smarter water

matau // lh + ch

pairing; none
word count; 1.4k
warnings; some swearing
summary; luke and calum are competing for australia in beach volleyball at the rio olympics
a/n; this is for @anarchyaustralia and @gladsyoucame‘s olympic!5sos blurb night. i know it’s not a blurb but i got a bit carried away whoops. also i wrote this at 4am so i’m sorry if it’s riddled with mistakes i didn’t catch. let me know what you think?

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me: sara are you leaving grey’s permanently, what are your future plans, why aren’t there any exit interviews, why is everyone talking about this except you, is it a break, will you come back after this season, what are these collaborations you hinted at, sara??

sara: …do you guys want to start a book club? #ImReading


A New Project aims to Make New York’s Lake George the “Smartest Lake” In the World