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omg this is so adorable

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Haha, I love this.

i’ll tell my mom you guys think she’s great. can’t believe no one is offended on my behalf that she’d rather talk about the breakfast club instead of me being adorable and the smartest kid ever. BUT IT IS CUTE OF HER I GUESS

submission - unexpected traits and outcomes
  • ‘You’re the smartest kid I’ve ever met and you use words like ‘acumen’ and ‘luminescent’ in normal conversation but somehow you’re freaking stupid when it comes to my obvious as fuck crush on you, god damn it even the teachers are feeling sorry for me’ AU
  • ‘You’re a sweet lil cinnamon roll in public who knew you’d be so seductive and sexy in private oh god’ AU
  • ‘So my dad never liked you or your friends or anyone you associate with but when he found out we were dating he just kinda sighed and said that he saw this coming a mile away’ AU
  • ‘Of course I’m fucking romantic, why else do you think all my exes dated me in the first place?’ AU
  • 'Just because I’m too lazy to cook normally doesn’t mean I CAN’T cook you asshole stop looking so shocked’ AU
  • 'My friends don’t like you or your friends and the feeling’s mututal so when we came out as dating we didn’t expect them to reveal that they had had a bet going on. Also my friends totally won you dick I kissed you first CPR doesn’t count’ AU
  • 'You’re so sweet and shy but when your father said he disapproved of our relationship goddamn even I was kinda scared of you then (but also kinda turned on)’ AU
  • 'You seem like such a jerk but I saw you the other day playing with a kid you babysat and you were so adorable omg’ AU
  • 'You proposed to me and I said no but it’s only because you got me a fucking ring you asshole I hate wearing rings you know that’ AU
  • 'So our families have been longtime rivals and when they found out we were dating the only problem they had was that we weren’t engaged yet, also they’re fighting over venues and I’m sorry but if we get married on a beach then it will not be in two months it will be when it’s actually fucking WARM’ AU
  • 'You play all sorts of crazy violent video games but when we played Mario Kart you burst into tears when you came in last place I expected you to scream and curse tbh’ AU

If Lupin and Black were the one to raise Harry:

-Harry would be the most badass, smartest and coolest kid to ever attend Hogwarts.

-Harry would wake up to Sirius and Remus arguing on what to feed Harry. (ex. Remus: GIVE HIM CHOCOLATE CEREAL.
Remus: YOU SHUT UP! YOU BURNT IT! HOW THE FU– Oh. Hi, Harry. Good morning!
Harry: Er– *picks both, in fear of offending one of them and invoking Sirius’s homicidal impulses*
Sirius and Remus: Fine.
Sirius: *mutters* He likes bacon better, though.)

-Harry would totally know the most badass hexes on Draco.

-Harry hearing Sirius and Remus’s arguments on what Harry’s patronus/house/Quidditch position/favorite subject etc.

-Harry would have more information about his father AND how to deal with Voldemort. Hence,

-Harry would have defeated Voldemort by the age of 11.

-Harry would have pets (Don’t argue, werewolves are ok[?] and COMPLETELY SAFE[?] pets) for fathers.

-Harry would have a headstart on all things Hogwarts from Sirius like how to escape fuming teachers, how to get away with not doing homework (earning a slapping to Sirius from Remus) and breaking the rules and framing others for it (another slap to Sirius, and a laughing Harry).


Don’t even try to fight me. If Harry grew up with Lupin and Black, it would have been much better. But of course, the Ministry HAD TO jump to conclusions and incarcerate Sirius for something he didn’t do. And Lupin had to endure years of loneliness, missing his best friends and Harry having to swallow all the things that happened to him.

We all have the Ministry to thank for. *claps loathingly*

There’s this little boy at the camp I work at who is super shy and sorta keeps to himself, and yesterday these kids wanted to play hide and seek with him… but all he really wanted to do was read his book by himself so he agreed to play with them and as soon as he was ‘it’ in the game he ran off. I found him behind a tree with his book and asked him what he was doing and he said: “I figured out that if I’m it and they run and hide and I hide from them I don’t have to play anymore and they go on thinking they’ve got a really good hiding spot. Everybody wins.”

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Dean finds the letter folded neatly between two pairs of jeans in Sam’s duffle bag.  At first sight, he doesn’t think anything of it, and continues to search for the AC/DC shirt he loaned Sam a few days ago.  But then, his mind starts to wander and curiosity gets the better of him.  

