talktoten asked:


It was memorizing.

The button.

Probably the biggest one he’s ever laid eyes on. Of course he hears the man’s warning, how could he not? From the way he was shouting he was more than sure that he’d go deaf soon. Typically in a scenario like this Alec would’ve listened. He’d put up a fight but he would listen. Actually, he probably would’ve been too focused on figuring out exactly why this bloke had looked like him than being interested in that bloody thing. It was as if he were a clone. Voice and everything. Expect the hair.

It was god-awful.

His fingers hover over it, the tips lightly brushing the smooth surface, but not giving enough force to push it down. How dangerous could it be? If anything it looked exactly like the one that Miller had given him though that one isn’t dangerous at all, simply shouting ‘well that was easy’ whenever it was pushed.

Alec briefly lifted his gaze, brows furrowing slightly as he studied the other. Perhaps this man was daft? Or maybe he’d been dreaming? That would explain a lot. It wasn’t until the flashing red light mixed with a loud alarm had he realize he pushed the damn thing. Carefully removing his hand and taking a few steps back, he met the others gaze.

“Exact'y hou dangerous..?”