Potter was a badass. Treat her with RESPECT.

Their first date was Ice Skating on the edge of the Black Lake and a few years later when they go again James swears up and down that he’s “got a handle on this whole skating thing, you just watch me Lils” but Lily isn’t the least bit surprised when he falls flat on his bum after only just stepping onto the ice.

She’s gotten rather good at holding in her laughter (can’t let him know she finds all his jokes funny, his ego would be the size of Hogwarts) so she just calmly takes his hand and helps him to his feet nodding all the while as he justifies his falls (“of course I meant to do that Lily-flower, what do you take me for, a buffoon?”) They make a few laps around the rink, James taking more tumbles than even he expected (“did you plan that one too James?”) but it’s sweet and romantic and Lily can’t believe how blessed she is to have found him.

The next time he falls she almost catches him, and they both take a tumble, Lily, who’s much more agile on her skates (“No James, I didn’t charm them for balance”) gets to her feet first and offers him a hand. James smiles and takes it, but makes no effort to rise, instead crouching on one knee before her.

“James?” Lily breathed, her eyes widening. “What are you doing?”

He smirked, that utterly infuriating smirk that made her hate him so fiercely and love him so tenderly. “You know, I thought the smartest witch of her age would recognize a proposal when she saw one.”

And before he even got the ring of of his pocket, Lily had tackled him, her delighted scream of “YES!” heard even in the highest tower of Hogwarts.

Cursed Child Opinions and that

 (okay so like, ik this has been done already, but like, i enjoy hearing other opinions on the play and, OH BOY do i have opinions on this play, and i have a very long train journey to fill (how very jk rowling of me). this is going to be very messy, but here goes:)

things i liked:

-albus and scorpius being devoted best friends because honestly i have been waiting years for this.

-scorpius malfoy being kind and caring and swee and an actual angel child.

-scorpius malfoy being a huge fucking nerd.

-just scorpius malfoy in general. he was your favorite character, don’t lie to yourself.

-hermione being minister for magic because YES this brave, intelligent, caring witch is such a capable leader and honestly a queen. also!!! a muggleborn! this goes to show that some things really have changed!

-ron and hermione being the granger-weasleys because they are both proud of their families and where they came from and want their children to recognise both sides of their heritage. 

-also, although i haven’t seen actually seen the play (curse my broke ass self) BLACK HERMIONE. representation is just oh so important, and ik noma dumezweni played her excellently.

-ron and hermione still being very much in love and happy (long live my first ever ship)

-ron wanting to renew their vows even after all this time what a sweetheart.

-just ron being a little ray of sunshine for everyone throughout the play, giving his family funny little gifts from the shop (also ron working at W.W.W!!!)

-the trolley witch scene because i did not see that coming and because finding out fred and george and the fucking marauders tried to get off the train gives me all sorts of life.

-and even though he’s a bit of a dick to his little brother i love that james potter the second is so much the embodiment of james potter the first, i like to think he is the BANE of mcgonagall’s existence.

-minerva mcgonagall, headmistress of hogwarts, still being an absolute bamf. i mean, she scolded the minister for magic, could anyone else get away with that? i think not.  

-mcgonagall deciding not to see albus and scorpius together under the invisibility cloak because she is literally the biggest g.

-ginny weasley still being the mix of fierce and kind that we loved in the books, and being a good mum.

-ginny and draco having a moment of understanding because tbh i always wanted the two of them to be bro s.

-draco malfoy, who is v cool and collected in public, and certainly in front of harry, storming to harry’s house without embarrassment to demand why harry would hurt his son. he might not be thrilled with scorpius’ choice of friend, and he 100% is not thrilled with harry but draco will be damned if he lets his wonderful son loose anymone else he loves. 

-sorry wow i just love scorpius so very much. so does albus.

-draco and the trio bonding over parenthood is just pretty lit tbh.

-hagrid going to collect baby harry. literally the only part of the play that made me cry.

-harry regularly visiting cedric’s grave, like damn this was the one of the only things in the play that resonated as harry behavior to me.

-harry and albus becoming closer at the end of the play…things between them getting better…i think??? lmao i hate pigeons too i feel ur pain, harry.

things i did not like:

lmao time for a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath.