His calloused fingers run across the smooth edge of the back of the envelope as he turns it over and sees the official Stanford logo.  He immediately tries to tell himself it’s not what he thinks it is.  It can’t be.  It’s not that Sam isn’t smart enough, because fuck–he’s the smartest kid Dean’s ever known.  But it can’t be, because Sam just can’t do this to him–he just can’t.  

It’s a selfish thought, Dean knows this, but he can’t help it any more than he can help his eyes from reading the letterhead of the letter.  His insides swim as his eyes skim the length of what will surely be the ammunition that will ruin everything that matters to him.  It begins with congratulations and rambles on about a full ride and ends with the dates the fall semester starts.  And as Dean stares at the date, he feels his knees start to give out from beneath him.  

Classes begin September 21st! Dean reads it over again and he looks back at the barely hanging Sports Illustrated calendar that is on the wall and focuses on today’s date.  September 19th.  And that leaves exactly two days from now, until then–even less if you calculate travel time.  

“What’r you doing?!” Sam’s voice is a shriek of anxiety behind Dean.  

“Well,” Dean struggles for the words.  “I was looking for that shirt I loaned you a few days ago, so I could do laundry.  And imagine my shock, when I find–this.”  

Dean’s words are accusatory as he turns around and waves the letter in Sam’s direction.  His ribs vibrate with anger, with desperation, with some kind of ugly aching need to tie Sam down so he can never leave him alone.  Because it’s always been the two of them, side by side–and what is Dean without his little brother following him around all the time?  What is he then?

“Dean…I–I wanted to tell..” Sam steps forward, his face is as white as a ghost’s.  As though the image in front of him is a nightmare that has kept him awake plenty of nights before this moment.  “I didn’t know how…” His words are defeated sounding.

“You open your mouth and you speak, Sam!  That’s how!” Dean roars with flame-licking anger.  “What were you planning to do?  Wake up two days from now and leave without saying anything?”

Sam looks down at his socked feet, his toes curling under as he leans his weight forward to dig them further into the carpet.  His adam’s apple bobs a few times before he looks up to speak.  “Dean, I’m not going.  That’s why I didn’t say anything.  Because it doesn’t–”

“What do you mean, you’re not going?” Dean spits, two parts pissed.  One because he can’t believe Sam didn’t say anything and now, two, because now Sam is giving up a full ride to Stanford.  And for what?  For a life that guarantees him nothing more than a horrible, violent death?

“I can’t leave y–I can’t leave this, our job.” Sam corrects himself, his cheeks creeping with a heated blush at his almost spilled confession.  “Dad would never allow it anyways.”  

Fuck Dad.” Dean barks automatically and then stands looking just as shocked as Sam appears to be by his words.  It’s not like Dean to talk about their Dad that way.  “This doesn’t come around more than once in a lifetime, Sam.  You’d be stu–you’d be an idiot if you don’t go.”

Something in Sam’s face melts at Dean’s words.  “What are you saying, Dean?”

“I’m saying that it’s going to suck not having your skinny ass to pick on on every day, when you’re gone at college.” The words physically hurt his soul as Dean says them.  Because, this is really the last thing in the world he wants.  But that’s just it, it’s not about what he wants–or needs.  It’s Sam’s life and Sam’s always been one to crave stability, to want to dig his heels in and plant roots somewhere.  

“Dean…” Sam tries, his tone a half-hearted argument that turns more sorry sounding as Dean gives him his best ‘it’s okay’ face.  

“It’s okay, Sammy.  I want you to go.  Dad’ll be fine–we’ll be fine.” Dean steps forward and presses the letter against Sam’s chest, his eyes looking slightly up and into Sam’s eyes to secure his words there.  “And you better save me a seat at your graduation, or else!”

There’s a smile that creeps onto Sam’s face and Dean swears it looks like the goddamned sun rising on the horizon of one of the darkest midnights.  And it warms the lump in his throat and allows him to swallow back the tide of emotions–just long enough to muster his best smile back.

And then Sam’s abruptly hugging him and Dean finds his arms wrapping desperately around his brother.  He’d be lying if he said that every bone in his body didn’t want to bury themselves in Sam’s chest, just so that he could never be without his brother.  But then he remembers that old saying, the one that goes something like–

‘If you love something, let it go and if it comes back–it was meant to be.’

So Dean takes a deep breath and he slowly and excruciatingly finds the strength to let the only thing he’s ever truly loved– go.