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Okay so I think that Draco and Hermione would be like the cutest pregnant couple ever, right? So imagine all of this:

Hermione blurting out that she’s pregnant in the middle of Draco telling a story about work during dinner because she’s spent the last two days trying to figure out how to tell him and it was stressing her out. 

Draco being so excited about the baby that, against Hermione’s wishes, he tells everyone he knows and the next morning it’s in the Daily Prophet.

Hermione going to the baby wizard shop in Diagon Alley (because come on, imagine how cute would it be) to pick up all the baby wizarding books because she want’s her child to be the smartest witch/wizard of their age.

Draco convinced they are going to have a little girl while Hermione believes they are going to have a little boy. They fight about what color to paint the brand new nursery room.

Hermione buying a beautiful blue paint but Draco turns it a light pink with magic. Hermione is mad but lets him paint the room pink. She tells him that if it’s a boy then he’s going to repaint the room Gryffindor colors.

Draco making the nursery without using magic or the house elves because he knows Hermione would kill him if he used the elves and he wants to make it special by doing it by hand.

Hermione helping him paint the nursery and them getting into a paint fight because Draco accidentally got paint on her nose when he went to poke it.

Draco not being able to fall asleep at night if Hermione’s back isn’t pressed against his chest and his hand resting on her growing belly.

Hermione convincing Draco to go to a muggle baby doctor and finding out they are having a boy.

Draco having to repaint the room red and gold, much to Hermione’s delight.

Hermione reading the baby all kinds of books at night. From muggle books like, Dr. Seuss to her old Hogwarts textbooks like, her History of Magic book.

Draco making mid night runs to muggle stores, trying to find what Hermione is craving. 

Hermione attempting to keep her raging hormones in check but she ends up crying at the smallest things. Like when she accidentally knocked a book off the table and started bawling her eyes out.

Draco not really knowing what to do when she starts having these break downs, so he just sits down and pulls her in his lap and stokes her hair until she calms down. Then he goes and gets her ice cream.

Hermione shopping for baby clothes with Ginny and them ending up buying over two hundred dollars worth of clothes.

Draco singing very softly to the baby when he thinks Hermione is asleep when really she is pretending to be asleep and trying not to smile at his off key singing.

Hermione trying not to make Draco worry more about her then she already has but she ends up stressing him out more because she slips on the stairs and slides down all the way on her butt.

Draco watching her every time she goes downstairs now.

Hermione bumping into everything because her stomach is now huge and she doesn’t really realize how big she is.

Draco freaking out and asking if the baby is coming every time Hermione winces and grabs her stomach. And every time she tells him that the baby is just kicking.

Hermione talking to Ginny at a little friend get together when she feels the first labor pain. She clutches a confused Ginny’s hand and yells for Draco.

Draco completely freaking out and in the mist of Hermione yelling every time she feels a contraction he forgets they are going to a muggle hospital and he accidentally apparates them there.

Hermione wants to yell at him but another contraction hits her and she she just starts yelling at the hospital staff.

Draco crying in the labor room once Hermione is sleeping soundly after the birth and baby Scorpius is sleeping soundly in his own little bed next her. 

Draco promising himself that he’ll be ten times that dad that Lucius ever was.

hermione is such a strong, diverse character and i think that her sorting is so beautiful because even though she is the smartest witch of her age, she wasn’t sorted into ravenclaw because she is so damn loyal to her friends that she will stick by their sides going on brave adventures for the greater good

honestly i always wonder what would’ve happened if harry and draco and hermione and ron would’ve become friends in their 1st year. like maybe becoming friends with hermione would help draco unlearn all his classist, racist, ignorant bullshit bc she’s the smartest witch of her age and she’s the best friend anyone could’ve asked for. if becoming friends with ron would’ve given draco a chance to feel like he was a part of a real family with no need for posturing (think molly weasley knitting draco a sweater every christmas, sending him care packages, inviting him into her home). if becoming friends with harry would’ve endeared him to the order of the phoenix instead of the deatheaters, would’ve maybe made him into a better person

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give me your headcanons about pregnant jemma

  • Jemma Simmons, smartest witch of her age brilliant biochemist, knows EVERYTHING about pregnancy. She has read literally all of the books (that she deems scientifically accurate) by the end of her first trimester. 
  • And she is pretty positive that she can keep a level head. Because Jemma "PhD PhD” Simmons is too smart for anything as silly as hormones. 
  • NO SKYE I AM NOT CRYING “A FRICKTON” EVERYONE GETS SAD OVER THOSE COMMERCIALS WITH THE DOGS WHO NEED HOMES I HAVE A HEART. And, yes, I can see how crying over the baby clothes might be construed as “overly emotional” but……
  • Cravings. Omg cravings. She has explained to ANYONE who will listen that they indicate something lacking in the soon to be mommy’s diet and that there is a very real biological reason. 
  • But, funny thing, ALL SHE CAN EAT IS PURE JUNK. Crisps, pretzels, anything and everything with sugar. And Fitz is absolutely positive it’s because the baby takes after it’s daddy. 
  • At some point both Jemma and Fitz are doing that pregnancy pose and Skye gets a picture of it. 
  • Jemma works up until the point where it really isn’t safe to be in the lab. But that does not stop Jemma from helping out. Because she spends roughly two days resting and decides that is not her thing. So she does literally any and all science that does not require toxic chemicals. Some of it isn’t even her field? And Fitz is like what are you doing? And she is just like shhhh I read up on it I’m good to go. And he’s just responds honey, that is not how it works. 
  • But then later in her pregnancy the team just keeps finding her asleep. All over the base. The couch, one of the chairs in the meeting room, head against the kitchen table. 
  • Skye decided she wants to be a midwife. And Jemma is like, oh, well, we were thinking it would be best to have a trained doctor handle this…..
  • But through some crazy Shield shenanigans, it’s just Hunter and Skye there when Jemma goes into labor. And Skye is like MY MOMENT TO SHINE. Hunter complains for a full five minutes straight but ends up being super helpful. 
  • Fitz gets there about halfway through. And Jemma just screams at him about everything. And you know what? He holds her hand the whole time. And is the best gosh darn partner. 
  • That night, alone, holding their newborn baby, Jemma says something along the lines of, “That wasn’t all that bad. I could most definitely do it again.”

Guys I’m really not over this whole Hermione is canonically black thing
Like one of the most beloved characters in all of modern fiction is black
It’s not just a headcanon anymore
Hermione is black
Hermione, the smartest witch of her age, is black
This is so so so important and I am just so blown away
Black Hermione