-some of the charecterisation was honestly laughable, like there were just so many lines that just would not have been said by certain characters. i have a lot to say here, so i’m gonna split this up by character - there are a few - and hope i don’t forget anyone:

harry potter: okay so this one is pretty obvious to anyone who has read the play, so i won’t say too much here but, really?! really???? harry potter, the boy who lived, lived because he was protected by love from his parents, who learnt to value love more than anything else, who named his child after two people who he greatly respected despite being so aware of their flaws, who knows exactly what it feels like to grow up feeling alone, would certainly have tried so much harder to make sure his child knew he was loved and grew up happy. harry potter would never have kept albus from his best and only friend, and oh my god he would not have been so rude to mcgonagall he would have to be out of his mind. ginny was right when she said that harry had one of the greatest hearts in the wizarding world, i truly don’t believe that even in anger he would say something so hurtful to his son. okay wow i have said way too much here, moving on…

rose granger-weasley: we don’t really have anything from the book series to compare her to but like, her parents. i find it difficult to believe that ron and hermione would raise their child to be, at times, so downright rude.if there is one thing that hermione granger preaches, it is forgiveness. i mean, you know what she said on the platform, she didnt want rose to hate scorpius at all. and even if she really did hate scorpius so strongly (how tho??? he is so precious) i don’t believe any member of the weasley family would ostracize a family member, especially one that had previously been a close friend. it just wouldn’t happen.

hermione granger-weasley: i am so 100% behind the idea that she is minister for magic, but what i hate is the fact that in a universe where she is not married to ron she looses that ambition??? and becomes spiteful and mean? hermione granger, smartest witch of her age, is brilliant to the core, and although she loves ron dearly, she does not need him - or anyone - to succeed. also like, hiding the time-turner in her book case, ffs, as if.

cedric diggory: so tbf he’s not really alive enough for heavy character analysis but, cedric diggory, clever and talented and so very hufflepuff became a death eater and killed neville just because he lost the triwizard tournament? fuck outta here.

severus snape: i refuse to believe he would’ve been so noble following lily’s death. like yes he said he would protect harry, but once harry passed away and there was no trace of lily left i don’t think he would’ve been so devoted top the cause. then again, this may just be me, i’m not a huge snape fan.

draco malfoy: tbh i’m just mad about the ponytail.

-the fact that delphi exists. just delphi in general, she’s a bit of a shitty character, at no point did i even want to care about her. and HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! at what point was bellatrix pregnant what is this bs??? where has she been for about twenty years? and most importantly, i rlly don’t think voldermort would do something as human as having sex, not even to continue his blood line. why would he need a child, he didn’t believe he would die??

-also like any hint of delphi/albus because, come on, there’s a ten year age difference. also scorpius and albus are meant to be.

-the fact that werewolves are still associated with voldermort makes me so sad. like i really thought things would’ve gotten better for people with lycanthropy. (remus is probably mad af up in heaven my poor bby)

-astoria being dead. like i get it, plot and everything, but ffs let draco and scorpius have some of kind of happiness. also, the death of a malfoy would 100% have been big news, that nearly all of hogwarts would have been aware of, but did they give scorp a break? no??

-ginny, who grew up in the weasley household not letting her children have sweets. i mean,  no way would molly let her get away with that, or any of her siblings (apart from percy…i bet this was percy’s idea) 

-and, speaking of the weasley family, where tf were they all??? like, emphasis is put on the fact that none of the rest of albus’ family are in slytherin, but where actually are they all??? like it is literally canon that there are dozens of cousins all of similar ages, but literally none are mentioned but rose, not even hugo???

-and my boi teddy lupin was fuckin nowhere to seen. tbh this may have been for the best

-that total bullshit harry pulled on mcgonagall, telling her that since she had no children she didn’t understand??? saying minerva mcgonagall doesn’t understand children is about as correct as saying harry understands albus tbh. also, harry clearly has forgotten that pretty much every parental figure he’s ever had (bar the weasleys) was childless. i mean, hagrid, remus, sirius…he named his child after albus dumbledore ffs.

