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5SOS. Park That Car

This is a series of Daphne one shots. I can’t believe it’s done. I loved writing it. There is the slightest amount of smut in one them, but that’s it. It’s like so very little. Please enjoy. I love hearing your feedback. It would be cool to hear which one was your favorite if any. Also dedicating this one to @fivesauceblurbs . They’ve always been supportive and it does not go unnoticed. The title is based off this song . To me, it could be Daphne’s theme and it’s by one of my favorite bands.


Some days Daphne Hood didn’t like anything about herself. Sometimes, she could rattle off a list of a hundred different things about herself that were ‘bad’, ‘ugly’, or 'stupid’. Even though she didn’t think she was one of the strongest dancers in her classes, it was generally when she was extending her limbs and throwing her body into music that she felt of all the villainous voices in her head. However, she didn’t take dance every day. There were two days out of the week where she had to stay behind at school and work with a tutor in order to pass. It was on those days that she was particularly hard on herself. So instead of dance class, she had to find an alternative happy place. She didn’t have March’s arms anymore, so Daphne started to feel her best when she was behind the wheel of her car. It was one of the only things she felt came very naturally to her. She was, simply put, a very good driver. Molly Irwin was the brain with long legs and strong morals, but she was an absolute menace on the road. She always felt like a complete waste of cells standing next to Molly Irwin who was always the smartest girl in the room so Daphne was quite pleased that she was a better driver. It was petty, but sometimes it was the smallest things that meant the most.

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Collision: Part 5


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anonymous asked:

so mamy good rose ships...what about porrim<3<rose tho

Oh here’s an interesting idea!

We know that Porrim is incredibly condescending from her conversations with Kanaya, Damara, Kankri, and even a little bit in her conversation with Latula. She’s a girl who thinks she’s the smartest person in any given room and always right, and doesn’t take well to the insinuation that she could ever be in the wrong or that what she’s doing could have potentially negative consequences. Her high and mighty attitude can result in positive interactions- we saw that Kanaya was actually very grateful for someone who knew more than her and could take the reins for once- but for the most part her condescension is unsolicited, unwanted, and sometimes outright hostile (the convo with Damara).

Rose, our dear, sweet, precious girl, does not respond well to. Well. Uh. Exactly that kind of attitude. She does not like people acting like they know more than her, and she’s had a lifetime with a drunken mother to build up a strong knee-jerk reaction of fury to “sweetie why don’t you ___” Porrim’s meddling and “I know what’s best for you” attitude would probably result in violence from Rose, if that were an acceptable behavior, so Rose probably just settles for being really passive-aggressive or outright hostile towards Porrim. Either way, Rose makes it very clear that Porrim’s attitude is not appreciated. Porrim gets pissy when she feels she’s not being appreciated properly (her relationship with Kankri), and her huffy “I’m only trying to help” would only piss Rose off more. A  passive-aggressive soccer mom character meets pissed off passive-aggressive and rebellious teen character. Pitch would absolutely ensue.

In fact, I could even see the two of them needing an auspisticise, in some cases. Not Kanaya, obvs, but like, someone. It wouldn’t necessarily end up needing mediated, but I could see that if they played their cards wrong people might think they do. Or if they played their cards wrong they absolutely would. Rose is violent and Porrim is a troll and they would GET on each other’s LAST nerve.

Upside: Rose is hot and Porrim has tattoos and orgasms go a long way in regards to keeping people from killing each other. So that could help.

Can we talk about how Scott, Stiles, and Lydia are LITERALLY Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Scott/Harry are the leaders, the ones who face trouble head on and feel responsible for everything and everyone. Stiles/Ron are the loyal best friends who moonlight as the comic relief and have a crush on….Lydia/Hermione aka the smartest girl in the room, the rational one, the one who figures it out first. Two Golden Trios!!