smartest girl in the room

i haven’t felt this excited and intrigued by a pll episode since the dollhouse. and before that, it hadn’t been since s4. this was an overall amazing episode. it felt like season one. right from the girls hiding rollins death from the cops, mona showing up to save the day and being the smartest one in the room, hanna’s moment with her, charlotte’s flashback moments before her death which paralleled spencer and alison the night ali disappeared, jenna coming back to stir some shit… this is what we’re still here for.

Can we talk about how Scott, Stiles, and Lydia are LITERALLY Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Scott/Harry are the leaders, the ones who face trouble head on and feel responsible for everything and everyone. Stiles/Ron are the loyal best friends who moonlight as the comic relief and have a crush on….Lydia/Hermione aka the smartest girl in the room, the rational one, the one who figures it out first. Two Golden Trios!!