-and like okay this may just be a personal thing but where TF was the G A Y????like fr, we get two characters, who find themselves in a lot of romantic tropes (separated by family who dislike each other, doing something that scares them to help the other person, being each other’s only friends i mean for fuck’s sake)

-and like okay i would probably be less mad if it wasn’t for the romantic plot lines they did go with. albus gets the hots for some twenty year old he’s known for a few days who also turns out to be THE CHILD OF VOLDERMORT. and scorpius is in love with a girl who has literally said a nice word to him ever?? like literally, i think the closest she ever came to it was teling him that he had a nose.



-honestly ffs.

pls message me if u want to talk about cursed child or anything i clearly have way too many feelins oops

Guys I’m really not over this whole Hermione is canonically black thing
Like one of the most beloved characters in all of modern fiction is black
It’s not just a headcanon anymore
Hermione is black
Hermione, the smartest witch of her age, is black
This is so so so important and I am just so blown away
Black Hermione

anonymous asked:

What about the Potterheads who argue that being butthurt over Snape is childish and that Harry isnt petty and how Snape did help Harry win the war in the battle of Hogwarts?

…look, some people like to cling to the notion that one god deed makes up for everything you ever did.
[Do you know how many prisoners on deaths row ‘find God’ and then get support from groups to appeal their sentences? They still killed and raped people, though.]

It’s easy to take the Snape-is-a-Hero stance, unless you actually take a step back and analyse everything he’s ever done.

-he was friends with Lily Evans
He saw it as more than she did, but I think maybe she knew anyway and kept a lid on it (she was the smartest witch of HER age after all)

-it does appear James and the Marauders were little shits and bullied him at least on two occasions 
…I’m not sure how many people know this, but a lot of teenaged boys are assholes, and it does not in any way excuse what they did. 

-James and the others had other things going on.
Hiding Lupin’s condition
Being illegal animagi (etc)

-Snape seems to have been a loner, who studied a lot and had dark thoughts.
Lily had her own friends but made sure to keep him in the loop to stop his isolation. He misinterpreted that.

-Lily tries to defend Snape during ‘the incident’… and he lashes out.
(Also, where the fuck were the teachers? I mean, they have at least one on duty at muggle schools during recess, you’d think there’d be one for a school whre kids can literally turn one another into lizards for the hell of it?)
You can see she knows that he’s just embarrassed and give him a minute to apologise, but he doesn’t. 
Snape makes it worse for himself.

And rather than accept that, by his own actions, he’s driven away Lily (and al the friends he had through her)… he blames everything (childishly) on James Potter. And people like that are so fucking annoying, it’s never their fault.

-He then obsesses over Lily Evans in a way that is utterly terrifying.
I know Twilight has made many girls assume that being stalked is somehow romantic, but the reality of it i that it isn’t; it’s actually creepy as fuck.

-Because Snape never had much in the way of affection growing up, he latched onto his first friend and misunderstood the differentiation between friend and love. Which is why his ‘love’ for her was twisted, strange, wrong… and warped. Because he didn’t understand his ‘affections’ were not really love, but an obsessive need to have Lily with him forever.

-He blamed everything on James.
Rather than growing up, he seems to have remained an angry teenager in big boy clothes for a long time after graduating…

-After all, the first thing he did was join Voldemort (the guy who KILLS muggleborns, which Lily was)… which is akin to having a feud with a Jewish friend you think you like, and joining Hitler. Literally.
The first thing James and Lily did, was join the opposition -The Order of the Phoenix. 

-People keep bringing up that Snape was a double agent so he must have always been good… but like, he wasn’t always?
An angry teenaged Severus joined the Death Eaters and probably killed/tortured a fuck-ton of muggles, muggleborns and half-boods, in order to worm his way into Voldemort’s favour?

Why do we never talk about that?

Dumbledore probably kicked his ass at some point and went, “Do you really want to be doing this, Severus?” and change his mind.

[Dumbledore is also sketchy as fuck. 
But  I will rant on him later… there is never an excuse to leave a child in an abusive home, nor to raise them for slaughter; any of the teachers was more than capable of raising him protected at hogwarts, imagine McGonagall.]

