Though summer, and especially June, might be the most popular season for weddings, autumn is the next most common season to tie the knot. Fall is a perfect time for a wedding. The weather is cool enough so guests won’t be sweating miserably in their dress clothes; the outdoor light is softer than in summer, making it perfect for photographs; and there is a feeling of family and coziness in the autumn air.

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If you’re always getting compliments on your handmade earrings, you make wonderful quilts or knit scarves for all your friends or you’re an expert at re-purposing items into funky decor, you’ve probably daydreamed about making a living selling your handicrafts. Though it might not replace your regular employment right away, and it takes time and hard work, opening a shop on Etsy is your first step toward making that dream a reality.

11 Helpful Tips for Selling on Etsy

Barns have replaced churches; succulents are favored over roses; and mason jars substitute any fancy glasses. In today’s hipster-infested/infatuated culture, it’s encouraged to trash your traditional wedding plans and dream up the ultimate hipster wedding; where the men rock facial hair and the women strictly wear vintage. But even if the hipster theme might appear effortless, the road map to happily ever hipster-dom is not an easy feat—so let this guide lead the obscurely ironic way.

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Leaving the city and heading toward a forest with tent and sleeping bag in tow is often considered the perfect escape from reality. But after a large spider performs a disappearing act in your tent, the classic form of camping might turn into more of a nice idea than actual trip. If you prefer luxury suites over portable tents, yet still want to breathe in fresh, unpolluted air, give “glamping” a try.

A generator is the best thing to have on hand when the power goes out. Instead of shivering in the dark, you can feel warm and toasty until your power is turned back on. The best type of portable generator to buy depends on your needs and your budget. Here’s the skinny on what types of portable generators are available and how to find the right one for your home.
How To Create A Man Cave

The man cave is quite possibly the most sought after interior design theme by men around the world. Combining the creature comforts of entertaining, seating and décor immortalizing favorite media, man caves are a fun way to create the perfect home oasis. If you plan on designing a man cave in your house, use these tips to design the best one for your personal style.

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