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What The Heart Wants - Berty - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Mrs. Hudson (Sherlock Holmes), Greg Lestrade, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes
Additional Tags: Fluff and Smut, Fluff and Humor, Drugged Sherlock, Bisexual John, John is not Happy, non-canon timeline, Sherlock’s transport is smarter than he is., Sherlock is an unwilling poet., Stream of Consciousness, POV Sherlock Holmes, Developing Relationship, Blow Jobs, Sherlock Holmes Has Feelings, Relationship Advice, Mycroft Being Mycroft, Masturbation, Trapped

It’s just an average evening at 221B.

“What could you possibly want to talk to John for?” Sherlock demands and realizes a nanosecond too late that John might find that a tiny bit offensive and make…ah, yes… that face.

Mycroft wants advice. Sherlock wants a clue. John wants a cup of tea.


 NOTE: This story is perfection! I haven’t even left a proper review on it but needed to recommend it ASAP! This is a sweet story of Mycroft coming to John for advice and Sherlock meddling as usual. Mycroft’s request of John gets Sherlock thinking though, and his brain slowly starts to (finally) catch up to what his transport has understood for some time.

I love this because it has everything - fluff, humor, angst, smut, tension, and characters that are, well, in-character! And it’s written in Sherlock’s POV which I greatly admire. Please read this story, because I know you’ll enjoy it!