-Snape kept up his watch on the unaware Lily until well into the future.

-People always say that his attempts to convince Voldemort to spare Lily were ‘romantic’… but listen to me very carefully when I say this next bit:
Snape was bargaining the lives of a six month old baby and his father.
He sad, ‘kill the infant and James, go ahead, but don’t touch my precious Lily!’

…because somewhere in his twisted mind he thought, if James and Harry (their main connection) were dead, then clearly her only logical recourse is to come flying in to him for comfort. 

Uh… no. 

He wanted a 6 month old baby dead, because he hated it’s father for something… done waaaaaaaaaay back in high school that everyone else had moved past.

Hell, if he’d turned up at the door, the new freedom-fighting James would probably be suspicious, but would apologise for being a dick.

-But he didn’t.
He also knew the Longbottoms were going to be tortured/killed (I think she was sent to kill them but thought it would be more fun to destroy them)… where’s the bargaining for them? Oh wait, Neville’s mum doesn’t ignite the passion of his loins so… sucks to be them, right?!

-We’re not going to talk about that creepy-as-fuck scene they added into the movie of Snape running in, stepping over the dead body of James Potter and holding Lily Potter’s body (a woman who didn’t want anything to do with him in lie so in a way it was desecration of a corpse) while her infant son screamed in the background. Too young to understand, but knowing something was very wrong…

-This should be a moment of emotional growth, yes?
Nope. Still clinging to the Lily-should-have-loved-me delusion by the time Harry gets to First Year. He and the rest of the staff know what the Dursleys are like… and still his first actions are to publicly humiliate and socially isolate little Harry Potter because he dared to look at this snivelling old bastard with ‘lily’s eyes’ from james’s face.

-He also mocks Neville (a child whose parents were tortured out of their minds, and grew up with a stern grandmother) relentlessly. To the point he literally feared him so much, the Boggart had no contest as to what to apear as in Third Year…

That level of torment and fear is absolutely insane for a student-teacher situation, and why did no one report that to dumbledore? That seems like a headmaster-worthy concern? 

-He immediately zeroes in on Hermione… the smartest witch of her age, and also a muggleborn. Lily the Second in his mind. And treats her like shit.
Mocks her appearance, pisses on her eagerness to learn, punishes her for doing as he asks…

That says something.

If a grown ass adult has to take their anger out on kids, they are not a good person/adult. They are an angry child who is big enough to hurt others.

-And he puts a bullseye on Ron the minute he dares to say anything in defence of any of the above. Perhaps he sees him as the Sirius of this equation, perhaps he just hates that Potter has friends and wants to make Harry as isolated and miserable as he was as a child by forcing a wedge between Harry and other students through punishment?

-Also note that the first mention of Snape to Harry was from older students who warned him about the Potions Master. Who was known to be cruel, through generations of students, except to those in Slytherin. So it wasnt JUST Harry and his friends who got the brunt of it, he was known to bully students before they got there… but it amped up for special cases.

-He also decided to try and out Remus Lupin as hard as he fucking could to the entire world. Which gave the other man no chance to represent himself or give any information about his condition before the stereotypes set in.
He robbed another man of the agency to present himself… just because he was so fucking petty about something that happened in highschool, well over a decade or two prior. 

-He was willing to watch Sirius Black be executed via Dementor’s Kiss… for a crime that Snape KNEW he did not commit.
He KNEW Pettigrew was the one who killed the Potters. Did he take it out on the rat-fucker? Nope. 

-If we skip over a lot of small incidences that add up to a teacher mercilessly bullying a handful of students he had personal grudges with (and literally how did this get brushed under the rug, Dumbledore you have a duty of care to protect students under your charge?!) we get to ‘that scene’.

That Scene in the final movie that apparently makes everything he ever did vanish completely… 

…you know what? 

He didn’t die for Harry there. 
His very last words were, “You have her eyes”. 
He wasn’t looking at Harry, he was looking at Lily, still clinging to that twisted love for her that she was never going to reciprocate in life.

So no, he didn’t die for Harry. He didn’t do it to save Harry.

He basically said, ‘I could have loved you if you had been mine, if Lily had come to her senses, but I will settle for dying while looking into Lily’s eyes’.


And do not forget that JKR said that if ‘Snape hadn’t love Lily, he would not have cared about Harry’

Some people see that as romantic, ‘oh he wants to protect the last bit of Lily in the world! He loved her uwu!’

When what it actually means is, ‘If Snape didn’t have a heart-boner for Lily Evans (she-who-wanted-nothing-to-do-with-him), then he would not have given two shits about Harry… a child who was in constant danger and knew nothing but hate for a long time’.

…McGonagall didn’t love Lily and she still would have kicked the ass of every Death Eater on the planet to protect him.

The rest of the Teachers would have done the same.

Hagrid, pre-teacher or otherwise, would have fucking destroyed anything to protect Harry… because he really cared about that child.
Sent him letters so he’d have some.
Got him Hedwig as a gift so he’d have a present.
Always praised him.
Never told him he was wrong.
Was so careful around him, and offered advice to him and his friends.
And when he though Harry was dead, his grief as real.

Did you see how he carried Harry? That was the same way he carried infant Harry all those years ago… carefully, gently, cradling the boy as if he was the most important thing in the entire world.

Mr and Mrs Weasley… they put everything on the line for Harry, and they never had to. They fucking adopted him outright… for no other reason than they liked him. But where’s the long posts about them being such wonderful mentors to Harry? 

Fucking Firenze the Centaur was attacked and thrown out of his herd for daring to protect Harry… 

Fleur unconditionally adored him, and she fought for him despite everything people said behind her back (and how dare they? She was adorable, body and soul?)

There were a lot of people who loved Harry for Harry, protected him for the sake of protecting him… and would have died/did die for him.

Snape isn’t one of them.

Snape was so wrapped in the past, a long forgotten dream, he didn’t realise it was suffocating the life out of him until too late.

The lesson of Snape is to let things go.


As for Harry being petty?

For one #Fight Me

Secondly… you have a child whose parents are murdered by the most evil wizard in the world….
He is then put into a home of bigoted, abusive, idiots for the sake of ‘family’.
They do everything in their power to squash his magic, his self-esteem and self-worth… they emphasise it by giving him only left-overs, remnants, spoiling Dudley to obscene levels.

They try to refuse his birthright.

They blame him for everything.

Thy lock him in a fucking cupboard and only after fear of reprisal kicks in do they give him Dudley’s second bedroom…

He then attends a school where a 180 occurs.
Everyone knows him, everyone wants to be friends and talk to him because he is famous…
There’s a teacher there who hates him for no real reason, but okay, he has friends. They fought a cave troll together.

Everything is exciting and new.

He finds the Mirror of Erised and finally knows what his parents look like… but he can never have them for real, and it hurts. 

It’s amazing and magical… and then he’s told why they idolise him, that this person could still be coming back to kill him. And then Voldy does.

He realises his life is in danger, and he watches both of his friends lay their lives on the line for him at the age of 11… it’s a heady sense of terror, ride and responsibility. Because now he realises what it means to be the Chosen One.

It means one day someone else is going to die for him, and he will carry that for the rest of his life…

Then he has to return to the Dursleys.
He speaks to a snake quite by accident, and has to be rescued by the Weasleys. Such unfettered maternal affection is showered on him he just about drowns, but he likes it… 

Second year brought being ostracized for an ability he didn’t know he had, or what it meant. Then people start to get hurt and look who gets blamed by virtue of stereotypes?

This ‘we love you’ to ‘you must be killing people, snake-boy’ reversal gives him whiplash. He’s used to the Dursleys hating him, but Hogwarts was his home, his safe place… and now people there hated him too.

He just about fucking dies saving people, Hermione’s paralysed, Ron’s dealing with an idiot who tried to memory-wipe them both, and his only concern is telling Fakes that it’s okay… the phoenix had done his best… 
He didn’t want Fawkes to feel bad about Harry dying.
He drew the goddamn Sword of Gryffindor, do you know what that takes?
He saves Ginny.

He’s 12.

Third year brings unexpected perils and confusion.
The Dursleys have mocked him for the last time and he explodes, then leaves; confusion spreads from how cavalierly people treat the incident.
The he’s told Sirius Black, the man who killed his parents, is around somewhere and ready to kill him…

There’s a long list of people ready to murder him, for a 13 year old who hadn’t done anything really.

They meet Lupin, who also gazes at Harry with a wistful look… but where Snape’s gaze is hard and cold, Luin’s is warm and a little painful. 
He would have been a fantastic uncle to Harry… but Harry doesn’t know that then.

The Marauder’s Map was fun but it brings up more questions than answers.
Werewolf issues ensue. Draco tries to have Buckbeak put down. Sirius Black is inside Hogwarts. It’s a shitstorm to be sure.
Ron gets bitten, Hermione and Harry get attacked by the Whomping Willow.
Scabbers turns out to be the murderer of Harry’s parents.
Lupin and Sirius try to explain a thing, but Snape stops them by being a pretentious bastard…

Snape tries to have Sirius killed and Lupin fired.
Time-turners save the day.
But there’s an air of sadness about having to say goodbye, Harry wanted to know so much more…

Fourth year is a clusterfuck.
It starts great with the Quidditch World up and wizards in nightgowns… but that’s about the part when the Death Eaters explode into the scene and ruin everything.
Then at Hogwarts someone puts his name in the goblet, everyone’s blaming a 14yo for something he literally couldn’t have done (as emphasised by Fred and George being old-duded by stepping over the circle), half the school openly mocks him and he rest are pro-Cedric.

Ron insults Hermione and ruins the Yule Ball for her, puts Harry in the awkward middle of it.
He nearly gets incinerated, then drowned. Only random happenstance save his ass on those occasions…

He proves himself a hero by refusing to go to the surface without the little girl, despite Ron being his ‘thing he will sorely miss’ (and if you ever downplay their friendship, I will fight you). 

Then the maze… the movie simplified it completely, but in the books he went through a shit-load of insane spells and monsters (Blast-Ended Skrewts, man, they are not a thing you wanna run into) to find the cup.
He insists he and Cedric take the Championship together, it’s how he is, right?

Except it ends with Cedric being murdered in front of his eyes and then he, Harry, is physically, emotionally and psychologically tortured by the man who killed his parents. Ritual humiliation, almost, b taking his blood to save Voldemort…. who can now touch him… which is a creepy line and there’s no mistake.

Priori Incantatum. He sees his fucking Parents for the first time, and they tell him to run (along with Cedric whose body he promises to take back to his dad).

He escapes, and he makes sure to take Cedric with him; arriving in front of the entire school + two others, sobbing and clutching a dead body at the front of the maze. 

Some think he killed Cedric. Most are just in shock.
He’s whised away by what turns out to be another guy who wants to kill him, surprise!

He’s pretty fucking traumatised for a 14 year old, but people mistake his PTSD and anxiety, for moody teenage angst…

Fifth year was when everything went really wrong.
He hears nothing from Ron or Hermione all summer, and is mocked relentlessly by Dudley who could never hope to understand what had happened… 

Dementors attack him, and he does his best to save his asshole cousin… and gets blame for it by both his Aunt/Uncle and the Ministry.
Who then make him dance to their tune with trials and such, he also discovers his neighbour has been spying on him his entire life… for Dumbledore.
Umbridge made life hell on earth at Hogwarts in her quest for power, and magical purity (Hitler in a pink dress basically).

The Order was being secretive and difficult.

Harry hasn’t gotten any help for his past traumas, they just think he’ll bounce back… except he doesn’t, and people tel him to lighten the fuck up as his issues keep compiling.

Thestrals are a thing that exist. Luna’s helpful. 
Everything goes wrong so they fight back with the DA, and it’s brilliant… but then he gets a horrifying vision of BEING Nagini as she attacks Mr Weasley in the Dept of Mysteries. 

It saves Arthur’s life, but still freaks Harry out. Who wouldn’t be freaked out, I mean… that’s a bit fucked up for anyone… but add it to the rest of the stuff Harry’s faced and it’s a clusterfuck.

Occlumency doesn’t go as hoped, though.
Snape basically uses it to torture him and then cuts it off the minute Harry succeeds.

Leaves him more open than before, actually… so the next ‘vision’ ends up sending him flying out of bed to rescue Sirius convinced it was all real. Some of his friends follow him, they take Thestrals to the Ministry…

Hermione gets hit with something serious, Ron gets attacked by brains that permanently scar his arms (and why did they not have these things in the movies?!), Neville comes face to face with the woman who destroyed his family…

And the Order has to come and save them all. 

The prophecy is destroyed, unheard… but not without loss. Sirius is killed, and leaves nothing behind to even bury.
His godfather, someone he felt was truly family and a connection to the past (not unlike Lupin who was secretive), was gone. The grief is like a tidal wave.

There is no joy out of Fifth Year… except perhaps overthrowing Umbridge via Centaur was pretty awesome…

There’s a lot lost.

Sixth Year is characterised by the loss of Dumbledore.
By Harry’s arrogance and rage hurting Draco far more than intended.
By Ron and Hermione at loggerheads.
By the revelations of Slughorn and horcruxes, and the reality of what they mean…

It compounds on everything before.

Seventh year… we don’t have to talk about much…
But we all know what happened in it.
Three teenagers took on the goddamn world to save it, they were tortured, manipulated, set against one another, forced to fight for their lives and those of everyone they care about…

Harry learned he had to die to save everyone, and though he was afraid, he did it. He also learned Dumbledore had lied to him all this time.
[And snape wanted to bang his mum]

Families lost sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and friends.
Others were disfigured, or infected; some discovered hidden strengths, some fell. Bodies and rubble everywhere…

And Voldemort’s pride made him destroy himself.
Showing off Harry’s body… gave everyone the chance t finally destroy him.
[Neville was a badass]

It gave Harry a chance to return the favour, to kill Voledmort once and for all as the unintentional horcrux that he had been was now dead.
And a Voldemort’s dead, mortal form, hit the ground… it was over. 

Voldemort was over.
But the pain and suffering wasn’t. 
There was a time to grieve and mourn, to scream and cry, to rebuild better than before…

But you cannot look upon all of this suffering and say only, “Wow, Harry was such a petty, angsty child”.


Overall, the only thin Snape’s death did… was help Voldemort use the Elder wand against Harry… so no. 

And as always, Potterfans, #FightMe.

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How do you feel about Emma Watson being an ambassador for the UN? I think her speech was good, but I'm still questioning why the UN chose her, when she didn't really have any credentials and didn't speak out about feminist issues before this? Also she seems like a white feminist, if you know what I mean. She criticized Beyoncé, saying she was catering to the male gaze in her visual album.

I don’t wonder why the UN chose her: she’s well known, nonthreatening, and people see her as “book smart” - partly because of Brown, but also because she played “the Smartest Witch of Her Age” for ten years. It’s bullshit respectability politics up the wazoo.

That’s not to say I think she’s a terrible person. I think her heart is in the right place, though I am sick and tired of mainstream feminism always centering men.

I personally would much rather have seen Beyonce - but Beyonce is held to higher standards (and we all know why). Here’s a piece written by a different white feminist that lays out my feelings pretty well.

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give me your headcanons about pregnant jemma

  • Jemma Simmons, smartest witch of her age brilliant biochemist, knows EVERYTHING about pregnancy. She has read literally all of the books (that she deems scientifically accurate) by the end of her first trimester. 
  • And she is pretty positive that she can keep a level head. Because Jemma "PhD PhD” Simmons is too smart for anything as silly as hormones. 
  • NO SKYE I AM NOT CRYING “A FRICKTON” EVERYONE GETS SAD OVER THOSE COMMERCIALS WITH THE DOGS WHO NEED HOMES I HAVE A HEART. And, yes, I can see how crying over the baby clothes might be construed as “overly emotional” but……
  • Cravings. Omg cravings. She has explained to ANYONE who will listen that they indicate something lacking in the soon to be mommy’s diet and that there is a very real biological reason. 
  • But, funny thing, ALL SHE CAN EAT IS PURE JUNK. Crisps, pretzels, anything and everything with sugar. And Fitz is absolutely positive it’s because the baby takes after it’s daddy. 
  • At some point both Jemma and Fitz are doing that pregnancy pose and Skye gets a picture of it. 
  • Jemma works up until the point where it really isn’t safe to be in the lab. But that does not stop Jemma from helping out. Because she spends roughly two days resting and decides that is not her thing. So she does literally any and all science that does not require toxic chemicals. Some of it isn’t even her field? And Fitz is like what are you doing? And she is just like shhhh I read up on it I’m good to go. And he’s just responds honey, that is not how it works. 
  • But then later in her pregnancy the team just keeps finding her asleep. All over the base. The couch, one of the chairs in the meeting room, head against the kitchen table. 
  • Skye decided she wants to be a midwife. And Jemma is like, oh, well, we were thinking it would be best to have a trained doctor handle this…..
  • But through some crazy Shield shenanigans, it’s just Hunter and Skye there when Jemma goes into labor. And Skye is like MY MOMENT TO SHINE. Hunter complains for a full five minutes straight but ends up being super helpful. 
  • Fitz gets there about halfway through. And Jemma just screams at him about everything. And you know what? He holds her hand the whole time. And is the best gosh darn partner. 
  • That night, alone, holding their newborn baby, Jemma says something along the lines of, “That wasn’t all that bad. I could most definitely do it again.”

You know what is the worst thing you can do to Hermione when it comes to writing fanfiction about her?

It’s not making her extremely pretty or overly talented. It’s not making her a slut, pairing her up with any and every man or woman you can think of.

The very worst thing you can do to a girl like Hermione is take away her very heritage.

Make her a pureblood. Write a story in which she is adopted by her “muggle parents”, and reveal that she is actually the daughter of, say, the Notts or the Malfoys.

Because Hermione is the “smartest witch of her age”-and, better than that, she’s a fucking muggleborn, who are considered to be less than other wizards, because their blood is dirty, their skills lessened, compared to the “purebloods”. 

And claiming that her muggle parents aren’t her real parents-that her real parents are the genetically better parents-means that all of Hermione’s accomplishments don’t mean as much as when she is a muggleborn.

Because as a pureblood, people expect her to be better. They expect her to be more talented, to be smarter and better and faster, than all of her less pure classmates. Everything she does in the books means a little less, because of course she’s so good at magic, she’s a fucking pureblood.

There is a really damn good reason that Hermione isn’t a pureblood in the novels: everything she accomplishes is not in spite of her heritage, but in many cases, because of it. 

People assume she’s going to be weaker at magic, because of her parents, so Hermione proves them wrong. She learns magic that is so fucking advanced that is scares the shit out of those around her.

So writing a fucking story in which Hermione finds her “true, pureblood family” isn’t helping her-it’s only taking an amazing character and making her less than what she is.

I have this muggleborn scenario that's been going through my head

I don’t think Hermione was the smartest witch of her age. don’t take that to mean that I don’t think Hermione is wicked super smart cause she is but I think she had the greatest work ethic of all the really smart kids at Hogwarts. I feel like there is at least one or a couple of muggleborns who are all just as smart as Hermione but they just don’t care that much about their magical education because they plan to live their lives after Hogwarts in the muggle world. like during the school year they do there Hogwarts stuff but their parents send them school work for a homeschool program so they can graduate high school and be able to go to university. they even hang out with Hermione when she’s in the library they are just doing there muggle homework for trig or calclus while Hermione is doing arithmancy.

Also I think that Hermione also did home school work and but did alot of it during summer.

honestly i always wonder what would’ve happened if harry and draco and hermione and ron would’ve become friends in their 1st year. like maybe becoming friends with hermione would help draco unlearn all his classist, racist, ignorant bullshit bc she’s the smartest witch of her age and she’s the best friend anyone could’ve asked for. if becoming friends with ron would’ve given draco a chance to feel like he was a part of a real family with no need for posturing (think molly weasley knitting draco a sweater every christmas, sending him care packages, inviting him into her home). if becoming friends with harry would’ve endeared him to the order of the phoenix instead of the deatheaters, would’ve maybe made him into a better person